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Citrix XenDesktop 5.5 seminar

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Powerpoint presentation of Raido's Citrix XenDesktop 5.5 & XenApp 6.5 seminar on November 10, 2011

Text of Citrix XenDesktop 5.5 seminar

  • 1. Desktop Virtualization UpdateJan Christoffels, Senior SystemsEngineer, Citrix Systems Benelux

2. Desktop Transformation Device CentricPeople CentricDesktop = device Desktop = serviceCorporate PC Any type of deviceImage & deploy Self-service experienceLimited access Dynamic accessFixed costsUsage-based costs 3. Desktop Transformation Model Phased approach to Broad industrySupporting tools, transformationpartnershipsresources & programs 4. A revolutionary virtual desktop systemin one enterprise-complete product for everyone 5. XenDesktop with FlexCastTMSecure & Local Flexible & Best TCO & offline& locked down cost effective locked down Mobile Streamed Personal SharedSynchronization ProvisioningVDIRemote Desktop services servicesservicesservices 6. Local Hosted Dedicated Efficient,Flexible,resources,Locked Down PowerfulofflineLocalShared Personal (RDS)(VDI)Density Flexibility 7. Not your fathers Terminal Server-based desktopShared(RDS) Efficient and scalable Windows 7 Theme Aero effects Make it personal with Profile Manager and folder redirection 8. Personal vDisk TechnologyPersonal(VDI) 9. Typical VDI deployment choice User Virtual Machine Image Dedicated VDI Pooled VDIAbility to meet broad user requirementsCost to deploy, host andmaintain $$$$ 10. PVDs make pooled desktops personal IT gets cost and lifecycle advantages of pooled VDI User Users get personalization and flexibility of dedicated VDI Virtual MachinePersonal vDiskPersonal vDiskAppsApp DataPreferences Base Image 11. Hosted VDI with Personal vDisk technologyEnables personalized virtual desktops & reduces cost of storage Dedicated VDIPooled VDI IT gets cost and managementadvantages of pooled VDIPreferences Personal vDiskfor each user Users get personalization of PreferencesdedicatedData DataVDI Preferences SeamlessAppsintegration with partner Preferencesproducts such as App-V, SCCM, Data Preferencesetc. AppsDataAppsPreferences DataAppsData Available as tech preview featureApps Apps Desktop OSfor all XenDesktop editionsDesktop OS 12. Building the personal desktop PVD PVDAGENT AGENTPersonal vDisk Cloud GatewayPersonal DesktopUser installed or admin Hosted, streamed, and Any conceivable application, push through ESD/SCCM SaaS apps with persistent app data andsettingsJust add profile management and folder redirection 13. PVD op;on in Desktop Studio 14. XenDesktop with IntelliCacheTMVirtual Desktops 15. IntelliCache Benefits Up to 99% reduction in storage I/O 50% reduction in storage cost Cache Not local copy No administrative overhead4000 Hosted Virtual4000 Hosted VirtualDesktopsDesktops With IntelliCache 16. On-Demand Apps Powered by Receiver Windows, Web and SaaS Single Sign-on Self-service enterprise app store Follow-me applications Granular, Smart Access Control 17. Faster than Local Application ExperienceSession Prelaunch and Streamed App cache Virtual Desktops 18. Desktop DirectorMainstream operations and helpdesk Designed for the help desk Unifies Apps and Desktops Now includes HDX Monitor 19. Demo Desktop Director 20. Deliver native experienceUtilize client capabilitiesBandwidth is precious 21. Whats new with HDX? The best user experience in desktop virtualiza6on is now even be8er! Best performance on challenging network connec7ons Best scalability with mul7media and graphics workloads Easy congura7on and management 22. New releases of Citrix Receiver Windows Receiver 3.0 w/ HDX engine 13.0 Enhanced mul7media, mul7-stream ICA incl. UDP audio, fast app launch, Aero Redirec7on Linux Receiver 12.0 VoIP, mul7ple audio sources, Flash Redirec7on, webcam video compression, HDX 3D Pro, etc. Mac Receiver 11.4 VoIP, exible mul7-monitor, faster graphics/video iPad Receiver 5.0 Video playback, faster graphics performance Android Receiver 2.1 Bidirec7onal audio; video playback in new beta 23. Demo iPad Receiver 5.0 24. Whats new with HDX MediaStream? Flash Redirec7on over the WAN Flash Redirec7on to Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora) Improved video on WAN Adap7ve Display (self-tuning to network) Windows Media Redirec7on performance 25. Whats new with HDX RealTime? Mul7-stream ICA (up to 4 TCP streams + UDP audio) Branch Repeater 6.0.1 (full QoS support) Further reduc7on in audio latency for VoIP-over-ICA Cisco adop7on of Citrix SDK (peer-to-peer media transport) 26. HDX Plug-n-PlayScanner support over WAN connections Widely-supported latency-tolerant TWAIN standardClient Drive Mapping enhancements Improved usability of removable storage devices Support for UNC paths, faster performance Read-only optionImprovements to Preferences UI in Desktop Viewer USB devices already redirected by most efficient method are not listedJapanese and Korean keyboard support 27. Demo HDX Plug-n-Play 28. Whats new with HDX RichGraphics? Self-tuning graphics on WAN (Adap7ve Display) RemoteFX support (Aero + 3D business graphics) Aero Redirec7on to rich clients Op7miza7on Pack for Google Earth (high performance socware rasterizer) Enhancements to HDX 3D Pro (e.g. mul7-monitor, support for GPU Passthrough and Fermi GPUs) 29. What does the future hold for HDX? Relentless improvements in user experience in sync with adop7on of more demanding app technologies HDX enhancements across Citrix Receiver versions HDX SoC for low cost HDX Ready thin/zero clients Addi7onal server scalability op7miza7ons Local App Access feature (reverse seamless) Vendor adop7on of Citrix SDK for peer-to-peer Unied Communica7ons media transport Windows 8 support ...and much more! 30. Continuity of content & user experience 31. eMail FTP USB Cloud 32. Segoe UI Light Segoe UI SemiboldProfessional, secure and mobile data sharing for business 33. Share any file,instantly with anyoneby Citrix And seamlessly acrossall your devices 34. Segoe UI Light Segoe UI Segoe UI(bold)(normal)Send, request & share files within OutlookMobile your data from all your devicesDesktop widget & sync toolsFile encryption at rest and in transitVersioning & comment trackingFile activity alerts & notificationsRemote wipe & account locking 35. Segoe UI Light Segoe UI Semibold 36. Segoe UI Light Segoe UI SemiboldAccess your data fromany source on anydeviceOpen, view, edit, saveand share any documentRemote wipe built in 37. Segoe UI Light Segoe UI Semibold Q4 38. 39. Place guest speaker logo above name & title 40. Device Service30% More DeviceWAN Opt 15% Less Software Device StorageSoftwareStorage ServerServer Physical Other VDI XD Desktop FlexCast 41. Place guest speaker logo above name & title 42. All the power of HDX in silicon New class of devices for virtual desktops and apps Hardware-based HDX optimizations Open standards-based program Designed to keep up with new innovationsFull HD experience at a fraction of the cost Reference designs from NComputing & TI First devices in market in early 2012