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  • 1. Food ServiceTeaching at ESL AcademyESL Academy at Computer Systems Institute Strianese Strianese Wade Chapter 2 The Importance of Sanitation and AppearancePresented by: Name Danielle Ciccoli Title Adjunct Computer Systems Institute

2. Contents o o oTeaching at ESL Academyo oo o o o o o o o oObjectives Sanitation Who Monitors the Cleanliness of the Restaurant The Influence of the Manager Detail is the Key Cleanliness During the Shift How Do My Employees Smell The Handling and Sorting of Utensils, Glasses, and Plates Setting Up Tables In Advance Cleanliness of Eating Items (Freedom from Soil) Cleanliness of Banquet Rooms Keys to Sanitation The Importance of Using HACCP Cross-ContaminationThe Importance of Sanitation and Appearance2 3. Objectives Define sanitation and explain its importance to management in a dining room facilityoDetermine where and how health regulations can be obtained for a restaurant, catering, or banquet establishmentoTeaching at ESL AcademyoDescribe acceptable cleanliness and appearance standards for employeesoList reasons for handling utensils, glasses, and plates by their bases of rimsoExplain why tables cannot be set with silverware in advanceoIdentify freedom from soiloExplain the importance of a clean-looking establishment as it relates to the hospitality industryoDefine and explain the importance of using the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)oDefine cross-contamination and explain how it can be preventedThe Importance of Sanitation and Appearance3 4. Sanitation oSanitationTeaching at ESL AcademyThe development and application of sanitary measures for public health oRefers to the visual and physical conditions of a food service environment A restaurant must be clean and the food, safe to eat 1. Clean restrooms, dining area, and kitchen 2. Countertops free of germs 3. Clean utensils 4. Clean and healthy employeesAll employees must wash their hands The Importance of Sanitation and Appearance4 5. Who Monitors the Cleanliness of the Restaurant oEach state has health laws that restaurant managers must abide byoIn many communities, a restaurant must have a permit to operateTeaching at ESL Academywhich is issued by the local health department oManagement has the obligation and responsibility to know and enforce sanitation practicesoThe health department may conduct surprise inspectionsoHealth inspections are a matter of public record and may be 1. 2.opublished in a newspaper or magazine broadcast over local television networkSome communities require restaurants to post their most recent health inspectionGood sanitation leads to a lasting first impression The Importance of Sanitation and Appearance5 6. The Influence of the Manager Attention to detail is the key to running a great businessoTeaching at ESL AcademyoRay Kroc (McDonalds) and Walt Disney (the Walt Disney Co.) lead the way in the field of cleanliness and sanitation 1. 2. 3.oStores were spotless Employees with free time were taught to clean Kroc would pick up papers from the ground as he entered stores Lesson: if the owner or the company can pick up papers, then everyone can pick them upManagers must set examples If youve got time to learn, youve go time to clean Ray Kroc, McDonalds The Importance of Sanitation and Appearance6 7. Detail Is the Key oAppearance of the EmployeesTeaching at ESL Academy1.2.oDisneyland was founded because amusement parks were unacceptable a. Dirty employees b. Pushy staff (pressuring guests to buy things) c. Too many barkers (salespeople) The presentation of the park and its employees had to achieve standards that would earn the respect of the guests the Disney lookThe Service Persons Appearance 1. 2. 3.All employees must adhere to grooming guidelines Uniforms and appearance of the staff must fit the restaurant Management must set guidelines for appearance and cleanlinessThe manager must set the standards of grooming, inform the employees, and enforce the policyThe Importance of Sanitation and Appearance7 8. Cleanliness During the Shift oBeing a service person requires much physical laborTeaching at ESL AcademyoManagers must be aware that service staff may get 1. 2. 3.osweaty dirty disheveledIf an employee looks messy the supervisor should have that person immediately change into a clean uniform It is recommended that cooks and chefs have an extra uniform jacketwhen they appear in the front of the house The Importance of Sanitation and Appearance8 9. How Do My Employees Smell oService peopleTeaching at ESL Academyshould not work wearing perfume or cologne oAll service staff must use deodorant to prevent body odoroEmployees should 1. 2. 3.smell clean supply restrooms with extra soap and deodorant let guests enjoy the aroma of their food The Importance of Sanitation and Appearance9 10. The Handling and Storing of Utensils, Glasses, and PlatesoSanitation is extremely important in handling and storing utensils, glasses, and platesoThe service staff must be trained toTeaching at ESL Academy1. 2.opick up silverware by the handle hold the part of the glass or plate that the guest will not drink or eat fromThe reason is disease can be transmitted from one person to another by improper handling of serving itemsoMany municipalities have passed state laws requiring food service employees to use barriers (gloves, utensils, etc.)The less frequently dishes and silverware are handled, the less chance of contamination The Importance of Sanitation and Appearance10 11. Setting Up Tables in Advance oManagers must check with the local health agencyTeaching at ESL Academyto determine how many hours or minutes a table can be set up in advance of the guests arrival oMost health agencies allow banquets to be set up from one to two hours before the eventoAll health agencies agree that tables cannot be preset with silverware or plates overnight because of disease carrying rodents and nocturnal insectsHealth departments have various rules for presetting tables with utensils The Importance of Sanitation and Appearance11 12. Cleanliness of Eating Items (Freedom from Soil)oEach service person must inspect all utensils before using them to make sure they are cleanTeaching at ESL AcademyoPlates and utensils should not be used if visible soil is found or they are damaged 1.Adhering foodstuffs Employees should check the tops and bottoms of plates for dried-on foodstuffs2.Stains Coffee, tea, or vegetable stains3.Physical Damage Cracks or chips that render dishes unsafe to use The Importance of Sanitation and Appearance12 13. Cleanliness of Banquet Rooms Banquet rooms should be attractive and beautifuloTeaching at ESL AcademyoThere should be a maintenance program of regular cleaningoDetails are important Service staff should pay particular attention to 1. window ledges 2. lecterns 3. cobwebs 4. peeling paint 5. burned out lightsoExtra tables and chairs should be stacked and stored in another roomThe Importance of Sanitation and Appearance13 14. Keys to Sanitation oResponsibilities of ManagementTeaching at ESL Academy1.2.oEducation sanitation training must be a. ongoing b. monitored c. enforced Rules and regulations of local health departments must be explained to the staffThe Value of Using Your Local Health Authority Contact your local health department to 1. prevent problems before they develop 2. inquire about regulations 3. use it as an educational tool The Importance of Sanitation and Appearance14 15. The Importance of Using HACCP oHACCP Hazard Analysis Critical Control PointoThe HACCP systemTeaching at ESL Academy1.2. 3.enables an operation to identify the food and procedures most likely to cause illness establishes procedures to reduce the risk of food-borne illness allows management to monitor and insure food safetyoService Staff must be trained to use the HACCP Monitoring Procedure ReportoHACCP is especially critical for food service operations that are serving buffets 1. 2.Waitstaff can monitor the time that food has been left on the buffet line Managers can check the holding temperature of the foodThe Importance of Sanitation and Appearance15 16. Cross-Contamination oCross-ContaminationTeaching at ESL AcademyOne of the major ways in which food borne illness can be transmitted oThe transfer of harmful micro-organisms from one item of food to another by means of a nonfood contact surface (human hands, utensils, equipment), or directly from a raw food to a cooked one Education Foundation of the National Restaurant AssociationThe Importance of Sanitation and Appearance16


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