Change Happens - Good Advice for Your Online Marketing

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Online marketing is not a 'set it and forget it' type of situation. Mark your calendar and every 3 to 6 months go through your marketing changes and update. Here are a few places you need to make changes.

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  • 1. PlayBig Online MarketingKeep On Top of Changes

2. One thing is always constant andthat is change. 3. In the last 3 6 months you mayhave changed: Prices Products/Services Contact information Website information Social Media information 4. Take one hour and you (or yourassistant) and update all the placesyou market your business. 5. To help you get started, here aresome common websites peoplehave their business information: 6. Twitter profile Review your 160character profile. Does it need to bejazzed up? 7. LinkedIn Skills add and removeskills from your profile. Some skillsare no longer hot others are abetter reflection of what you done. 8. LinkedIn Summary - considermaking a few changes if only to keepthings looking fresh.Check out your competitors and seehow theyve organized theirsummary. 9. LinkedIn Experience Update your experience andsummary 10. Facebook Fan Page - informationsection. Is all the contactinformation correct? 11. Local Business OwnerRemember to update yourinformation on: 12. Need Help?Candy Sugarman PlayBig Online