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  • 1.Flip the Funnel AMA, February 2010

2. Flip the Funnel AMA February 2010 3. the industrys first full-servicesocial media agencywith scale 4. Writing the Book on the Future Three TimesNew Media Social MediaCustomer Experience Whats the next BIG thing? 5. 5 6. What if we got it all wrong?6 7. What if we got it all wrong? What percentage of your revenue comes from 2+ customers versus first time customers? Within repeat customers, how few are responsible for how much? What about buzz? What about $$$ spent against these customers: 1st time (communications) Repeat (CRM/loyalty) Tenured (status) Heavy (loyalty) Talkative (PR?) Retention is both relegated to the back office and in of itself fragmented (diluted) 8. Do the Math 9. Zappos 75% 9 10. Time to spurn the concept of churn Whats the point of fishing if your nets full of holes?10 11. 12% 6% 3% 11 12. Whats wrong with the traditional funnel? Its lopsided and out of proportion Its out of date People dont buy this way anymore Its oversimplified Wheres research, trial or satisfaction? Its linear Its open Its incomplete12 13. Solutions anyone? Extend it Turn it on its side Source: Seth Godin Flip it completely13 14. Introducing A.D.I.A. aka The Flipped Funnel 15. 15 16. Commitment to Conversation Listening AND Responding 16 17. 17 18. The 4 levels of engagement & activation:1. Product2. Brand3. Experiential4. CommunalThe rise of customer-centric branded communities 19. Hypothesis 1: Retention becomes the NEW acquisition 20. Zappos20 21. Hypothesis 2: Customer Service becomes THE key strategicdifferentiator 22. This is not your grandfathers customer service 22 23. 1,000,000 of your closest strangers 23 24. Customer service is Zappos the new MarketingCustomer service isthe new P.R.Customer service is the new Crisis Communication24 25. 25 26. 26 27. 27 28. The 10 New Rules of Customer Service28 29. 1 Customer Service doesnt stop at 5pm on a Friday 2 From everything to everyone communicates 3 All customers are equal (some more than others) 4 Customer service is not only about solving problems 5 Customer service lives in the now 6 Customer service can be a revenue generator 7 Customer service lives in the public domain 8 Customer service is an ongoing commitment 9 Customer service can be proactive & anticipatory 10 Customer service is alive29 30. 3All customers are equal (but some are more equal than others) 30 31. 31 32. 5 Customer service lives in-the-now 32 33. 33 34. tis better to be S.A.F.E. than sorry SAFE 34 35. 6 Customer service can be a revenue generator 35 36. Geek Squad36 37. 7 Customer service lives in the publicdomain37 38. 38 39. Hypothesis 3: The REAL role of social media is RETENTION 40. The REAL role of Social Media Social media is an oxymoron or perhaps the real morons are those misusing it Time to prepare for a post-marketing era Where do you think Facebook belongs? People dont want to talk to a shoe and yet shoes keep on trying to talk to peopleYoure a friggen shoe!Ive got 5,000 followers on Twitter. How about you? Be my friend on Facebook? 40 41. Putting it all together 42. Funnel of Attention Funnel of Trust Funnel of Service 43. Marry customer experience with W.O.M. 44. 45 45. 46 46. 47 47. 48 48. Flip the B2B Funnel This is an industry where relationship counts more than ever People dont care how much you know For this reason, it makes good business sense to segment your customers based on loyalty, value, tenure, experience, influence Think Invitation only community but on the subject of how much you know Great opportunity to leverage knowledge base, thought leadership and reward via universal currency49 49. A Complete Reinvention of CustomerExperience Design 50. Flip the Funnel NOW! www.jaffejuice.com +1 917 603 4639 (to speak to me) e-mail: jaffe@powered.comTwitter: @jaffejuice51