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Masterclass on enterprise storytelling on Bath Management School Executive MBA, 2012



2. SWITCHED ON PEOPLE | PROJECTS | PLANETPURPOSE-DRIVEN INNOVATION, COLLABORATION &LEADERSHIP 3. INVESTORSGUAGE RISK 4. WHAT ARE TOP 3 NEEDS OF AN INVESTOR? 5. Your idea is not theinvestors biggestconcern.TECHSTARS LESSONS TO ACCELERATE YOURSTART-UP 6. RISKMARKETPRODUCTPEOPLE 7. Investors back thejockey not the horse.PROVERB 8. PITCHMARKET: BIG & READYPRODUCT: RIGHT & DEFENDABLEPEOPLE: CAPABLE & INTENTIONAL 9. Power is the capacityto translate intentioninto reality andsustain it.WARREN BENNIS 10. MINUTESTO SELL YOUR IDEA, YOURSELF & YOURINTENTIONS 11. When youre conversing withcoworkers, customers, orinvestors, the richness andmeaning of your story is whatpeople really buy. Everybodythinks its the return oninvestment that youre selling...butits really the story about ROI thatan investor takes away.TOM DUREL FORMER CIO/SVP, BLUE CROSSBLUE SHIELD, FORMER CEO, OCEANIA 12. STORIESENGAGE, INVOLVE, CREATE ACTION 13. A good story, well told,makes you realise you wereyearning for something youhad no name for, somethingyou didnt even know youwanted.F.S. MICHAELS 14. HUMANCONSCIOUSNESS IS EMBEDDED & ENACTED INSTORY 15. BRAINIS A SCRIPT-WRITING MACHINE 16. 70%OF WHAT WE LEARN IS THROUGH STORIES 17. You cant ordercommitment. You cantbribe people into passion.And you cant force avision. FUTURE NAVIGATORS 18. STORIESDEFINE OUR SOCIETY AND OUR WORLD 19. STORIESENGAGE PEOPLE AND ENCOURAGE THEM TOCHANGE 20. It is easy to forget howmysterious and mighty storiesare. They do their work insilence, invisibility. They workwith all the internal materialsof the mind and self. Theybecome part of you whilechanging you... they arealtering your world.BEN OKRI 21. CHANGETHE WORLD? THE MARKET?FIRST YOU MUST CHANGE THE STORY 22. I must create a systemor be enslavd byanother mansWILLIAM BLAKE 23. WHAT IS THE STORY OF THE EXISTINGMARKET? 24. BALANCEOLD STORY WITH A NEW ONERESONATE AND TAKE HIGHER 25. Stories create the emotionalcontext people need to locatethemselves in a largerexperience.SCOTT BEDBURY 26. CONTEXTCREATING NEW ONES 27. Leadership exists whenpeople are no longer victims ofcircumstances but participatein creating new circumstances.Ultimately, leadership is aboutcreating new realities.PETER SENGE, MIT 28. POSSIBLEADJACENT 29. It turns out stories are a - ifnot the - leadership answer.TOM PETERS 30. WHAT IS THE STORY OF THE NEW MARKET? 31. STORY-TELLINGTHE ART & SCIENCE OF POSSIBILITY 32. STORYPROBLEMSTRUGGLE(RE)SOLUTION 33. TURN THE FOLLOWING INTO A STORY 34. STARTFINISH 35. WIIFMDESIRED RESPONSE 36. WIIFYDESIRED BENEFIT 37. RHETORICARISTOTLE 38. ETHOSTRUST, VALUES & CREDENGAGEMENTPATHOSLOGOS EMOTIONS,LOGIC & INCLUSION,COHERENCEIMAGINATION 39. BQETHOS - WHAT MAKES ME CREDIBLE? HOWCAN I MODEL THAT IN SPEECH & DEED?PATHOS - HOW DO THEY FEEL AND WHAT CANI DO TO RESONATE / EXCITE?LOGOS - WHAT DO THEY NEED TO HEAR TOJUSTIFY CHOICES? 40. EMOTIONBEFORE REASON 41. JOIN DOTSHOW?ORDER IS IMPORTANT! 42. WHAT ORDER SHOULD IT BE IN? 43. STORY ENGINEMorecertainty /order BreakthroughImpactMajorCONCRETENeed /IMPACT Problem CONNECTIONCONVICTION CONTEXTCONCEPTCONVENTIONSCONSCIOUSNESSMoreSHIFTcreativity / disorder 44. CONNECTIONTHE ISSUE IN REAL, HUMAN TERMSTHE PROBLEM, NEED OR DESIREWHERE IS THE PAIN?WHY LISTEN TO YOU ABOUT IT? 45. CONTEXTHOW THE PREVIOUS SOLUTIONS HAVE TRIEDTO SOLVE THE PROBLEM BUT FAILED 46. CONVENTIONSTHE CONVENTIONS OF THE SECTORTHE MYTHS THAT NEED CHALLENGING 47. CONSCIOUSNESSSHIFTTHE INSIGHTTHE CREATIVE LEAPTHE NEW WAY OF THINKING 48. Problems cannot besolved by the samelevel of thinking thatcreated them.ALBERT EINSTEIN 49. CONCEPTTHE IDEA, THE SOLUTION 50. CONVICTIONTHE VISION, OPPORTUNITY, COMMITMENT(SOMETHING BIGGER THAN YOURSELF) 51. Entrepreneurs whoare committed to amission beyondprots are more likelyto succeed.TARANG SHAH, VENTURE CAPITALISTS ATWORK 52. CONCRETEIMPACT IN THE REAL-WORLDWHAT IS THE NEW BEHAVIOUR?WHAT IS IN IT FOR US / CONSUMERS / THEWORLD? 53. IMPACTPROFITPEOPLEPLANETPLAY 54. CALLTO ACTION 55. USE THE WECREATE STORY ENGINE 56. INEVITABLESTORY WILL HAPPEN WITH OR WITHOUT YOU 57. MOMENTUMTHE SENSE THAT YOUR STORY HAS BEGUN! 58. If youre going to havea story, have a big story,or none at all.JOSEPH CAMPBELL 59. Those who do not havepower over their story the power to retell it,rethink it, deconstruct it,joke about it, and change itas times change -truly are powerless, becausethey cannot think newthoughts.SALMAN RUSHDIE 60. CONNECTWECREATE.CC (SWITCHED ON PEOPLE & PROJECTS)NICKJANKEL.COM (LIFE SWITCHED ON)ULTIMATETRIP.TV (SWITCHED ON TRAVEL)