Business Model Dashboard for Lean Startups

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This presentation features an "Advanced" Business Model Canvas. Based on Alexander Osterwalder's Business Model Canvas, the Advanced Business Model Canvas includes more detailed descriptions especially of blocks on the "Cost Structure" side of the canvas. The Advanced Business Model Canvas can be used to map, analyze, optimize, and design business models as well as value chains. In addition, the Advanced Business Model Canvas can be used to do tasks as in the tools and techniques of Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Maps, Value Chain Analysis, and Process Analysis. This one-page presentation of the Advanced Business Model Canvas is applied as a performance dashboards for Lean Startups. Using this dashboard, enterpreneurs, startups, and Venture Capitalists can better manage the evolution of lean startups.


    Performance Dashboard ForLean Startups
    Level of Complaints
    - Customer Satisfaction
    • Customer Delight

No. of Prospects/ Registrations

  • Cycle time for pivots/


  • Cost per pivot cycle

Net Promoter Score
No. of Customers
No. of Referrals
Advertising Expenses
No. of contracts/
memo of understanding
Cost per Acquisition (Paid/Net)

  • Lessons learnt/insights

2. No. of interviews/pivotsViral Coefficient
Customer Lifetime Value

  • Revenue (Sales)

3. Cash Burn Rate 4. Months of Cash Left 5. Time to Cash Flow- Breakeven

  • Contribution Margin

6. No. of Competitors- Customer Pain

  • Level of Defects

Customer Loyalty/ Retention

  • No. of Releases/Pivots

7. No. of MVPs 8. Total Page Views/Visits Average Time to First Order; Time for Follow-on Order

  • Suppliers/Materials/Employees/Rent/Hosting

9. Machinery/Equipment/Design/Manufacturing 10. Marketing & Sales/Transportation/Miscellaneous 11. Direct Sale of Product/Service 12. Subscriptions/Leasing Fees/Licensing Fees/Royalties 13. Advertising/Commissions/BrokerageBased on Business Model Canvas:
Dr. Rod King. & &