Building the Agile Enterprise - Cloud Computing

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This presentation outlines how businesses can unlock the true power of Cloud Computing


<ul><li> 1. 1Srini KoushikPresident and CEORight Brain Systems LLC.Twitter Handle - @skoushikTHE AGILE ENTERPRISEinnovation agility - executionRight Brain Systems LLC.Tapping into the true power of the Cloud </li> <li> 2. 24/22/2013 2TECHNOLOGYISEVERYWHERE 2012 Right Brain Systems LLC. </li> <li> 3. 3Cloud Computing3Big Data and Analytics </li> <li> 4. 4Sense Respond AdaptBusinessAgility Listen to trends Innovation at the Edges Track Leading Indicators Predictive Analytics Rapid Prototyping Decentralized decisionmaking Assess results and modifyexperiments Reconfigure Operations Scale or shrink on demand Continuous Improvement Ability to Experiment Speed to market Scale rapidly Decisions based onInsights Ability to reconfigureoperations quicklyThe key to success is Business Agility 2012 Right Brain Systems LLC. </li> <li> 5. 55Global CompetitionChanging RegulatoryEnvironmentEconomic UncertaintyConsumerization of ITFocus on InnovationDrive speed to marketDeliver differentiatedProducts and ServicesDrive Efficiency intooperationsEase of provisioning anddecommissioningEase of Access toresources and servicesLower Barriers to EntryConsumption based pricingMarket DriversCloud Computing Enables Business AgilityDrive business to The Cloud Provides 2012 Right Brain Systems LLC. </li> <li> 6. 666Cloud Solutions are not Vaporware! Driven by Consumers Enterprise customers wereslow to start but rapidlycatching up IaaS and PaaS are rapidlybecoming mainstream SaaS very popular infunctional areas of thebusiness marketing, HR, IT,Finance etc. 2012 Right Brain Systems LLC. </li> <li> 7. 77Source: Staff.comSaaS is rapidly becoming mainstream 2012 Right Brain Systems LLC. </li> <li> 8. 88Innovation Better Service Customer Value Chains Throughput EfficiencyCloud Computing enables an Agile EnterpriseCloud Computing allows enterprises toreimagine all aspects of their businessto deliver secure, seamless, context-aware experiences in a connectedworld 2012 Right Brain Systems LLC. </li> <li> 9. 99Cloud Computing helps Agile Enterprises sharpentheir focus on core competencies, provide value totheir customers by becoming more horizontallyintegrated with other organizations in their valuechain and bringing innovative products and servicesto the marketplaceCustomer Value Chains 2012 Right Brain Systems LLC. </li> <li> 10. 1010Examples of Value Chains in an EnterpriseActivities in the Value ChainEnterprise BoundaryRecruiting StaffingCareerPlanning &amp;TalentManagementLearning &amp;DevelopmentComp. &amp;BenefitsAdminPayroll &amp;AdminTerminationProcessingActivities performedby a 3rd PartyAn Example of the HR Value ChainActivities sourcedusing SaaS 2012 Right Brain Systems LLC. </li> <li> 11. 1111Patterns for usage of SaaS in a Value Chain1 2 3 4Vertical IntegrationIn these solutions a keycomponent of an activity(such as platform) isprovided as-a-serviceExample Applicationsthat use IaaS or PaaSsolutions from Amazon,Dimension Data, etc.Horizontal IntegrationIn these solutions thebusiness extends a keyprocess by integratingseamlessly with anexternal business processExample An insuranceclaims process thatprovides debit cards forpayments by integratingwith a debit card processorCore CapabilityIn these solutions thebusiness focuses on a corecapability and outsourcesspecific activities to aservice providerExample A mid-sizedauto parts manufacturerthat uses Salesforce.comto manage marketing andsales functionsAggregationIn these solutions thebusiness uses severalservice providers toprovide a business processExample A news orcontent aggregator thatacquires content frommultiple sources andprovides value-addedcontent capabilities 2012 Right Brain Systems LLC. </li> <li> 12. 1212Role of IT in an Agile Enterprise From Technology focused to Enabling business value From Custom Developed to Buy, assemble and integrate From Information Security to Enterprise Risk Management From Agile methods to Continuous Delivery From Applications Management to Lean Management From Operations to DevOps 2012 Right Brain Systems LLC. </li> <li> 13. 1313Evolution not a revolutionHard DisksNetwork Attached Storage *SANsStorage Virtualization IaaS (Storage)Mainframe Servers Server VirtualizationPaaS from,Rackspace, NTT etc.Monolithic Applications Client/Server Applications Web based ApplicationsSaaS apps that areassembled and integratedSubroutine CallsEnterprise ApplicationsIntegrationSOA and Web ServicesLightweight SOA andComplex Event ProcessingData is very specific to applicationsData that ties togethermultiple applicationsData Warehousing and DatamartsExternalize data from apps,MDM and implementvisibility rulesSecurity provided on ServerClient and Server levelSecurityStrong Perimeterdefense, encryptionand Security ZonesDevice Security, NetworkSegmentation, DataSegmentation &amp; AppsecurityBusiness uses IT to support manualprocessesBusiness uses IT toautomate businessprocesses and rulesBusiness rules andprocesses arecomponentized andexternalizedImplement a businessprocess that spans multipleorganizations 2012 Right Brain Systems LLC.BusinessApplicationsIntegrationDataSecurityServersStorage </li> <li> 14. 1414BUSINESS BENEFITS IT IMPLICATIONSIT in the Agile EnterpriseCloudComputingSpeed to MarketBuy and IntegrateSimplicityHide technical complexityConvenienceAnytime, Anywhere accessElasticityEasy to Scale or ExitCostMinimize CapEx and OpExIntegrationComplexity of IntegrationLegacy SystemsOld and Inflexible applicationsSecuritySecurity and Privacy of data on CloudQoS and ContinuityService Levels and business continuityTotal Cost of OwnershipTrue cost of ownership 2012 Right Brain Systems LLC. </li> <li> 15. 1515Domain From To ImplicationsBusiness ProcessDesignProcesses within an enterprise Processes that span departments,organizations and geographiesProcess orchestration, Integrity of results, Processcompensation (in the event of failure)User Interface Design Integrated UI Aggregated UI Usability, consistency and user productivityApplicationArchitectureMonolithic and Component basedapplicationsComponent based design that relies ondistributed componentsFocus on integration and interfaces and black-boxcomponent designIntegrationArchitectureEAI and hard-wired services, coarse-grained servicesLoosely coupled services, fine-grainedservicesService design and orchaestrationData and InformationArchitectureData is owned by individualapplicationsData is an asset that is shared so MDMand governance are criticalMDM, Data Governance, Privacy and SecuritySecurity and Privacy Security models that focus onperimeter defenseSecurity and Privacy Models that focus onwhat data needs to be stored and why?Organizations need to go beyond IT Security andfocus on Enterprise Risk ManagementService LevelManagementSLM easier to manage withinenterpriseSLM is more complex to deliver acrossmultiple service providersSL design, Service Level contracts with serviceproviders etc.Financial Models Mix of CapEx and OpEx that isspread across known timeframesMore OpEx with very low CapEx and nocommitments on time frameNew financial model for consumption basedservicesProvisioning &amp; De-commission servicesManual or semi-automaticprovisioning. De-commissioningtakes timeNeed rapid provisioning capabilities butalso need rapid de-commissioningImplications of moving back from consuming as aservice to service provided by internal ITEnterprise Implications of Cloud Computing 2012 Right Brain Systems LLC. </li> <li> 16. 1616 How do we implement the Business model, processes , workflows and businesscontinuity across the Extended Enterprise?Business Architecture How does the application interact with users, what information needs to be madeavailable, to Whom, and How over what device?Information Design and Usability How are application components structured to implement the functional and non-functional requirements of the solution? Where do we place application workloads?Application Architecture Where is data stored, what data is visible, how is it accessed, how is data integritymaintained and how is the data domain governed?Data Architecture What is the infrastructure and operational model that will support the Cloud/MobileSolution and how do we integrate with PaaS, IaaS solutions in the marketplace?Technical Architecture What is the light-weight integration model, transaction model and the ComplexEvent Processing model for the Cloud/Mobile solution?Integration Architecture What are the Security and Privacy requirements, information visibility and storageand retention requirements for the Cloud/Mobile SolutionSecurity Architecture How do we deliver SLAs through monitoring, instrumentation and effectiveIncident/Problem/Change for the Cloud/Mobile Solution?Systems Management ArchitectureRequires a focus on Architecture . . . 2012 Right Brain Systems LLC. </li> <li> 17. 1717 and rethinking ApplicationsCharacteristicsoftheseApplications Smaller Apps that can seamlessly interact withother to implement business capabilities Developing applications in this space requires Agiledevelopment practices Architecture promotes loose coupling and highcohesion between components Componentized and Externalized legacy services Requires faster delivery cycles (60-90 days) andfrequent updates New multi-sensory input devices drive different andfeature rich user interfaces and innovativeInformation visualization techniques Require an Integration model that handles highvolumes of stateless transactions with systems andservices that reside private, public and hybrid cloudenvironmentsBenefits Bring solutions to market faster, this allows businessesto experiment and innovate Drives better utilization of current investments ininfrastructure and thereby reducing costs of entry Simplified and automated provisioning anddecommissioning of Apps and Infrastructure helpsreduce IT backlog Facilitates the move to emerging technologies sincethere are no capital outlays for It Infrastructure Allows businesses to focus on their core competencyand not worry about the increasing complexity of IT Drives standardization into the infrastructure andapplications portfolio 2012 Right Brain Systems LLC. </li> <li> 18. 1818The Cloud requires different capabilitiesSoftware Custom Applications LoB SaaS Apps SaaSPlatforms Custom Configurations Enterprise PaaS PaaSInfrastructure Legacy Infrastructure Enterprise IaaS IaaSBusinessLayerVisualization, Haptic Design, Responsive DesignBusiness and Information ArchitectureBusinessOrchestrationand ContinuitySecurityModelData VisibilityModelService LevelManagementDemand andConsumptionModelSecurityData Access, Device Access, Role based security, Visibility, Privacy, IncidentManagementIntegration Complex Event Management, Lightweight SOA, Business Process OrchestrationData Business data architecture, governance, metadata (structured and unstructured)DevOpsLean/Agile AD and AM, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Cloud SoftwareConfiguration Management and Release Management 2012 Right Brain Systems LLC.Private Hybrid Public </li> <li> 19. 1919Service Providers need to change From Technology driven to Architecture driven approaches From manpower to IP and Frameworks From custom development to Assembly and integration From outsourcing to As-a-Service Offerings From IT process focused to Industry Value Chains 2012 Right Brain Systems LLC. </li> <li> 20. 2020Take the customers through the Journey to the DestinationPlan and Architect:Plan the transformation of yourorganization and applications to takeadvantage of cloud and mobile, developan enterprise architecture, understandworkload characteristics and execute afew rapid prototypesDesign for Run:Develop reference architectures for usingSaaS and custom applications for the cloudthat include standards for usability, data,security, integration and systemsmanagement. Develop applications roadmapBuild with Speed:Rapidly develop andintegrate Cloud and Mobileapplications using AgileMethods and nextgeneration AD toolsManage and Run:Deliver service levels andapplication upgrades in anenvironment that uses PaaS(Amazon ECS, DimensionData Cloud, Google Apps etc.),SaaS ( etc.)and IaaS (in hybrid clouds)Are you ready?Understand what cloud andmobile mean to you,explore opportunities,mitigate risk, how tocapture value and how toget your organization readyfor the changeTest and Deploy:Test and deploy applicationsacross multiple platforms, devicesand carrier networks.Performance test for CloudWorkloadsInformation SecurityPoliciesEnterprise PrivacyPoliciesCollaboration Services email, calendar, instant messagingMobileApplicationArchitectureVisualization andInformationArchitectureMobileIntegrationArchitectureTestingand QA forMobileApplicationsInternalIT ApplicationsApplications writtenbyEmployeesApplications providedbySoftware VendorsEnterpriseApplicationStoreEnd-User ComputingPoliciesInfrastructure Design and SecurityDeployment model for Mobile ApplicationsFocus on end-to-end services 2012 Right Brain Systems LLC. </li> <li> 21. 21Next Generation CloudServicesApplications Transformation to the Cloud(AT2C)Lift and Shift AppUpdate and Shift AppExtend and Integrate AppReplace and Integrate AppEnterprise Architecture for the Cloud(EA4C)Business ArchitectureApplication ArchitectureInformation ArchitectureTechnical ArchitectureApplications Development for the CloudAD for SaaSAD for PaaSCustom AD for Hybrid CloudSoftware Quality as a Service (SQaaS)Lightweight SOA for the Cloud (SOA4C)Applications Management for the Cloud(AM4C)DevOps for the Hybrid Cloud...</li></ul>


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