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Bülent Parlakol @ Retail Banking Forum

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1. The 2 Annual Retail Banking Forum Retail Banking represents a vast and November 20-21, 2014 popular feld of the Banking Industry. Budapest, Hungary Nowadays we experience the rapid advance of technology in our everyday life, so consequently retail banking has to face the challenge to keep up with the current trends but at the same time meet the needs of Gen X, Y and Z,For reaching competitive advantage in the market and differentiating their brands hnancial institutions should be led by innovation. The 2nd Annual Retail Banking Forum provided a window through which the partiipants gained insights to the future of retail banklng,biometrics, wearable gadgets, the usage of mobile applications and 'social media asintegral parts of 21st century banking.uaadar _l_4__,l_d_w _ 2. il ita 2'i :trall :ra en l ;h 1 !fl II.! :h 'Ji l :ttir-.t aroma :r'3IbI.IL,,21IIki "hr namn- 'Eillihjgli ;u 1111'/ m 'inanr-tkr*tarirotou .vrimi::patarrraivaxmanargragwtltwrgl` :rovalarlit'aaiiamrt 'garpliraerroravsifo/*snrillrllpl/orst' **a lmtat 'Partisiklhvlzeuallaitadbariira ?l ; i ' _ *** i'jygrnttqweiilirrt:tutarm 4/ e, . .. .taamte 'V-'IIrlliilavimiildiil riimrrrasatov/-or , :- natql mttat) euorflaoitgyq, 'klt'511913]HIIIKIGIIISHXQYIFO!Ot LAAL LEADING consensncss _ IKQIII MILIQIW hitvrajtvlblliraa#htliitavratpnu:llazlillapqgxell-r ;mamas-v _klim?' flilgl? "Ivirawaztiraltaitieitraiamadtaorarm tvpawiitatts/ " @HRIHY maite&iflimmtitltabatltui*

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