Bridges Middle East - Rick Haggett - Qatar Bahrain Causeway Management

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The regions only event dedicated to designing, planning and delivering sustainable bridgesFollowing the phenomenal success of IQPCs global Bridges series, including two regional summits, we are delighted to announce the third Bridges Middle East summit will take place under the patronage of Abu Dhabi Municipality and the official support of Ministry of Public Works, Kuwait on 24-27 October 2010 in Abu Dhabi.For more information visit


<ul><li>1.Qatar-Bahrain Causeway Project Bridges Middle East Conference 2009 </li></ul> <p>2. Bridges in the region Qatar-Bahrain Causeway (the latest &amp; greatest) Design and construction issues Introduction of rail Technical challengesIntroduction 2 3. Bridges in the RegionBridges Middle East Conference 2009 3 4. Typically: Notably: Water crossings Abu Dhabi Connect population centres Dubai Access key infrastructure BahrainBridges in the Region 4 5. Drivers: Economic growth Population growth Urban expansion Development of major infrastructure Increasing trafficBridges in the Region 5 6. Abu DhabiSheikh Zayed Bridge Saadiyat Island Bridge (Sheikh Khalifa Bridge) Hodariyat BridgeBridges in the Region 6 7. DubaiBusiness Bay Bridge Garhoud BridgePalm Jebel Ali Crescent Bridges Dubai MetroSheikh Rashid bin Saeed Crossing (6th Crossing)Bridges in the Region 7 8. Bahrain Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Bridge Sheikh Isa Causeway Bridges in the Region 8 9. Sitra Causeway Bridges in the Region 9 10. King Fahd CausewayBridges in the Region 10 11. Qatar-Bahrain Causeway Bridges Middle East Conference 200911 12. QBC Project Overview 40km marine causeway 2 lane highway in each direction Bahrain Adjacent high-speed rail facility 2 dredged navigation channels 2 high level arch bridgesQatar 23km bridges / viaducts 17km embankments 2 rest area islands Interchanges, tolling, border facilities Qatar-Bahrain Causeway12 13. Qatar-Bahrain Causeway 13 14. Design and Construction Issues Bridges Middle East Conference 200914 15. Large Marine Site Pre-cast solution adopted: To limit offshore operations To maintain control over quality &amp; safety Design closely linked to construction methods Design-Build approach adopted Allows fast-tracking of scheduleDesign and Construction issues15 16. Material: Volumes required Need to ensure Consistent quality Reliability of supply High import content Marine Borrow Durability considerationsDesign and Construction issues 16 17. Concrete Durability: Options Stainless steel Corrosion inhibitor Coating Cathodic Protection Extent of splash zone Design and Construction issues 17 18. Eurocode: One of the first projects to use Europe-wide code for bridge design (road/rail) from 2010 Option of factored loads or 3rd party checks Reliability &amp; Consequence ClassesDesign and Construction issues 18 19. Alignment at Landing Points Influenced by: Archaeology (Qatar) Competing land use (Bahrain) Stakeholder Requirements Design and Construction issues 19 20. Qatar Landing Point Design and Construction issues 20 21. 3 kmDesign and Construction issues 21 22. Design and Construction issues 22 23. Introduction of Rail Bridges Middle East Conference 200923 24. Introduction of RailConcept design: Road only Twin deck viaducts 80 m viaduct spans Cable-stay bridges over Navigation ChannelsIntroduction of Rail 24 25. Impact of Rail Larger vertical and horizontal loads Freight Limitation on gradient and horizontal curvature High-speed passenger Extended Schedule Introduction of rail25 26. Resultant changes to concept design: Vertical and horizontal alignments revised Length of viaduct increased Stronger, stiffer structures Arch bridges replaced cable-stayed Closer pier spacing Twin road decks combined Navigation Channel relocated Introduction of rail 26 27. Technical ChallengesBridges Middle East Conference 2009 27 28. Environmental Zero impact on hydraulic flows Extensive baseline measurements Ongoing Monitoring Constraints on construction methodsTechnical challenges 28 29. Quality &amp; Safety Remote sites Working at height Heavy lifts 24/7 working Cost-driven schedule Motivating the workforceTechnical Challenges 29 30. Rail Issues Axle Load Bahrain Network Speeds Qatar Network Height Clearance GCC Network Emergency Escape Maintenance AccessTechnical Challenges30 31. Dredging of Navigation Channels Unsuitable material Creative disposal Ship impact on Main Bridges Designed to deflect Seismic resistant Visual Impact Technical challenges Technical challenges 31 32. Settlement of Embankments Soil improvement &amp; testing Deferred rail solution Ballasted track High Voltage Interconnect Three 220 kV circuits Two 400 kV circuits Technical challenges 32 33. In Conclusion Rich heritage of major bridges in the GCC The Qatar Bahrain Causeway will enrich this heritage First high-speed rail crossing Numerous challenges to overcome A landmark project for the Region Concluding remarks33 34. Thank You 34 </p>


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