Bren Boddy "What The Heck Did My CIO Just Say?"

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This is the PowerPoint sluide deck from the presentation Bren Boddy gave at HDI Los Angeles and HDI Orange County on June 14 2012.

Text of Bren Boddy "What The Heck Did My CIO Just Say?"

  • 1. What the Heck did my CIO just say? Bren BoddyHelp Desk ManagerExchange Bank

2. About me 30 yrs Customer ServiceManagement experience Creator of Super Help Desk Disney Fanatic Motorcycle Rider 3. A little about my company Founded 1890 400 employees Unique Ownership Golden Gate Bridge is part of ourhistory Community minded culture 4. About my Help Desk Single Point of Contact for Internal Support Service Catalog: New Accounts Operations Bank Security Facilities Telecom IT (Hardware/Software) ATM Customer Service Driven Staff of 4 with 95 yearsCompany experience My team is HDI Certified 5. Our Mission Statement Deliver exceptional customer service ina timely manner and keep ourcustomers performing at the highest level of productivity 6. My CIOStarted with the company in 1968 & always in ITOld school: Punch cardsWhat 43 years in IT Switchboard phone line will do to you IBM 360 Computer Call everyone for helpNew School: Virtualization and hes still smiling! VoIP iPad Call the Help Desk! 7. Youve come a long way baby! 8. How to get to the CIO circa 2002 CIO ApplicationSupportManagerProject Manager responsible for the Help DeskHelp Desk Operations Manager 9. Talking the talk 10. The unknown (to me) language 11. Most Requested Metrics Average Speed to Answer Abandonment Rate Response time for email Average number of email exchanges to resolve anincident First call resolution rate Fully burdened cost per incident1. Chat2. Email3. Phone4. WalkupSource: 2010 HDI Practices & Salary Survey 12. What does my CIO care about? Being informedno surprises! Acknowledging the call quickly and meeting theoriginal target date while communicating with thecustomer until the call is complete. Completing the service the first timeno reopenedcalls. UptimeWhat about my metrics?? 13. Good relationship = NO Surprises! 14. What do I care about? Giving excellent service 100% of the time FCR Growing knowledge Staff burnout Teamwork/cohesiveness Being of value to the organization (job security) Uptime We are the voice of the End User 15. Figuring it out Thanks Frank 16. Give em candy, they will come 17. Get a seat a the BIG table How are you perceived? Brand YOU Use your natural talents Get CLOUT!Source: Brenda Iniguez Session 709 HDI 2004 Dont just manage: Be a player at the big table 18. How was I perceived? 19. Brand You 20. Use your natural talents 21. Clout Knowledge Champion Communication Central People Connector Crisis Manager Queen of the CYA 22. NetworkingLearning to talk the talk with other like minded IT Professionals 23. Where I go HDI Connect LinkedIN Mashable TechWeb CIO Magazine Twitter Feed I follow: Hashtags: #custserv, #leadership, #management #ITIL#HDI #ITSM #SM Business: @CNETNews, @techweb, @Gartner@thinkhdi @TechRepublic @wired 24. Keeping updated Local HDI Chapter Meetings Software User Group meetings Industry Publications WebinarsShare what you learn!Your CIO keeps up on trends in the industry and you should too. Remember to bridge the gap daily because you have a very valuable perspective: your Customers. 25. Tying it together 26. Metrics on a Mission Mission Statement + CSF (Critical Success Factor) + KPI (Key Performance Indicator)= $$$ savings Now Im speaking his language!Source: Malcolm Fry The Power of Metrics for Optimal ITSM Performance 2011 27. Translation:Mission Statement: Deliver exceptional customer service.keep our customers performing at the highest level of productivity+ CSF: Resolve incidents as quickly as possibleminimizing impacts to the business+ KPI: Percentage of incidents closed by theHelp Desk without reference to other levels ofsupport = $$$ Savings! Fewer calls to second level 28. This will always be a work in progress 29. For the CIOHe gets metrics he needs, he knows hes one of the first to know when we have downtime (CYA), he hasan understanding from the EndUser perspective. 30. .and for me?I now have a CIO I can talk to about projects, ideas, and department issues. There is still a layer of management between us, but Ihave a direct line to him when necessary. 31. Where are we now? He asks me who is in my network that I can ask XYZ about Disaster Recovery CommunicationCentral Management Committee - monthly IT Division Meetings bi-weekly SRJC Community College AdvisoryBoardI am a player at the big table (thank you Brenda Iniguez!) 32. Take-away Find a commonality between you and your CIO - your icebreaker Understand what language they are speaking and learnkey phrases ROI? TCO? Align your goals with the companys goals be strategicbut remember to speak from the end user perspective Get your foot in the door of projects your feedback cansometimes make or break a project Discover your value and report on it Communication?DR? Problem Management? 33. After all of this..Meet Rich. Hes my new CIO. He started two weeks ago so Im going to do this all over again. 34. Questions? Contact info: Bren Boddy 707.524.3104 @brenbt on Twitter