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BOSHE Mechanic understanding

BOSHE Mechanic understanding

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BOSHE Mechanic understanding an idea for making New customer development by RC&M India. Major Heads of Mechanic understanding are mechanic distribution, mechanic life style, mechanic customer orientation, information about spark plugs, mechanic concerns.

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  • 1. BOSHE Mechanic understanding

2. Project: Mechanics Understanding
Mission:New customer development
Agency: RC&M
3. Mechanic Understanding
4. Major Heads
Mechanic Distribution
Mechanic Life Style
Mechanic Customer orientation
Information about Spark Plugs
Mechanic Aspirations
Mechanic Concerns
What we can do
5. Mechanic Distribution
Mechanics can be distributed in following categories :
Profile Wise :
- Car Machenics
- Two Wheelers Mechanics
- Three Wheelers Mechanics
- Truck/ LCVs Mechanics
- Tractor Mechanics
Size Wise :
- Big Mechanics : Who handles big work shops and service stations.
- Small Mechanics : Other specialized Mechanics in same location or clusters.
- Miscellaneous : Other Road-Side Mechanics like Near Petrol pumps or highways etc.
6. Mechanic Cluster
Like other special markets mechanics are also find in hubs/ clusters.
In cities like New Delhi, Mumbai there could be 15-20 big clusters of mechanics, where as small cities like Meeruth, Kanpur 5-7 big clusters of mechanics are available.
A one big clusters of mechanics can be of 2-3 kms area wise.
Average in big mechanic hub/cluster the number of shops are 70-80.
In one cluster mostly all sort of mechanics are there like Car Mechanics, Bike Mechanic, Specialized mechanics like Mechanics for Bajaj , Big workshops etc.
Few clusters are also available which are only having Mechanics shops for one particular Vehicle. Like in New Delhi Hari Nagar, Krishna Nagar, Geeta Colony, Madangir Clock tower has the hub of only three wheelers mechanics.
Except than mechanics Tea-stalls, tyre merchants, oil retailers, multiple products retailers like spark plugs, piston are available.
In one big cluster almost 70% shops are of mechanics rest 30% are these retailers.
7. Mechanic Cluster
Virendera Nagar (New Delhi)
8. Mechanic Lifestyle
A typical Mechanic starts his day or open his work shop at around 9 in the morning.
After Offering Puja they start their work and starts taking assignments.
On an average mechanic works for 12 hours in a day.
On an average 2-3 helpers work under one owner Mechanic.
Normally music is the best time pass for them as it helps them in making their rhythm in work.
Few Mechanics have TV sets in their work shops and some mechanics have perception that with TV their staff does not work properly
On an average owner mechanics in the visited cluster were of age group between 35-40 years.
The people working under one Mechanic falls under then age group of 16-25 yrs.
9. Mechanic Lifestyle
On an average 15-16 vehicle come for servicing or including other work normally 25-30 vehicles comes at one mechanic shop in one day.
Owner mechanic always do some specialized work like something to do with engine rest all the work is done by helper mechanics.
The helper mechanics work on daily wages mostly. And the current rate is somewhere around 150 Rs per day.
Mostly owner mechanic takes his decision of buying the stock. Although, his helpers inform him about the performance of product yet the final decision falls in owners lap.
The average transaction rateper day at an average size mechanic shop is around 2000-2500 and after deducting all the expenses a mechanic earns around 15k-20k per month.
Mechanics are not very educated they learn from their experiences and their grasping power.
10. Mechanic Lifestyle
Mechanics are mostly work with discipline as they have to work under tight time-lines.
There is hardly any social activity for them in between the clusters as all mechanics are busy for the whole day.
Normally all mechanics meet at one particular location only if there is some event in the market or if somewhere they are invited.
They feel honored if some one invites them and treat them well.
There is no particular time when one can catch them because it depends on the assignments they get on daily basis.
But the most convenient time to talk to them is around afternoon from 1-4 as the traffic of new assignments are comparatively lower than other times like in morning or evening.
To service one vehicle fully a mechanic needs 1 and half hour on an average.
There is one union body for mechanics in one cluster. Pradhan mechanic plays vital role in addressing their issues and solving their problems with or to the concern bodies like police etc.
11. Mechanic Lifestyle
Normally, different companys executives visit at their work shops and tell them about the products, but mechanic does buying as per the requirement basis.
Mostly mechanic buys expensive products like Oils and Batteries on the requirement basis. They do immediate buying from the retailer or spare part shop in market.
Rest, all the small products like pistons, plugs they buy once in a week from the wholesale market. Here in case of Delhi the wholesale hub is in Karol Bagh. The main reason of buying from there is more margin and direct schemes.
Mechanics like to visit events or program organized by any automotive product company it helps them in understanding the products in better way.
Practical demonstration makes huge impact on them.
12. Mechanic Lifestyle
Most of mechanics like to be the part of mechanic meets where they get good treat. The main attraction is gift and alcohol.
Mechanics, like to watch comedy movies
13. Customer Orientation
Customer orientation is the main focus for mechanics.
They like to use genuine products for the regular customers.
Customers also trust on mechanics and whatever product mechanics suggest customers take that.
If some one visits first time to mechanic then mechanic may use inferior product in the vehicle as the margin in inferior products are higher. Like if someone comes for changing the plug and if its a new customer and not very smart in that case initially mechanic would use inferior plug because it will give him good margin. And if same customer repeats one or two times then immediately mechanic starts using genuine products.
Most of transaction is on cash basis but with few establish customers they are open to work on credit.
14. Mechanics are very co-operative with each other and they never interfere in each others customers.
Sometime, for a urgent assignment,if they are busy and can not attend the job or assignment immediately then they send that customer to the other mechanics.
15. Knowledge about spark plugs
For bikes and scooters two different spark plugs are used.
The size of the plugs depend upon the strokes of bike. For two strokes bikes and 4 stroke bikes different plugs are used.
Life of plug depends upon the condition of engine. If engine is in good condition then life of Spark plug will be more, whereas, if engine is not in right condition then performance of Spark plug hampers
Normally, mechanic checks the spark plug by passing power in it. If it sparks then the plug has life and while testing if does not spark it means plug has damaged properly.
Damaged plugs top tip gets black, from there mechanic understands that plug needs to be changed.
16. Knowledge about spark plugs
The average life of Spark plug is 2-3 years.
Local spark plugs get damaged in 7-8 months.
The best brand in Spark plug is BoscheMico followed by Power-Champion rest few Chinese and local brands are available in market.
Bosche Spark Plug costs around 50-55 Rs, whereas the cost of Champion plug is 35-40 Rs. Other Chinese plugs and local plugs average cost is 20-25 Rs.
Few months back Chinese plugs started getting the preference in market but due to bad performance now mechanics have stopped using it.
Mechanics first preference is Bosch Mico for the regular customers where as for other walk in customers Champion Spark plug is used as it has more margin.
Customer knows about Bosch mico and ask mechanic to use it.
17. Knowledge about spark plugs
As per mechanic there is nothing so technical about plug as all the helpers know how to change it and how to check it.
But the key finding is even mechanic knows about Plug but still he does not know how it works after fitting it in to the vehicle and for them it will be educative if by something it could be illustrated that how a plug works inside the vehicle and how it can increase or decrease the performance of vehicle.
Normally, plug companies send pens, note books, calendars as gifts to the wholesaler, who further distribute it to the retailers or mechanics.
18. Knowledge about spark plugs
Not too many schemes are offered on buying of plugs to the mechanic.
Mostly small schemes like on the buying of 2 boxes of plugs get one plug free is offered.
Sometime on the bulk buying like 5 boxes of plugs Mechanic gets 3-4% discount from the wholesaler.
19. Mechanic Aspirations
Mechanics are no more same as they were 10 years back.
Now they are adaptive and changing themselves with new technologies and aspire to use it.
They want their kids to be educative and spending money on their education.
Aspiration of better lifestyle leads him to buy big Television sets and good refrigerators.
They do not want their kids to continue with their profession as per them it is thankless job.
Earlier where there were hardly any telephones on the work shops now most of the mechanics have started using Mobile Phones. Mostly mechanic prefers Nokias entry segments Handsets.
20. Now the mechanics have started providing branded and original spares to their customers in order to get repeat customer and to encourage referrals
21. Mechanic Concerns
Mechanics have started feeling insecure for their future as now the technologies are so advanced that even after giving their best shots they are not fully able to adjust with that, which sometimes create problems in handling new vehicles like new Bajaj Plusar.
Now the Bike companies never do any mechanic meets before launching the bike which create hurdles for them to understand the technologies used in. Hence, due to lack of knowledge customer suffers.
Mostly companies have started opening the authorized servicing centers for their products, which is proving a biggest threat for small and mid size mechanics.
Lack of administrative facilities like no water tank, no toilet is a social concern for mechanics.
22. Due to the nature of work Mechanics have most common diseases they face are Weak Eye Sight and Asthma. Even after taking a lot of precautions they can not ruled out the possibilities of affecting by it.
23. What we can offer
As it was found that Bosch Mico is preferred in Market but still a feeling of threat is there from the competitors.
An activity should be devised in a manner where both technical and social cause can be addressed.
Like as while interacting with Mechanics it was found that they know about essential technical part of plugs which might be enough for changing and checking the plug in a vehicle, but none of them could able to explain the process of working of plug in Vehicle.
If through Experiential Tool like a software or through physical demonstration if it could be shown to mechanics that how a plug works in a vehicle and how does it effect the performance of vehicle then it would certainly leave a huge impact on them
24. Possibility of Bosch- SwasthyaMela can be explored which will be very beneficial for the mechanics and it will leave a long lasting impact on TG.
Also to interact emotionally with the TG, late night movie tickets can be issued for Mechanics.
25. Mechanics stock placement
Retailers stock placement
26. Thank you