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hello good morning everyone so today i would like to start off by offering you all free non tech life hack that can help to change your life.does'nt that sounds interesting certainly yes cause no wonderi've used the word 'free'.


Meaning And Benefits The conscious and unconscious movements and postures by which attitudes and feelings are communicated.Benefits: connect with peopleimprove your presencedouble your businessopen up your world

But before I give it away I would like you to understand its meaning and benefits body language or non verbal communicationincludes interaction what my body is communicating to yours and what yours is conveying to me and includes facial expressions, eyes, and tone of voice, as well as posture.2

now i would like you to do a little audit of your bodyso how many of you are right now are making yourself small or hunching or maybe crossing your legs?ok many of us do but why we dont know it just we do it unconsciouslybut let me tell you this are non power pose which conveys youre closed and dont want to talk you are feeling power less and less dominant.Now as ive told you that this all are low power pose so now the query arise what are high power poses and how it can be used to combat this low power poses


What are high power poses or non verbal expression of power and dominance so this is it its basically about expanding making yourself big take up space and opening up to the world , its about opening up.It is present in the animal kingdom.


And humans do the same thingthey do this when the feel powerful and dominant 5

so this particular picture is very interesting because it shows us how universal and old this expressions of power and dominance this is very interesting as there was a study done by uni of oxford on people who were by birth blind.they were exposed to a situation werethey all won physical competation ie race and to everyones surprise no matter that they have never seen anyone but when they won they did this arms up in the V and chin slightly lifted.6

so this is what happens when we put together high and low power The other person is trying close himself rather mirring him basically he is complimenting his high power.


How to implement this you can do this by this fakeing it until u become it.You can fake high power poses until you become one and these are some of high power poses.

so try to do this just for 2 mins and you will start to feel change. tiny tweaks leads to big changes.configure your mind to that in any situation i am going to be okay and will show to the world what really i am. 8

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