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The Marketing Hourglass

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  • Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network BGI Foundation How to Create The Marketing Hourglass (Customer Journey)
  • Strategy Ideal Client Vision Core Message Hourglass Know Like Trust Try Buy Repeat Refer Planning Priorities OrgDevelopment MarketingCalendar KPI Dashboard Budget Process Project Implementation Marketing materials Referral program Newcustomer orientation Partner platform PRcampaign Social media routine Content Online Assets Offline Lead Generation Adv SEO PR Email Referrals Social Lead Conversion Prospect Present Nurture Transact Refer The Duct Tape MarketingSystem Duct Tape Marketing All rights reserved Foundation
  • Software Company Marketing Foundation Establish Access to Completion (A2C) message Tom Shaver A2C thought leadership Build Audience awareness with Higher Ed stakeholders Build Audience Development function Integrate Audience, Sales and Service Strategy Awareness Discovery Evaluating Contracting Implementation Support/RenewConverging Journey/Hourglass/CRM Audience Sales Service Content Plan CMS Editorial Calendar WordPress Site Marketing Automation Marketing automation /campaigns Lead Gen Campaign Plan Social Plan Marketing Calendar Key Performance Indicators
  • Strategy Discovery Process
  • The Marketing Hourglass
  • 57% of a typical purchase decision is made before a customer even talks to a supplier. Source: CEB
  • 53% of those surveyed claimed that the sales experience itself was one of the greatest contributing factors in continued loyalty to the brand. Source: CEB
  • The future of marketing is less about demand creation and more about organizing behavior.
  • Relationship Profit - Outcome The Marketing and Sales Hourglass Google Universal Analytics/KISS Metrics/Mixpanel
  • The Marketing HourglassTM Duct Tape Marketing all rights reserved Message, ads, referrals, networking, earned mediaKnow Website, blog content, social media, podcast, articles, toolsLike SEO, webinars, marketing materials, white papers, self-serveTrust Workshops, evaluations, demo, DIY training, starter, freemiumTry Service team, new customer kitBuy Post project review, cross selling, customer eventsRepeat Champion events, partner intros, peer2peer roundtablesRefer
  • 1. Map experience 2. Audit content 3. Consider partners 4. Create metrics 5. CRM Automation 6. Questions and Goals Journey Map 7. Build the Hourglass Hourglass building
  • Map customer touchpoints Marketing Sales Enrollment Service Education Follow-up Finance
  • Point of view Useful Consistent Authentic U vs. V Content audit
  • Marketing partners Joint ventures Coopetition Vendor/supplier Strategic relationships
  • Hourglass Journey Map Customer Goals Customer Touchpoints Customer Questions Projects
  • Reverse engineer touchpoints 90 days 45 days At purchase Trial Nurture Trust Awareness
  • The Marketing Hourglass Buying Behaviors Know Like Trust Try Customer TouchPoints Customer Questions Customer Goals 1.Scheduling; automate management of central room calendar Customer Expectations Customer Experience Journey 2. Capacity; expand campus enrollment capacity 3. Efficiency; improve classroom utilization 4. Efficiency; improve allocation of faculty 5. Student success ; align schedules with student needs What is possible for our industry. How does student friendly scheduling play into student success initiatives? What are leading institutions doing to improve outcomes? To know what everyone else is doing: best practices, study options, outcomes data Find information and resources that help educate and prepare for new project. Ideas to Improve Mobilizing faculty to support productive change Debunking the iron triangle myth Getting industry to understand that scheduling is a student service that impacts student outcomes and success. Objective readiness assesssment_ have survey available on access to completion. Readiness caluculator available Partnerships that create synergy with existing systems Adherence to sales process and system ROI calculators Custom services and or project scope depending on client readiness/need 1.Events conferences, client panels, Ed presentations 2.Outreach to state leaders - Grayling 3.Cold calling 4.Social Media/LI/Twitter (promote blogs and related articles) 5.Mining stakeholders Recommendations Is scheduling the right priority for us now? Is Ad Astra the right Partner ? What is possible for our institution? How do I mobilize my faculty? How do I know if we are ready for change? 1. Stakeholder map 2. Mining stakeholders 3. Webinars 4. White papers 5. Case studies 6. Tailored demonstrations ed briefings 7. Interviewing, conversations create ORD document 1. Webinars- soundbites of solutions 2. Custom presentation 3. Proposal document 4. Client readiness packet 5. Review ORD/ROI 1. Can be restricted during RFP process 2. Organic stakeholder engagement-unique, custom ways to get in front of prospect 3. Assessment Score could start in Discovery go through evaluating and converging Determine that ad astra is the right partner Determine that scheduling is the right priority now. What is the timing can we move forward now. Do we have enough resources? How are we going to resource this project? What are our business goals related to this project? How do we measure success? Who are the senior stakeholders?
  • 1) How will people learn about our value proposition? 2) What will make them want to know more? 3) What will lead them to give us permission to share our story? 4) How can we offer proof that they can get the result they desire? 5) How can we make the buying experience fun, effective and convenient? 6) What can we do to measure and ensure our customer gets the result they expected and more? 7) What will lead every customer to talk about us to their friends, neighbors and colleagues? The Hourglass questions
  • Your Hourglass

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