Best for the World, Best for NYC

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  • 1.Best for the World, Best for NYC A Global Movement of Entrepreneurs Using Business as a Force for Good

2. Fulfilling the Promise of Capitalism20th Century Maximize Shareholder Value21st Century Maximize Shared Value 3. A Global Movement of Entrepreneurs100,000+ Entrepreneurs Government & non-profits necessary but insufficient Business can attract capital and talent at scale Business is means to solve societys greatest challenges 4. Not Just Entrepreneurs People want to use business as a force for good Sustainable businesses100,000+Conscious consumers60 million AmericansResponsible investors$3.5 trillion investedWorkers100 mm Millennials 5. The Problem System not designed for this Corporate law is an impediment No standards to distinguish good companies from good marketing No norms and no institutions = no scale 6. B Corps are leading a global movement of entrepreneurs with one unifying goal . .Redefine success in businessSo that one day all companies compete not only to be best in the world, butbest for the worldWhich leads to a society with shared and durable prosperity for all. 7. What is a B Corporation? Certification for companies that use business as a force for good B Corps meet higher standards of: Social and environmental performance Transparency Legal accountability 8. 860 B Corps, 60 Industries, 28 Countries 9. 15,000 Companies Measure What MattersMeasure What Matters (B Impact Assessment)860 B Corporations 15,000 Other Businesses100 Funds Managers & Investors 40 Business Associations 10. The B Corp Community Drives Policy Change 11. Matt Stinchcomb Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect to buy and sell unique goods. Its mission is to reimagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world.Brooklyn, NY 450 Employees 12. Samira Rajan Brooklyn Coop is a community financial institution. Its mission is to further wealth building, resilience, and opportunity in the communities it serves - like Bed-Stuy and Bushwick offering access to fair and affordable financial services.Brooklyn, NY 10 Employees 13. David Bolotsky Since 1999, UncommonGoods has been offering artists, designers and shoppers a way to express their individuality through creative design and to do so in a sustainable manner. The company runs its entire operation, including its warehouse and call center, under one roof in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Brooklyn, NY 150 Employees 14. Michael Elsas CHCA is the largest worker owned cooperative in the US. It employs over 2300 home care workers who provide in home care services to the elderly and people with disabilities primarily in the Bronx and upper Manhattan. They provide over 3 million hours of service with revenues of $64 million. Bronx, NY 2300 working owners 15. Thank you! Put your purpose into practice @ Bake it into your DNA @ benefitcorp.netBe recognized as a leader@