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Internet Librarian 2013 presentation

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  • 1.Best Business Sources Searchers Academy Marcy Phelps Phelps Research

2. Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) Time series economic data U.S. regional/international coverage Money, banking, finance Population, employment, labor markets Prices, production activity, and more!www.PhelpsResearch.com2 3. Industry Statistics Portal to all of the different types of Census Bureau data for an industry, including: The Economic Census Annual, quarterly, & monthly statistics, where availablewww.PhelpsResearch.com3 4. Kaiser Family Foundation Health policy analysis/research News/information clearinghouse Health reform, Medicare, global health, & morewww.PhelpsResearch.com4 5. The World Bank: Data http://data.worldbank.orgDevelopment reports, global economic/trade data, country/regional info, and more Data organized by country, topic, indicatorwww.PhelpsResearch.com5 6. How I learned to love SEC filings Search 10K filings: EDGAR ( Information about Industry trends Markets Competitors Finances Managementwww.PhelpsResearch.com6 7. www.PhelpsResearch.com7 8. www.PhelpsResearch.com8 9. SEC filings mining for gold FormDs.comWordsAnalytics Morningstar Document Researchwww.PhelpsResearch.com9 10. DealBook Times articles covering M&A, Investment Banking, IPO Offerings, etc.Also Deals 11. Nielsen: Newswire surveys and reports on media trends How people consume informationwww.PhelpsResearch.com11 12. Deloitte Insights for CIOs, technology perspectives and analyses, case studies, and more Also:2013 Industry Outlook reports Deloitte Industries www.PhelpsResearch.com12 13. J.D. Power: Blogs & Social Media, study results, industry info In-depth coverage of automotive, banking, energy, telecom industrieswww.PhelpsResearch.com13 14. Country Insights profiles from Centre for Intercultural Learning Overview, history, geography, culture, politics, economy, etc/www.PhelpsResearch.com14 15. Email: Twitter: @marcyphelps LinkedIn: Blog: www.marcyphelps.comwww.PhelpsResearch.com15