Basics of uk entrepreneur visa tier 1

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Basics of UK Entrepreneur Visa Tier 1

Among all the available visas under which you can apply on for accessing entry to UK the best and highly places visa is the UK Entrepreneur Visa Tier 1. The reason is because people who own this visa has many privileges and can the country provides all the chances to start a new life with a new carrier there. It provides a good platform for people who are interested and have all the capacities to start a business over there. Before applying for any visa the very important and basic thing is to know that what are the procedures which are involved in the application and before applying what are the things that you should be prepared with. And hence there are many Information About UK Entrepreneur Visa Tier 1 which the candidate willing to apply should learn.

The owner of this entrepreneur visa is allowed to start a fresh venture in the country. He is also allowed to be a part of already existing well established ventures or organization and he can also be a part of any British firm which is already established in the country. The basic requirements you should follow to apply for this visa is that you should be able to prove that you have sufficient money that you are planning to invest in business in the country and that you are also capable of taking control of an already existing British organization. These are two main requirements that you would have fit into if you are planning to apply for this visa. These conditions have to be followed while you are applying from outside the country or within the country.

Along the above the other Information About UK Entrepreneur Visa Tier 1 includes things like the applicant should be able to score a minimum point of 95 in the points based test and these marks are based on certain information that will be provided by the applicants. They are like the accessibility the applicant to the funds that he has mentioned in the application, where the funds are present and disposability of these funds. The applicant can also gain marks on things like the obtainable maintenance and the English language skills. Requirements like the applicant should not be having less than 200 000 pounds for the business he is planning to start or planning to invest on in the country. That is he should be having the minimum amount of 200 000 pounds for the purpose he is willing invest on.

For a tier 1 visa holder there is no restriction on the kind of business he will be starting there. But it is mandatory to work very hard round the clock in the administration of the same venture. While the candidate opens a venture in the UK he should make sure that he is creating a full time job opportunity for two European economical area citizens (EEA). That is his venture or company should have two full time job vacancies for them. He should also be ready to take all liabilities and responsibilities of his firm.