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  • 1. Become a Social Business:Best Practices & InsightsHow Intuit leverages Social MediaBjoern Uehss, Amber Hayward@ B2B Social Media Marketing Summit London, 25/26.06.12 people
  • 2. What is Intuit?2
  • 3. This is what Intuit is NOT3 http://bit.ly/IntuInuit
  • 4. Intuit helps >4 million small businesses in the UK, Singapore,Canada, USA and beyond realize their entrepreneurial dreamsby keeping their finances on track Grow Your Get and keep Business customers Financial Manage Management finances Make and Payment accept Solutions payments Employee Hire, pay andManagement retain employees4 http://intuit.com
  • 5. People first5 http://bit.ly/IntuFortune100
  • 6. The changing landscape and mindset in Social Media. It finally reached the C-level suite.6
  • 7. Make Social a Top Priority7 http://bit.ly/IntuFlowtown
  • 8. Why Social Media? Because it pays off. Starbucks fans are 38% more likely to visit a store after seeing a branded message on Facebook.8 http://bit.ly/IntuComscore
  • 9. Some Social acquisition headlinesfrom the last months Facebook To Buy Instagram for $1 Billion Microsoft Buys Yammer For $1.2 Billion Oracle buys social marketing startup Virtrue for $300 Million LinkedIn Buys SlideShare for $119 Millions Salesforce Acquires Buddy Media for $689 Million Facebook is Worth More Than McDonalds and 5 Other Giant Brands 9
  • 10. Its (Social) Shopping time.Social is Serious Business. / 2012 $1.0 B / 2012 $ 40 M / 2011 / 2011 / 2012 / 2012 / 2012 / 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2011 / 2012 $50 M / 09 $10.3 B / 2004 $7.4 B / 2009 $1.4 B / 2012 $1.1 B / 2011 $1.5 B / 2011 $300 M / 2012 $1.0 B / 2010 $3.3 B / 2007 / 201210
  • 11. ibm.com/CEOstudy11 ibm.com/CEOstudy
  • 12. In 5 years time CEOs will be chosen by its online reputation and Social Network Influence Personal Summary of the IBM Global CEO Study 201212
  • 13. Are you a Social Business? 1. How social is your CEO? Top down: Lead by example. Make social a priority. 2. Is your culture ready? Bottom up: Identify potential change drivers, digital natives & supporters, group groups and train specifically. 3. Who are SoMe supporters? Self-driven: Give Early adopters space to experiment. Communicate results. Benchmark (competitors & pioneers). 4. Where are your customers? Customer-focus: Be where they are. 5. What data can you use? Inside out: Leverage data to benefit your customers and you. 13 bit.ly/IntuTop2
  • 14. Social Media at Intuit = Culture + Tools Culture Integrate at all touch points Change mindsets Prepare innovation Blogs Facebook Twitter Community LinkedIn Internal & Engagement Listening & Feedback & YouTube external Awareness Learning Co-creation Content Acquisition Conversation Self-help Mobile generation Lean Analysis Brand experiments Influencer ambassadors Yammer Trends/Topics Community of interest Radian6 Word of Mouth Pinterest Idea sharing14
  • 15. Six Things We Learned15
  • 16. 1. Maximize the use of Facebook User & Fan acquisition Increase sales In-Product Social Sharing Social Games Awareness Infographics Recruiting Lean experimentation16
  • 17. Dare to Experiment 17
  • 18. 2. Do LEAN experimentation Nobody wants your product. Prove the opposite. Based on Lean Manufacturing principles Definition Result oriented, data-driven decision tool Increasing frequency of contact with customer in order to avoid incorrect market assumptions as early as possible Reduce waste, inefficiency and timeActions Build & prove your hypothesis before taking decisions Dont do surveys - test real behaviour: Dont guess, test (everything A/B/C) Keep Small StartUp teams Learnings within your global corporation Leverage Facebook to pre-test demand, messaging, feedback before launching product/campaign Foster innovation & learning 18
  • 19. 3. Advocacy MarketingStep 1: Identify Your Advocates19
  • 20. Step 2: Make It Easy To Be An Advocateand find out what drives them to share Insight: 3 x more wrote a review than shared content created by Intuit.20
  • 21. Advocacy MarketingStep 3: Prompt Advocates To Share21
  • 22. 4. Sales Campaign via Facebook do workFacebook Ads Facebook Fan GateSocial Posts from Retailers Countdown Page Facebook Reveal PageTips: Paid ads have a place in social Like gate your page: campaign resulted in 5% increase in base. Build strong partnerships Time-limited offers - Dont overdo.
  • 23. 5. Create Infographics:WOM on Steroids Create and share infographics regularly to drive traffic, improve SEO, increase sharing etc. 2,760% increase in sharing vs. blog posts 23
  • 24. 6. Build sustainable thought-leadership platforms and strong relationships"It was great to meet the staff and see thefantastic work that Intuit is doing to supportsmall businesses. I want to thank Intuitvery much for hosting me, and thankeveryone for coming and asking such goodquestions and making such good pointstoday." Prime Minister David Cameron The PM thanks Intuit for hosting event
  • 25. Whats next? Read!25
  • 26. B2B Social Media Books in one phrase 14 case studies show why CEOs must take Social Media seriously Over Measure everything (ROI) Social deliver & Show the impactTechnologies delight transformed your Adapt Net Promoter Score business. costumer Start Lean experimtationAdapt or lose. 26
  • 27. Whats your learning from this presentation? Tweet @IntuitUK and connect with us were hiring Connect via Hachi at http://bit.ly/MeetIntuit27
  • 28. 28