Automated car wash vs. hand car wash

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  1. 1. Automated Car Wash vs. Hand Car Wash
  2. 2. Both wash sorts have their fans and spoilers, and both have points of interest and hindrances to consider.
  3. 3. Automated carwashing To start, the utilization of machines is flourishing in practically every industry, and carwashing is no special case. Robotized carwashing has turned into the contrasting option to the hand washing strategy.
  4. 4. Pros Gentle on the car body paint Thorough Does not tire Cost effective Time saving Customized
  5. 5. Cons Lessened limit Costly Water spotting
  6. 6. Hand washing For quite a while, washing autos by hand was the most customary strategy utilized. Progressions in innovation and the perpetually developing requirement for productivity Regardless of the conviction that washing autos by hand is moderate, its focal points loan it to be a strategy which may at present be being used for quite a while.
  7. 7. Pros Perfection and customized Easy to set up Better reach
  8. 8. Cons Sandpaper impact. Poor wrap up Labor and time intensive Water utilization
  9. 9. Which is the best strategy? Taking a gander at both techniques, mechanized carwashing is ideal and reasonable when the vehicle client has restricted time.
  10. 10. Not with standing, certain auto marks in the market, for example, extravagance autos, are better hand washed to give them that shining look.
  11. 11. For auto proprietors and carwash masters with an opportunity to extra
  12. 12. Note- For more information about Using Car Wash-


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