Art of Unmarketing

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  • 1. Social Media :: The Art of Social Media The Art of Un-Marketing Un-Marketing Hareesh Tibrewala Hareesh Tibrewala
  • 2. Agenda So what is social media all about ? How to build a social media strategy How brands are using social media Social Media Megatrends
  • 3. Once upon a time How business happened Markets came home Relationships counted Conversations happened Prices were negotiated Products were custom made
  • 4. 1st Revolution : Era of Mass Production Industrialisation New technology Lots of production, lots to sell Goods became commodity Standardised products Standardised pricing Delivery of goods
  • 5. 2nd Revolution : Era of Mass Communication Communication commoditisation Standard messages Delivered across multiple mediums Consumers hate marketing messages Consumers hate the buying process Modern day marketing is the Art of Intimidation
  • 6. Is Customer Really The King ?
  • 7. The Customer Strikes Back !! Thanks to the Internet
  • 8. Advent of the Internet Networked society Internet is enabling conversations that were simply not possible in the mass communication era People in a networked market know they can get better info from each other compared to the vendor There are no secrets. A networked market knows more than companies know about their products Who cares about brand messages So how does marketing happening ?
  • 9. When you think of the Internet, dont think of it as a truck full of billboards. Think of it, as a table for two Doc Searle The Cluetrain Manifesto
  • 10. The Future How will business happen Markets will come home Relationships will count Conversations will happen Prices will be negotiated Products will be custom made It is all about conversations And the art of creating conversations is the Art of Un-Marketing
  • 11. The Art of Un-Marketing There are conversations happening Within the organisation Outside the organisation Are you listening to these conversations ? Are you participating in these conversations ? Are you enabling these conversations ?
  • 12. The Art of Un-Marketing Speak with a human voice, share concerns of the community Brands need to come down from their ivory tower and talk to people with whom they want to create relationships Brands that dont belong to a community, will die You are invited, but this is our world. Take your shoes (attitude) off at the door
  • 13. The Art of Un-Marketing Networked markets are immune to advertising Networked markets can change suppliers overnight Loyalty : Not how loyal your customer is to you But how loyal are you to your customer If you dont deliver on your brand promise, then. The art of social media is the art of unmarketing
  • 14. Creating a social media strategy
  • 15. 1. The Challenge Once upon a time Brands and consumers are disconnected Door to door marketing Then Emergence of medium that can connect brand to many consumers at one go Mass communication Print, TV, digital
  • 16. 1. The Challenge Now Social media connects consumers to each other Consumers trust other consumers for referencing Is brand communication relevant at all How can the brand be part of the conversation How can the brand still be relevant in customer decision-making process ?
  • 17. 2. Be Social It is not about marketing Intimidation Carpet bombing Perception building It is about being social Be helpful Be a guide Be engaging
  • 18. 2. Build A Community Your role is that of a community manager (not a brand manager) Communities are build around issues, not around brands Identify what are the pain points of your community (or how you can add value to that community)
  • 19. 2. Build A Community Community definition statement I am going to build a community of and I will help the community by This community is sponsored by If your TG is multiple, you may need to think of building multiple communities
  • 20. 3. Listen Create a listening program Use listening tools Find out what the community is talking about Find out where is the community Find out who are the key influencers
  • 21. 4. Where to Build Identify platform that you will use to build a community Key platforms Instigator (supporting) platform Large number of choices Facebook, Orkut, Myspace LinkedIn, Slideshare, Blogs Twitter, Youtube, Ning Microsite, portal etc .
  • 22. 5. How To Build Three circles of success Circle A : People already connected with you Circle B : Friends of people in Circle A Circle C : Everyone else Challenge : Getting Circle A to advocate your community to Circle B Viral Content, Application development Opportunity : As Circle A grows, Circle B grows
  • 23. 6. Content Mix Identify correct content mix 80:20 principle 80% : of interest to the TG May need to curated, created 20 % : about the brand Plan proper content matrix
  • 24. 7.Reaching out the community Identify top blogs, portals, forums and other digital communication platforms where your TG is likely to be there Join the conversation If brand has expertise, add value If brand does not have expertise, intermediate information Intercept competitor conversations
  • 25. 8. Connecting with Influencers Identify who are the influencers in your category Look at the real world (known influencers) Use tools to identify them (unknown influencers) Large twitter following Large LI connections Blogs with traffic Bloggers Map their social graph
  • 26. 8. Connecting with Influencers Engage with them on subject of their interest Relay their content Share something of interest Be persistent (but relevant) in your effort Hopefully influencer will relay your content as well Have content worthy of being relayed
  • 27. 9. Content Factory Content is your means to an end Content requires sharpness Content needs to be engagement It is all about story telling It is all about weaving your brand message in the fabric of social communication
  • 28. How should Brands be using Social Media?
  • 29. Rule 1 Enabling relationships & thus communities within our audience
  • 30. Watch video -
  • 31. Rule 2 Build a story around your brand
  • 32. The Dark Knight : Immersive Marketing Watch video
  • 33. Ogilvy & Mather Case study World's Greatest Salesperson - Are you the One? Watch Video - v=edZpR_Qd8rk
  • 34. Rule 3 A key part of all integrated campaigns
  • 35. The fact that the public suggested over 1.2m flavors (that equates to 2% of the UK population submitting a flavor) and over 1m votes on the final shortlist , proves what a storm the campaign created.