Aromatics Trade Flow Jul 21

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  1. 1. AROMATICS TRADE FLOW REPORT VOLUME 2, ISSUE 29 JULY 21, 2015 BENZENE US August benzene prices posted notable week on week gains, rising roughly $72 on the week as prices touched the $900/mt DDP HTC mark Tuesday. Meanwhile in Asia, spot FOB Korea benzene prices also rose and were up roughly $23, closing Tuesday at $782/mt. The FOB Korea-September DDP HTC arb was estimated at near $42/mt. European spot benzene values were up near $35 and closed Tuesday at $870/mt CIF ARA amid thin trade activity. The CIF ARA-August DDP HTC arb was estimated at -$17/mt Tuesday. Benzene fixtures: Regional spot benzene spreads: HIIGHLIGHTS: US M2 SPOT BENZENE PRICES POST SHARP REBOUNDS ON THE WEEK. ASIA-USGC ARB WIDENS TO $42/MT PRIOR TO COSTS JULY BENZENE IMPORTS FOR THE FIRST HALF OF THE MONTH TOTALLED JUST OVER 63,000 METRIC TONS. KOREAN BENENE EXPORTS TO THE US FOR JULY 1-19 WERE ESTIMATED AT NEAR 35,800 METRIC TONS. US SPOT STYRENE CONTINUES TO SEE SUPPORT FROM STRONGER EUROPEAN PRICES. THE US M1 SPOT STYRENE- BENZENE SPREAD ESTIMATED AT $330/MT. US SPOT TOLUENE PRICES MOSTLY LEVEL ON THE WEEK AMID STEEP BACKWARDATION. ASIA-US TOLUENE ARB ESTIMATED AT NEEAR $150 PRIOR TO FREIGHT. M1 US SPOT BENZENE-TOLUENE SPREAD FALLS TO -$74.50/MT. US SPOT MX PRICES HOVER NEAR $900 PUTTING THE PX-MX SPREAD AT JUST OVER $40/MT Benzene Qty Load Discharge Laycan Ship 10-15,000 USGC ARA H1 Jun Chembulk Savannah 10,000 Houston Huelva H1 Jun Fairchem Friesian 4,500 Houston ARA H1 Jun N/A 9,000 Korea USGC H1 Jul Stolt Sun 9,000 Korea USGC H1 Jul Ginga Cougar 6,000 Korea USGC Mid July TTI TBN 3,000 Brazil USGC H2 Jul N/A 27,000 Korea USGC Mid August MOL tonnage
  2. 2. STYRENE, TOLUENE & XYLENES US spot styrene values rebounded on the week as prompt European styrene lent support. US July spot values were up near $40 on the week to finish Monday at $1,240/mt FOB USG. August European styrene was seen Tuesday at near $1,315/mt FOB NWE while M2 CFR China rose over $50 to finish at $1,245/mt. The FOB USG-M2 FOB NWE spread was estimated at $50 before costs while the FOB USG-M2 CFR China spread was at -$47/mt as of close of business Monday. The US M1 spot styrene-benzene spread narrowed to $330/mt while margins on a spot basis were estimated at near $232/mt. US M1 spot mixed xylene prices were down near $38 on the week, closing Monday at $899.50/mt FOB USG while downstream PX rose $20.50 to finish at $940/mt Monday. The M1 spot PX-MX spread was estimated at $40.50/mt. US spot toluene was sharply backwardated with July at near $941.50/mt. August bids were seen as low as $850/mt FOB USG Tuesday. Asian toluene was at $725/mt Tuesday putting the spread between Asia and M2 FOB USG at near $75 after freight. ad was estimated Monday at - $118/mt. Styrene Qty Load Discharge Laycan Ship 5,000 Houston ARA H1 June Pacific Endeavor 5,000 Houston Med H1 June Fairchem Friesian 5,000 Lk Charles FE H1 June TRF Oslo 5,000 Houston FE H2 June Maritime Kelly Anne 10,000 USGC ARA H2 June MTM Rotterdam 5,000 USGC ARA H1 Aug N/A 5,000 USGC ARA H1 Aug ChemBulk New York* PX Qty Load Discharge Landed Ship 5,000 Gonfreville USEC H1 Jun N/A 10,000 ARA USEC H1 Jun Bow Tone 5,000 ARA USEC H2 Jun Stolt Norland 5,000 Netherlands USEC H1 July Stolt Perseverance 10,000 Netherlands USEC H1 July Bow Sagami Toluene Qty Load Discharge Landed Ship 9,000 Brazil USGC H2 Jun Bow Jubail 1,400 Colombia USGC H1 Jul Nordic Ann 5,000 China Kalama H1 Jul Lime Galaxy 3,000 Spain USGC H1 Jul Chemical Luna