Are You Ready for a Website? - Triad WordPress Meetup 4-14-15

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<ol><li> 1. Am I Ready for a Website?Am I Ready for a Website? Wordpress makes it easy but it doesnt mean youre ready. Im finding more clients coming to me and they arent ready. Here are some ideas about what you need to collect before installing Wordpress or contacting a web developer. These are also good review points if your site is already in progress. A lot of this came from AtlantaWordcamp (Thanks Randy for suggesting it.) </li><li> 2. I have a great idea for aI have a great idea for a novel!novel! I think I better put it up on Amazon so that I can start selling it! </li><li> 3. Your business has a storyYour business has a story What are you selling? What are you really selling? What will your customers buy? What are they really buying? </li><li> 4. No Sh!t! Wow!No Sh!t! Wow! Is that what people say? They should! The idea has to be so powerful it wows them. Friends, family and strangers will be polite Thats Nice, wont make a lot of money. </li><li> 5. Tell your storyTell your story Elevator speech Sales pitch Features and benefits Differentiators from competition Know thyself! </li><li> 6. Tools to tell the storyTools to tell the story Gather them togetherGather them together Text Benefits History Vision Key Players Testimonials </li><li> 7. ToolsTools (cont)(cont) Graphics Logo Product shots Product in use shots How-to graphics Key players photos </li><li> 8. ToolsTools (cont)(cont) Corporate Culture Formal business Young start-up Rebellious Artsy Casual/Laidback </li><li> 9. Green-Mellon Web ProcessGreen-Mellon Web Process Twelve steps to go from web idea to web site. You dont need Wordpress until step seven! </li><li> 10. 1. Discovery1. Discovery Goals Measures Audience Competition Features </li><li> 11. 2. Define the Project2. Define the Project Scope Budget Deliverables </li><li> 12. 3. Collect Assets3. Collect Assets Inspiration Brand files Hosting </li><li> 13. 4. Build Site Map4. Build Site Map Structure Navigation Page Count Flow Keyword research (Slick Plan) </li><li> 14. 5. Content5. Content (Biggest Bottle neck) Keywords Copy Images Video </li><li> 15. 6. Architecture/Wireframe6. Architecture/Wireframe Design overall layout via wireframes, mockups dummy design. Mainly looking for effective layout of home page and secondary pages. Dont forget call to action! </li><li> 16. 7. Design7. Design Add color and graphics to the wireframe/mockup. Remember the culture of the business and dont mis-represent it. Wordpress??? </li><li> 17. 8. Develop8. Develop Begin programming the site and make the functionality happen. Flesh out the site for the first draft. Youre still off stage at this point. Start Google Analytics to build some equity. </li><li> 18. 9. Staging and Review9. Staging and Review User testing and bug zapping Ultimate Coming Soon plugin </li><li> 19. 10. Launch10. Launch Unveil the site for the world to see Atlanta Meetup Launch Review </li><li> 20. 11. Educate and Train11. Educate and Train </li><li> 21. 12. Improve12. Improve Back up Add content Watch backlinks Monitor performance Update themes and plugins </li><li> 22. The preparation makes the siteThe preparation makes the site Most effective leaders have a set morning planning routine. This process helps you be successful. Starting a website without this will not produce your best product. Hiring someone without this is a waste of money. If youre hiring be sure to clarify the scope of work. </li><li> 23. When can you get away withoutWhen can you get away without this?this? Landing page only (sort of.) Dont care about the image your projecting. You have lots of money to pay developer. You have lots of time to regularly re-do your site. Youre a masochist (you just enjoy pain.) </li><li> 24. Now youre ready! Start the process and have fun discovering why youre doing what youre doing. If youve already started, go back and fill in the pieces you havent done. If you find youre off track then adjust. Make your site the best it can be! </li><li> 25. Questions? Oh yeah! Thanks! </li></ol>


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