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  1. 1. "Appster Success Story:Bluedot Valued at $11.5 Million (And Growing).$1 B Founder Invests"C. ) 844APPSTER ~ 5 mw 1 I It I- 550 .$35' Hugh J. .8:ID. . , Chris H. A A ".
  2. 2. Appster was our first choice,they are hardworking and reliable.We couldn't have asked for a better experience. Hamish 61 Andy #1 Ranking app (Entertainment)I)
  3. 3. AppsterAppster helps Bluedot to$11.5 Million valuation (Raises $3M,Attracts $1 B Founder and founding CFO of Paypal. com)
  4. 4. BIuedots Exciting RideThe initial project concept to create a convenient mobile toll payment platform progressed.through Ampster's development expertise,to a substantial enhancement of existing location services technology.opening up whole new markets for Blue dot and its founders Fast forward I8 months.and this is whats happening with our friends at BluedotBlue dot was named a potential billion~dollar Startup by Jana Matthews (world expert on entrepreneurial business growth)David Jaques,the Founding CFO of PayPaI,took an equity stake and came aboard as a Director, Bluedot was named Best Australian Startup of 2014' at the Global Talent Unleashed Awards judged by Sir Richard Branson and Steve WozniakBluedot has attracted a $1 Billion Founder,and raised 33 million. Appster Introduces Non-Linear Battery DrainA number of our competitors had tried.but none could achieve location accuracy to less than I00 meters because of the intense battery drain caused when locationservices are accessed and used by mobile phonesB| uedot's battery drain is nearly unquantifieble as our technology introduces,for the very first time.non-linear battery drain On some days this drain may even benonexistent