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  • 1. OFFICE ON WOMENS HEALTHU.S. Department of Health and Human Services Nancy C. Lee, M.D.Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health-Womens HealthPreventive Womens Health Services & Health Care Reform: Closing the GapsWomens Health 2012, Washington, DCMarch 18, 2012

2. AFFORDABLE CARE ACT: WHY NOW? Health insurance market was working well for the insuranceindustry, but not for patients & clinicians. 50+ million Americans uninsured. Tens of millions moreunderinsured. Those with coverage often afraid of losing it. Many medical practices work without support they need toprovide coordinated, patient-centered care that is safe andeffective. 3. THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACTSince 2010, its already helped millions of Americans by: Lowering health care costs Improving quality of coverage for insured Providing new options for coverage for uninsured Giving states flexibility & resources to implement law 4. HOW ACA BENEFITS YOU & YOUR PATIENTS Holds insurers accountable through new consumer protections Expands insurance coverage to more than 34 million people Reduces administrative burden so more time with patients Creates more opportunities to coordinate care New protections strengthen patient coverage, your practice, and the entire health care system 5. THE LAW PROTECTS WOMENInsurers will no longer be able to deny coverage to womenbecause theyre pregnant, they gave birth by c-section, theyre a breast cancer survivor, or theyre a victim of domestic violence.And no woman will have to stay in a job just to have healthinsurance. 6. THE LAW KEEPS WOMEN HEALTHYFor women who have a new private health insurance planor a private insurance policy beginning on or afterSeptember 23, 2010, the following preventive serviceshave been covered, without charge, since 9/23/10. With no copayment With no co-insurance With no deductible 7. COVERED SERVICES FOR PREGNANT WOMEN Screening Bacteriuria Tobacco use counseling Anemia Alcohol misuse Hepatitis Bcounseling STIs Breastfeeding HIVcounseling Rh incompatibilityFrom: 8. COVERED PREVENTIVE SCREENINGS FOR WOMEN Blood pressure Lipid disorders Cancer screening Depression CervicalDiabetes Mammography HIV (increased risk) ColorectalOsteoporosis STIsFrom: 9. COVERED PREVENTIVE SERVICES FOR WOMEN Alcohol misuse screening/counseling Healthy diet counseling Obesity counseling Tobacco cessation interventions ACIP-recommended immunizations From 10. NEW COVERED PREVENTIVE SERVICES FOR WOMENFor women having a new private health insurance plan or a privateinsurance policy beginning on or after September 23, 2010, thefollowing preventive services will be covered on August 1, 2012. With no copayment With no co-insurance With no deductible 11. EIGHT NEW COVERED PREVENTIVE SERVICES Screening for gestational diabetes HPV DNA testing Counseling on STIs for all women Screening/counseling for HIV infection for all women FDA-approved Contraceptive Methods & Sterilization; Patient Counseling Lactation support/counseling; cost of renting breastfeeding supplies Screening and counseling for interpersonal violence At least one Well-Woman visit annually 12. THE ACA AND GRANDFATHERED HEALTH PLANS If you like your health plan, you can keep it. -- President Obama Grandfather Rule: Plans that existed on March 23, 2010when ACA becamelaware exempt from some of ACAs provisions. Strict guidelines apply. Plans will lose their grandfather status if they choose to significantly cut benefits orincrease out-of-pocket spending for consumers. ACA does require all private health plans to provide important new benefitsbeginning September 2010. No lifetime limits on coverage; Cant cancel coverage because of an honest mistake on the application; Extension of parents coverage to young adults under 26. 13. LEARN Social Networks