AgilePalooza Minneapolis 2013 Organizational Agility

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Talk I gave at VersionOne's AgilePalooza in Minneapolis, MN April 11 & 12, 2013.

Text of AgilePalooza Minneapolis 2013 Organizational Agility

  • 1. A Group of Agile Teams Organizational AgilityAngela Johnson, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSTCertified Scrum Trainer & Agile Transformation Coach
  • 2. Angela JohnsonPMP, PMI-ACP, CST 18+ years InformationTechnology - traditionalSDLC and Scrum/Agile Facilitator PMI-MN AgileLocal Interest Group Based in Minneapolis,MN
  • 3. Why Agile?Any Agile Adoption should start out byasking, Why do we want to use Agile?Being Agile is not the Goal!Agile is about delivering Business Value
  • 4. 2012 VersionOne State of Agile Survey
  • 5. Organizational AgilityA group of agile teams does not an agileorganization make
  • 6. Organizational AgilityThe new goal for theorganization must be todelight the customer.Making money is not thegoalBeing agile is not thegoal.Working software is notthe goalAgile, Scrum & workingsoftware are means toachieving the goal
  • 7. Organizational AgilityWhat is Organizational Agility? The capacity of a company to rapidlychange or adapt in response tochanges in the market A high degree of organizational agilitycan help a company to reactsuccessfully to the emergence of newcompetitors, the development of newindustry-changing technologies, orsudden shifts in overall
  • 8. Shared Vision or Current Reality?Adapted from The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization by Peter M. Senge
  • 9. Shared Vision or Current Reality?Adapted from The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization by Peter M. Senge
  • 10. Potential Obstacles
  • 11. Potential Obstacles
  • 12. Potential Obstacles
  • 13. Potential Obstacles
  • 14. Potential Obstacles
  • 15. Potential ObstaclesNew Quality Practices Testers are part of the team Tests drive coding Testing a user story is done within an iteration not after Quality is not a role, a person or a department itseveryones job Testing is not something performed by a tester Test automation is critical to long-term effectiveness
  • 16. Potential ObstaclesPersonnel Considerations Focus is on Cross Functional Teams Delivery is Value Based on the Customer What support or training do our teams need to make theparadigm shift in collaboratively working in a crossfunctional way? What happens to our individual incentives in askingpeople to work in teams? What happens to our hiring practices in asking for crossfunctional behavior and skills? What about career path considerations?
  • 17. Confronting Current Reality
  • 18. Realizing the VisionUse a Management or Organizational Backlog toPrioritize Next Steps
  • 19. Shift in Leadership Characteristics Inclusive, Collaborative Flexible, Adaptive Possibly-Oriented Facilitative Self-reflective Courageous ObservantAdapted from Leadership Agility, Bill Joiner & Stephen Josephs and Action Inquiry, William Torbert
  • 20. How Long Does this Take?It Depends Size of the Organization Organization Culture Flexibility and Adaptability Commitment ofOrganization Leadership Commitment to Automation
  • 21. A Case Study Privately held organization that provides contractand support services to a worldwide franchise Moved from project structure to product structureenabling faster delivery of business value Teams are empowered, co-located and highperforming Better alignment with the Business
  • 22. 10 Reasons I Love My Job3. Integrated teams. Product owner, QA, operations,infrastructure, developers were all on the same team.We work together, and are committed to each other.There is opportunity for growth. Just one month in, I canalready sense it. And many times Ive already seen wherewins are celebrated by the entire team, and mistakesare owned by the entire team. Its awesome.
  • 23. 10 Reasons I Love My Job2. Agile. Weekly sprints. Sprint goals. The ceremonies. Thedaily meetings. The sprint planning. The sprintretrospectives. The sprint board. The stickies. Weeklydeployments into Production. Having a clear sense of whatour focus is this week. Commitment to the work at hand.Establishing a velocity and trusting in the team to perform.Similar to feeling at home with Apple products and OS X, Ialso feel incredibly at home in this environment.
  • 24. 10 Reasons I Love My Job1. People care. This is the most important thing to me. Iwork in an environment where people really care about whatthey do. Shades of gray, I acknowledge, between just beingsomewhere for the paycheck and having a passion for whatyou do. At my new workplace, I find that people care aboutwhat they do. To do well for their customer because its theright thing to do. Because theres a sense of pride in doinggood. I can get a paycheck anywhere. But I can only do what Ido, and with the people I do it with, where Im at right now.
  • 25. A Case StudyThe CIOs email to me in sharing the blog post:One more thing. Check out this blog from one of ourdevelopers. I can die and go to CIO heaven now.Thanks for all you did to help us get to where we are.
  • 26. Questions