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  1. 1. Advertise in Kolkata Cabs
  2. 2. Kolkata Cab Advertising Details Kolkata is one of India's premier metros Cab Advertising in Kolkata is a great way to reach out to the masses. We have access to 10,000+ taxis for Cab Advertising in Kolkata. For more details visit
  3. 3. Reach of Cab Advertising in Kolkata Kolkata has around 30,000 taxis with approximately 1800 passengers per taxi every month On an average, a taxi makes around 25-30 trips every day Ads in a taxi reach out to around 60 passengers every day
  4. 4. Media Options for Kolkata Cabs Advertising Interior: Leaflets Brochure Product Sampling Gift Vouchers Seat Back Exterior: Side Doors Back Panels Bonnet Branding Taxi Road Shows
  5. 5. Kolkata Cab Advertising Details The pricing details for Kolkata Cab Advertising are available on or call on +91-96328-33443.