Advantages of Pistol Grip Tape Dispensers

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Numerous Benefits of Using Pistol Grip Tape Dispensers

When you do warehouse work, you want to make everything move as smoothly and as quickly as possible. One of the things you get caught up the most in shipping warehouses is taping down the packages. It can get obnoxious trying to pry the end piece of the tape off the roll and positioning the tape just right on the box. Is there a tool or a device that can make things easier?

There is! It's a pistol grip tape dispenser. It's called a pistol grip tape dispenser because it has a handle grip, much like a pistol. Can it truly move things more quickly? What are the real advantages of using such a tool?

Hold the Tape in a Ready Position

The first advantage to using a pistol grip tape dispenser is that it holds the tape in a ready position. If you've ever had to fuss and struggle with the end of the tape, which has yet again gotten stuck to the roll, you understand how much time and energy that can take. Pistol grip tape dispensers don't allow that to happen. When you set the roll of tape in the dispenser, you stretch a length of tape through the specially designed mouth grip. That keeps the tape ready to go, and means you don't have to spend time trying to get the tape ready.

Ensure a Quick and Easy Laying of Tape

In addition, a pistol grip tape dispenser helps ensure you can quickly and easily lay the tape down exactly where you need to lay it down. The gun-like design allows you to set the tape, and pull a straight line, every time. This means that you don't have to worry about having to rip the tape off the box in order to re-situate it correctly. That alone can save time and money, as you don't have to use extra tape in order to re-do a tape job you've already done.

Pistol grip tape dispensers allow you to lay down the tape much more quickly as well. It's a simple, straight forward procedure to set the tape, and yank the dispenser down across the box. This allows you to spend less time taping each box. While it may not seem like a lot of time, the time adds up. If you're spending fifteen seconds instead of thirty seconds taping each box, it's not long before those seconds add up into minutes, and those minutes add up into hours.


Lastly, pistol grip tape dispensers aren't much more expensive than simply using rolls of tape. For only a few dollars more, you can use a specially designed tool that's specifically made to help tape boxes quickly and easily. For all the time and money you'll save, it's well worth the price of admission.

And now that you know how much easier a pistol grip tape dispenser can make your life, you're no doubt ready to head out and buy a few. You can get them at your local hardware store. So don't delay, do it today.

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