Advance Diploma In Image Management

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Advance Diploma In Image Management

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  • 1. PresentsAdvance Diploma in Image Management
  • 2. IF YOU ARE HAVING A BUSINESS OR PROFESSION INFashionBeautyWeight ManagementGroomingCommunicationAnd desire to enhance your business potential
  • 3. ORYou are having any business whereyou deal with a lot of people:AndDesire to enhance your business
  • 4. ORYou are a working professional in:MarketingSalesCustomer ServiceTrainingHRDesiring to enhance your growth
  • 5. ORA highly ambitious fresher wanting to make it big in life
  • 6. ORSomeone interested in:FashionClothesGroomingEtiquetteGlamour
  • 7. THENYou need a qualification in Image ManagementWhich will open doors for many exciting career andbusiness enhancement opportunities for You
  • 8. PRESENTINGAdvance Diploma In Image Management
  • 9. Program DetailsTotal :16 units12 core units2 specialization units out of 6 options2 project units Industry & Employer specific
  • 10. PROGRAM DURATIONTotal : 6 months6 hours per week classroom teaching10 hours per week guided learning throughassignments and projects
  • 11. UNIT DETAILS-CORE UNITS1. Introduction to image management and concept of inner image2. Art and science of vocal, verbal and non-verbal communication3. Body language and Etiquette4. Grooming principles and art of make-up5. Wardrobe strategies for appropriate appearance6. Body shape for attractive appearance
  • 12. UNIT DETAILS-CORE UNITS1. Public speaking and presentation skills2. Training and delivery skills3. Leadership Skills4. Marketing, sales and PR5. Transactional analysis6. Counseling and coaching skills
  • 13. UNIT DETAILS- ELECTIVE UNITS (ANY TWO OUT OF FOLLOWING)1. Fashion styling2. Personal style3. Color psychology and evaluation4. Transactional analysis in training5. Interpersonal relationship management6. Corporate communication
  • 14. UNIT DETAILS- PROJECT UNITS1.Industry/Employer Specific Project2.Industry/Employer Specific Project
  • 15. TIME TO UNDERSTANDWhat is Image Management?
  • 17. FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDINGLets compare Image Managementwith interior design
  • 18. EVERY INTERIOR HAS 7 ELEMENTSCarpentryElectricalsPlumbingPainting and PolishingFurnishings and fabricsMasonryArtifacts
  • 19. People dealing in all elements have existedfor hundreds of yearsYetIf one does interior design through them itresults in a mess
  • 20. WHY?Because 7 elements have to come togetheraesthetically to create an interior designButAny one of them has no knowledgeof other 6 elements
  • 21. Interior designing is Combined expertiseIn all 7 elements of interior design
  • 22. SIMILARLY IMAGE HAS SEVERAL ELEMENTS Clothes Fashion Grooming Glamour Etiquette Body language Soft skills
  • 23. AGAINPeople dealing in these elements have existedfor decadesBUT AGAINNone of the individual specialists have muchKnowledge about the other 6 elements
  • 24. Image Management is combined expertisein all 7 elements of image
  • 25. IMAGE MANAGEMENTComplete science and art of projecting a winningImageTo create a powerful first and lasting impression,every time
  • 26. HOW IS THIS DIPLOMA DIFFERENT FROM? A course in Fashion Design Personality Development Programs Grooming and Beauty Courses
  • 27. FASHION DESIGN Focuses on garment Teaches how to design a garment
  • 28. IMAGE MANAGEMENT FOCUSES ONClothing for an individual based onRolesGoalsOccasionsBody ShapePersonal ColorsVisual communication need in a particular situation
  • 29. PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT Focuses on inner strengths & Vocal and verbal communication which is only about 20% of any communication, any message
  • 30. ACCORDING TO THE RESEARCHAlmost 80% of any communication, any messageis VISUAL (meaning Appearance) which is throughclothes, grooming, body language including etiquette
  • 31. CONSIDER THISMost basic human necessity is FoodEven when you eat, you first eat visuallyIf it does not appeal visually or appear appetising,you dont eat it
  • 32. YOU DONT GIVE A CHANCE TO FOODIf it is not visually appealingWhy will anyone give you a chance if you dontappeal to them visually
  • 33. A FEW SECONDS IS WHAT PEOPLE TAKE TO DECIDE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR: Personality Authority Intelligence Financial Success Trustworthiness Candidature for Job or Promotion
  • 34. First Impression is key to success in personal,professional and social livesPersonality development hardly touches uponvisual communication which isAlmost 80% of any communication
  • 35. GROOMING AND BEAUTY COURSESTouch upon smallest part of visualCommunication that is:GroomingMajor visual communication happens throughClothing and body language including etiquette