ad:tech New York: Marketing to Millennials

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  1. 1. PRESENTER: Marketing to Teens and Millennials: Creative Showcase of Digital Success Stories Kevin Barenblat, CEO and co-founder, Context Optional
  2. 2. Know Your Audience: 72 % of teenage girls are on Facebook 36 % of teenage girls have a smartphone Data via Wet Seal and Edelman
  3. 3. How They Shop 36 % of millennials wont make a purchase that friends wont approve of Millennials look for information about brands an average of 7.4 times/month Millennials increasingly turn to friends, family and social networks to discuss customer service issues Data via Wet Seal and Edelman
  4. 4. Wet Seal: Social + Mobile User-Generated Merchandise Content Fan-gated Page Access Social Shopping: Web + Facebook + Mobile Shoppers using the outfit tool are 40% more likely to buy something, and buyers spend 20% more.
  5. 5. Driving Traffic to the Retail Site
  6. 6. Sears Campus Connection: Multi-Media Millennial-specific campaign Incorporating video Tie-in with off-Facebook retail site
  7. 7. Keep Their Interests In Mind What drives them to join? Why would they interact?
  8. 8. Kohls Cares: Cause Marketing Appealing to the We/Do Good Generation Focus on engagement/community building Crowd-Sourced Giving Building Brand Loyalty/Affinity
  9. 9. The Value of Community Management