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Welcome to

ADI Commercial LED Lighting

Our MissionThe ADI Lighting Mission is to produce and distribute high quality, high efficiency, money saving lighting solutions for our commercial clients.

The FoundationWe are a family of business professionals from all walks of life, working together to assist our clients in owning the very LED Lighting Systems for their facilities.

Wayne Bliesner CEO and Founder

Wayne Bliesner is the CEO and Founder of ADI Lighting. He holds a BSCE and MSCE in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Washington and has been researching and developing alternative energy power generation technologies for over fifteen years. Mr. Bliesner is an expert scientist and physicist, with an advanced understanding of chemical reactions, metallurgy, liquid chemistry, LED Lighting and a proven researcher holding over three dozen patents with over 20 years of engineering technology at Boeing.

Bryan Long Business Developer

Bryan has 39 years of customer service-sales experience and is a founding shareholder & business developer assisting Wayne in building relationships with architects, electricians, facility managers, purchasing managers and business owners who see the demand to reduce energy consumption by retrofitting their facilities with the ADI Advantage.

Starr MacKinnon Business Developer

Starr is a founding shareholder and business developer who is also a Licensed Health Psychologist. Starr is interested in products and organizations that advance technology with ecological considerations. She is also the Executive Director of Ubuntu Planet USA and will be utilizing ADI technology in the development of communities all around the world.


New Engineering developments from ADI Lighting based in the USA has raised the efficiency of its LED Luminaire Lighting System to achieve higher energy rebates that can provide even greater savings with the ability to break even using an ADI fixture in 2-3 years instead of 5.

Retrofits and New Construction

ADI manufactures an industrial game changer in the world of LED Lighting that uses 50% less energy to provide an improved lighting experience for commercial applications, new construction, retrofits, box stores, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, industrial facilities and medical facilities with the benefit of allocating flexible lighting tones to various zones of operation, resulting in even more energy savings.

Our Clientele

The North American LED market is worth 4.75 billion currently in 2015, and is expected to grow significantly. Our product is designed to be versatile, and we will be marketing to any commercial business that uses indoor lights.

ADI is paying significant attention to big box stores, cold storage facilities, agricultural buildings, warehouses, office buildings, and the architects, electricians, facility managers, purchasing managers and business owners who are responsible for these buildings success.


Architects can get the edge on 2020 energy specs and be a hero to your clients by designing futuristic savings into their facilities with ADI technology advanced LED Luminaire Systems.


Electricians can put their experience to work installing the latest in LED Lighting technologies and show clients how to save money on rising energy costs.

Facility Managers

Facility Managers, what if your fixture replacement period was 20 to 25 years instead of 6 to 8? ADI Technologies are pushing the longevity of LED Lighting beyond todays imagination for direct benefit to its clients and their facilities.

Purchasing Managers

Purchasing Managers can realize the savings on energy very quickly while preserving their working environment with our cleaner and highly efficient LED commercial lighting systems.

Business Owners

Mr. and Ms. Business Owner, you know from experience the cost of maintaining your business. Cut yourself some overhead expenses by retrofitting your buildings with this leading edge LED lighting technology.

More from ADI Lighting

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Contact Us

Washington Corporate - Wayne Bliesner 425-273-4232

Oregon - Bryan Long 541-233-8492

SoCal - Starr MacKinnon


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