A new way to do team building make your own wine

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    ITChannel & Ways Business Travel 2011-2012

2. Project Description
The project helps you to to reach several goals. It is dedicated to companies, departments, clubs or group of friends in order to increase the connectivity between the members of the organization or group.
The goals of this projects:
It is already proven that projects having a concrete result, and where the whole team is involved, increase the boundaries between its members
It is an excellent opportunity for fun, culture, creativity
It is an excellent opportunity to understand and built a wine culture which helps the general development of a person
It is an excellent branding of the company
Wine is the best gift for friends, colleagues and relatives.
You will gain practical wine-making experience in a modern winery.
You will get your barrel of wine (varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or a blending - at your choice),
You will get 300 bottles of exclusive product under YOUR BRAND.
3. You will take part in the process of wine production - from vintage to bottling and labeling. You will gain unique practical wine-making experience in the modern winery. You will get your own barrel of wine (varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or a blending - at your choice), which will be eventually poured into 300 bottles of unique exclusive product under YOUR BRAND.
Together, we determine the type and style of the wine you and your team want to produce. Specialists select appropriate varieties of grape. We create a wine-making plan, taking into account your wishes, depending on the extent of your willingness to get involved in the process, and determine the number of visits and their schedule.
4. Working Stages
First visit one weekend of October compulsory visit
grape harvest, crushing, fermentation
Next visit a week later one day optional
gravity flow, which will subsequently be placed in barrels and will be pressed
Nexy visit a week later one day - optional
to watch how wine is brightened. To establish the time of racking the wine off the yeast time of the fourth visit.
Second visit one weekend in December compulsory visit
wine is to be racked off the last yeasts and poured into barrels
During the project you can come once a month and perform a chemical analysis of the wine.
6 months later, wine will be fined.
2 weeks later, after the wine is fined, it will be filtrated. Wine is poured into 200-litre stainless tanks and remains there during 2-3 weeks.
Third visit one weekend in September compulsory
the wine is bottled and labeled by hand
You need to develop a label design that fully corresponds to YOUR BRAND (you can use our designers services or select it at your discretion). Once the wine is bottled, you can manually paste the label on each bottle.
5. Stage one harvest your grapes
We invite you to experience the excitement of the ine-making profession TO MAKE WINE WITH YOUR OWN HANDS of exclusive quality and striking individuality.
6. Working Process:
7. Stage one
8. Activities during the project
Structure of one weekend visit:
Friday afternoon arrival.

  • Accommodation,

9. wellcome cocktail during which the task to be performed will be explained, team organizing, etc 10. dinnerSaturday

  • Hard work during the morning, lunch

11. Other activities 12. Special dinner and partySunday

  • Breakfast

13. Special meeting about the activities already performed and what are the next steps 14. departure