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“Investing in Tomorrow’s Leaders” Prepared By: Ken Brown International 2009/2010 “A Leap of Faith” BOOK CAMPAIGN

A Leap Of Faith Book Campaign

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact:Darrick ScruggsPhone:(248) 669-6614Email:[email protected]:www.kenbrowninternational.com“A Leap Of Faith” Book Campaign Aims toHelp 1 Million Within One YearDetroit, MI – July 1, 2009 – Ken Brown International (KBI) a leader in personal andprofessional development, today announced the launching of its “A Leap of Faith” BookCampaign. This campaign is a nation’s joint effort to eradicate poverty within communities,promote higher education and inspire students to take ownership of their future.The “A Leap Faith” campaign is comprised of numerous business owners, foundations, churchesand organizations that are willing to invest in tomorrow’s leaders. With a nation’s high schooldropout rate at 9% and the average annual earning for a high school graduate being less than$30,000 our youth needs guidance and direction.Through the one year book campaign, founder of KBI and author of “A Leap of Faith” KenBrown, hopes to distribute 1 million copies of his book to underprivileged, uninspired andunmotivated students nationwide.In “A Leap of Faith”, Brown describes his life journey from a poverty-stricken childhood to awealthy and prosperous adulthood. This book teaches others how to face life challenges andobstacles with a plan and a purpose. Readers will be inspired to become life long learnersthrough the principles and examples discussed in “A Leap of Faith”.If you’re interested in getting involved with this life transforming book campaign contact KenBrown International at (248) 669-6614. Copies of the book can be purchased for $15.About AuthorKen Brown is one of McDonald’s youngest African American owners and operators. He’s aworld-renowned speaker, business coach, philanthropist and franchise consultant. Brown hasappeared in several newspapers, magazines and featured on national radio and TV programs.Currently he and his wife reside in Detroit, Michigan with their three children.Reviews:Les Brown - Motivational Speaker & Author of “Live Your Dreams”“Ken Brown is truly a messenger of hope and a shining example that his methods work. He isserving notice to the world that he is a force with which to be reckoned. Get ready for some greatthings to happen for you and through you, as you take in his life principles. After completing thisbook your life will NEVER be the same."Tavis Smiley - Television and Radio Talk Show Host & Author of “Keeping the Faith”“A Leap of Faith” is a moving and powerful story. You will come away enlightened, encouragedand empowered and knowing that whatever comes your way, you can always keep the fait

Text of A Leap Of Faith Book Campaign

  • A Leap of Faith Book Campaign
    Investing in Tomorrows Leaders
    Prepared By:
    Ken Brown International
  • Book Campaign Overview
    On July 1, 2009, Ken Brown International
    launched its A Leap of Faith Book Campaign to help inspire students to read, learn, grow and fulfill their dreams.
    Our goal is to put a copy of the life-changing book, A Leap of Faith into the hands of 1 million students within one year.
    With a joint effort from businesses, foundations, philanthropists, organizations and individuals, our mission can be accomplished.
  • Meet the Author
    Everyone has a story to tell, but few would prove to be as profound and inspirational as that of Mr. Kenneth Brown. He had every excuse to choose a life of failure. At the ages of 13 and 14, his parents had their first child. In spite of being poverty-stricken and evicted ten times, Ken parents still emphasized the importance of education, faith and a strong work ethic.

    Starting his journey in less than ideal circumstances, his focus and hunger for excellence, has led to monumental personal and professional opportunities. As one of the youngest African American McDonalds owners and operators, Ken has proven to be a formidable presence in the arena of entrepreneurial accomplishment.

    Ken worked his way through college as a bus boy and waiter graduating from Southern Illinois University. His story is a modern day rags to riches story that he hopes will inspire and motivate his readers to live out their dreams.

  • Student Testimony
    --M. Evans
    9th Grader
    Minneapolis, MN
    Mr. Brown, I can really relate to your story. Im a product of teenage parents. I have 3 brothers and one sister. Ive experienced many of the same struggles in my life as you described in yours. But this book has given me hope and courage to live life , stay out of trouble, get an education and pursue my DREAMS!!!
  • Investing In Tomorrows Leaders
    56 million students will be enrolled in the nations elementary through high schools (grades K-12) during the 2009/2010 school year.
    Why Invest In Tomorrows Leaders?
    Becausetomorrows leaders need guidance and hope as they prepare for their future. They need to be equipped to face all challenges and obstacles with a plan and a purpose.
    Why is education important for tomorrows leaders?
    As author Ken Brown, states in A Leap of Faith, education is the way out of poverty.
    *Average Earnings for Workers 18 and Older
    High School Dropouts$21,484
    High School Diploma$31,286
    Bachelors Degree$57,181
    Advance Degree$80,977
    Source: Educational Attainment in the US
    Upcoming Statistical Abstract of the US
  • Top 10 Student Benefits
    After reading A Leap of Faith students will:
    Understand the value of alwaysOPERATINGwith EXCELLENCE and INTEGRITY
    Become inspired to be LIFE LONG LEARNERS
    Learn valuable skills that will prepare them to WIN
    in life and business
    Start embracing and welcoming CHANGE
    Be empowered to take OWNERSHIP of their future
    Gain insight on how to LIVE and THINK BIG
    Know how to CREATE the CHANGE they want to SEE in the world
    Find out how to THINK OUTSIDE the BOX
    Discover how to MAXIMIZE every OPPORTUNITY
    Realize that ALL things are POSSIBLE for those who believe
    Ken Brown International is preparing to distribute 1 million copies of the Award-Winning book, A Leap of Faith to Underprivileged, Uninspired and Unmotivated youth.
    • Consider purchasing copies today for ONLY $15 each .
    • Your partnership makes a difference in the lives of TOMORROW S LEADERS .
    • Your partnership will help YOUNG PEOPLE fulfill their dreams.
    Ken Brown is truly a messenger of hope and a shining example that his methods work. He is serving notice to the world that he is a force with which to be reckoned.Get ready for some great things to happen for you and through you, as you take in his life principles. After completing this book your life will NEVER be the same."- Les Brown
    Motivational Speaker & Author of Live Your Dreams
  • A Leap of Faith Book Campaign
    Get Involved
    Contact Information
    Ken Brown International, Inc.
    39500 14 Mile Road Suite 391
    Walled Lake, MI 48390
    (248) 669-6614 Office
    [email protected]
    Readers will be challenged to change some actions, habits and thoughts which will transform their lives.---Ken Brown