8 startup marketing tips from entrepreneurs

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  1. 1. SATUP _ MARKETINGTIPS mom TOP ENTREPRENEURSoharmesh shah explains that Marketers alike tannot lose sight oi the lunoamentally human component of a yalue proposition.lt is not enough to be a bit better,diiierent,or moreexpensive it's aoout how you lrame muse dilierenees in termsol theirassotiated risks,beneiits,and value that resonates with vbur customersit pays olt to be iiinoiratiye.ten years ago lietore the adirent ot social media marketing barren Helmet;company was one oi the tirst to offer mobile massages,otlering them in bars and clubs.This kltschv strategy established their brand Now instead oi chasing leads,they iocus on maintaining their brand.rhankiully,lhev now have Facebook and Twittev ior that, 03 REMEMBER TO LISTENSometimes the best sualegles are the slrvlhlesl,lason Falls recommends proactive listening as an online marketing strategy.instead oi iollowing the demand,step in rrontol it use online niarketirrgto ieel out marketing and sales Dnl>orlun1ries. Lookfnr neople who need what you suooly. 04 CREATIVITV ls KEYnowadays tonsumers are bombarded with messages all hours ol the day,so stott eerlier adyotates packaging your oromonons and tactics in an iiinoiratwe way with z duality message that suits yourtarget audiente while Ryan Holmes,czo til hootsuite,recommends working with Your users as much as DosslbleAmanda lvlamaughton says that waiting too long to market your orodutt hurts more than it helps aetaiise building anatnye tustomer base takes nine,you should get started onthe rnarketingsoonet rather than later. Brian clarke recommends making your markenng stragey all about the customer and their needs and experiences Show your audience how much you are liskenmg to them through content marketing.This treates a working relationship where they learn ironi you and yite vevsa0 7 MARKETING FIRST.PRODUCT SECONDRand Fislikin saysthot marketing alter creating your pmducl 5 Ewastes energv,time,and money.Marketing rirst ensures a W loyal and attiye audience so that when you do debut your E pvodutl you will be able to get ieedback right away._. 08 THE CUSTOMER IS NUMBER 1loel spolsky says that when it comes to marketing your business there is no onesiteiits all marketing strategy.but the one steadiast rule is making the customer your local poinl.This will oreyent you irorn being one oi those entrepreneurs that spams people lot raeebook "likes" and Twitter toiloiirs. The Source of The Datahtto / /www rombourne co uk/ (309 "I?23