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5 ways for doing business in China

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5 ways for doing business in China successfully, such as understanding the concept of Guanxi and the Chinese business culture.

Text of 5 ways for doing business in China

  • 1.Five ways to venture in China

2. 1. Offer unique knowledge / products 3. 2. Manage your Guanxi account ! Determine who is who / hierarchy ! Build personal relations and trust ! Build credits by investing in time,favours and sharing contacts! Develop and maintain yournetwork relations / introductions 4. 3. Contact or contract? 5. 4. Money Talks ! Show your status but never brag about it ! Be appreciative of others assets(give many compliments) ! Never decline in a direct way (dont sayno but dont say yes too quickly either) ! Dont be needy or greedy ! Use your poker face ! Show your commitment for the long term 6. 5 ways of saying no ! Smileand nod your head, indicating you've heard the proposal ! Thank your conversation partner for the proposaland say you will have another look at it ! Say you have urgent matters to take care of ! Refer the proposal to the next level (check withyour boss/business partner/authorities etc.)! ! Don't give any response afterwards 7. 5. Localize your marketing 8. Esther Janssen MSc Managing Director +31 6-25560818 +86

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