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5 FREE Responsive Wordpress Themes

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These are the slides from the presentation I gave at the Orlando WordPress Roundtable on 3/21/12.

Text of 5 FREE Responsive Wordpress Themes

  • 1. 5FIVE FREEResponsive WordPress Themes + 1 blank/starter theme Allison K. Jones | Twitter @allison_k_jones

2. WHAT IS A RESPONSIVE THEME?A responsive layout resizes to tany device, from smartphones, tablets,large & small monitors, e-readers, mobile phones, games consoles, and netbooks. 3. WHY SHOULD I USERESPONSIVE THEMES?More people are accessing websites from a mobile device and with a responsive theme, you willdeliver an optimized screen size layout no matter what device the visitor uses.(desktop,mobile, tablet) 4. e-commerce theme BALITA BY TOKOKOO 5. blogging themeRESPONSIVE TWENTY TEN 6. magazine style themeORIGIN BY ALIENWP 7. business website theme RESPONSIVE BY WPMU mobiletablet desktop 8. portfolio style themeMIXFOLIO BY GRAPH PAPER PRESS mobiletablet desktop 9. blank/starter themeREVERIE BY THEME FORTRESS documentation on theme 10. Tips on selecting your WordPress themeSelect a theme that is built for the lastest version of WordPress. Download the latest version here reviews and comments to vet your theme.Are other people having issues with the theme? Is the Deleoper answering their questions? Ask does the developer provide support or updates? Is the developer updating theme to meet current web standards, fix bugs,to comply with the latest version of WP? Are they active on twitter or on their blog?Use the XML File to import the demo content(if your theme didnt come with one, ask for it!)More info here - Need help? You can find me on twitter at

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