3 Big Tips For Small Business Owners

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  1. 1. FINAL WORDS With great power, comes great responsibility.Keep learning So we get to the final words for the day. Realize the importance of making sure that you keep learning. As I said, Im an avid learner. Im constantly consuming as much content as I can. I figure the more good material that I can squash in there at some point I hope some good material will start to come out. So make sure that you go to seminars, read books, listen to podcasts, surround yourself with people who make you grow as well. Its very important the peer group who will stretch you. You want people who are at the next level so that way you are drawn up to that level. That is really key, and model those who already have what it is that you want. When I think back to Richard Bandler and the idea of these systems in your head, everybody has a way that they process the information around them in the world that theyre in. Some systems are more successful than other systems. What it is that you want to look for is find people who have what it is that you already have and then start to model that success. So if you want to become a really good internet marketer, or a really good online marketer, find someone whose material you like and that resonates with you and then model the steps that they do. If you want to have really good relationships, find someone who already has a really good relationship and find what it is theyre doing and then model that. So its all about trying to model and find what those systems are.www.theSEOmethod2.com1
  2. 2. Focus on the big rocks The next thing is make sure you focus on the big rocks. Here are some of the things I would consider big rocks. You want to make sure that you quit chasing the shiny new object. It does feel like something new is coming along every two seconds, that is always going to happen. There is always going to be a new product out there, there is always going to be a new opportunity. Focus on that one thing, that is the key that will set you apart from everybody else. Everybody elses attention is getting pulled in every different way and they cant focus, therefore they get nothing done. So pick one thing and focus on that. The guys from 37 Signals, theyve got a really good book called REWORK that Im just starting at the moment. One of the things that they talk about, is working on your best ideas and start working on them now. I used to put off working on my best ideas, thinking, oh, Ill get to that later and I was working on these little piddling sites, these $17 public domain e books sites, because I was thinking I will do that to make enough cash to fund what it is that I want to really be doing. Dont think like that, life is too short, time keeps on disappearing. Figure out where you can add the most value, what it is you enjoy doing, what your best idea is and go straight for that. Dont muck around with all the other things. Run it like a business. You are running a business here, you need to just start to think like a business mind in everything that youre doing when youre creating wealth. Dont get caught up in the details as well. I talked a whole lot about some of the different areas even in SEO, its very easy to get caught up in those details and sit there thinking about what hosting account should I go for, what FTP program should I use? There are a few things like that which it is very easy to get caught up in and youll just waste a lot of time. You need to sometimes just step back, figure out what you outcome is and how can you achieve that outcome? Being a success overnight they say how long does it take to become a success overnight, about ten years and 10,000 hours. That is Malcolm Gladwell, he talked about the idea of the tipping point and how many hours it takes.www.theSEOmethod2.com2
  3. 3. Youll hear people say they found the secret to their wealth and it almost appears like it happened instantaneously. I said this at the start and Ill say it again now, building a business is hard work, building anything of value is hard work. Life is hard work. Just get out there, and that is why you need to make sure you love what it is that you do. I put so much into what I do because I love it. If it was something that I didnt enjoy, and thats why you want to make sure you focus on your strengths, because if youre not enjoying it then you wont be able to put in the effort and work required to get the results that you want to get. Expect mistakes as well. Ive made plenty along the way and it seems to be the more mistakes I make, the luckier I seem to get. Ill just make all of these different mistakes and Ill take that learning and Ill apply it to what Im doing now and Ive got a better hit rate now. I can analyze things a whole lot better because Ive tried a lot of things, Ive made a whole lot of mistakes. So now when I analyze something, some things I dont even bother with any more because I know that is just not going to work. I just wanted to finish up, were at the real tail end now, were going to have the competition. I just wanted to see if you guys have been writing notes about what is your biggest insights were or anything that you either got from today or maybe it is a traffic tip that you learnt somewhere else or I want to know your best material. This is the point where you dont want to hold your best material to yourself. Its all about putting your best material out there. Thats how good things happen. If anyone wants to share anything that has had a big impact on them today, or in their business or anything like that and as far as a prize is concerned, Ill give you a free copy of the DVDs from today and Im happy to do some coaching with you as well, well chat on the phone. So does anyone want to give some insights and then well maybe vote on who has the best ones. Question: I dont know if it is my biggest, but it is the first that popped into my mind. That is the idea of planning ahead, even though youre not going to go into all of these things straight away, because youre going to maintain focus on one thing at a time, but planning ahead and pre registering loads of domain names around that area , such that theyre pre aged, you get a few links to them so that you dont trigger Googles excessive link alarm when you finally do get to work on them. I guess if you dont use them, you have a sale. Answer: Yes, like were doing at the moment on Flippa.www.theSEOmethod2.com3
  4. 4. Question: I though the entire section on outsourcing and building your virtual team or building your team was excellent. Probably my biggest insight is I need to hire a finisher. Im good at the strategic vision and all those sorts of things but having someone who keeps me accountable to actually getting things finished off would be a good addition to my team. So that is what I got out of it which is really good. Answer: Excellent. Question: I suppose mine was, since Im doing SEO, the biggest one for me was basically just getting everything into a process with all the videos and everything documented. I guess the thing that Ive realized, Ive been doing all the work but if I actually really want to have a business, I need to do that. I never actually create a business, its just a job. It doesnt become a business until I do that. That was a really key thing, important for me. Question: There were two things really and Ill clarify them quickly. The first one was right at the start was buying a client. Im not sure how many people realize that no one else is doing that. Or they say, why should I pay for a client? But actually buying a client when you know your maths, that just wipes out every other competition in the marketplace and Ill do that with one of my sites. The other one which blew me away and which I think has a lot of potential too is that search box on the site from getting your user feedback and thats why I suggested it to the guy down there, getting your feedback from the people who are going to give you money in the first place and then giving them what they want. You said that it worked with e commerce but you can take the distinction itself and apply it in so many areas. That is really good. Answer: Your customers will tell you what it is that they want and how they want to be marketed to. Question: Yes, the same as Alan, the search box, the feedback and then regurgitating that feedback into what goes on to the page is excellent. The other one was the method itself, the SEO method, how you had a method to go through the method. So it was almost like if you had a big sheet of paper with all those boxes on it, you could just tick them off as you go and just go line by line and it just automatically just falls into place. With that sort of system, with a tick box if you like, its all youre going to focus on, thats what youre doing. Nothing else gets in the way, because theres the visual, Im only half way through it, Ive got to keep going. Answer: Yes, that visual and I suppose distilling it into the system, it all comes down to systems. Everything that youre working on, comes down to systems. The more that you create systems that creates that repetition and like I said, repetition creates money. So you need to create those systems. Does anyone else have any insights?www.theSEOmethod2.com4
  5. 5. Question: The first one, just to pick up on what you said there, was the statement of create the machine. I hadnt really heard the expression, but seeing that we are creating machines, these automatic systems, that stuck in my mind as a strong visualization. But I think amongst a whole bunch of really great things that you said today, it was about hiring only A players. Im at the point where I need to do outsourcing more than just content and I didnt really have any strategy for recruiting someone. I had heard MP3s about it, it would be one in a hundred of the recruits that you get via outsourcing will be worth having, which is a fairly depressing thought. Switching that around and taking it to look for the A players and give them enough hoops to jump through so that you know whoever gets through is going to have a degree of value, gives you a much better chance and your business a much better chance, so I really appreciated that. Answer: Anyone else? Question: Yes, probably the same problem that Steve had. Ive got four full timers working for me and they always want to chat on Skype, and probably like Steve, I need a virtual assistant to be the middle person so they dont have to deal directly with me all the time. So thats probably the biggest insight Ive had today. Ive been thinking about it for a while but you explained it in much more detail, how to set up the process for that. Question: Yes, this is something that has been bubbling away with me for me for a little bit, and I dont know, its just hammering home this point, and there have been a lot of people talking about it. The systems and putting processes in place and really what that comes down to for me is ensuring predictability and it actually comes across, it seems like everything I look at the moment, a predictable outcome will actually produce the best results in every case. So even if its looking at the way a user goes through the site, if you can make it predictable and meet their expectations, then that is a great conversion. The same goes for the hiring process and all that sort of thing so I guess thats a key thing that has really been bubbling away at me, is make things predictable. What can we do to make it predictable? Answer: Very good. Now we just need a way to choose the best. Alan was the best.www.theSEOmethod2.com5
  6. 6. Final attack plan The super final last bit, the final attack. Heres the real simple plan of how you can take everything that youve learned and squash it all down into one slide. Number one, you need to pick a niche, number two, find out what it is that the people are looking for by asking them and then make it better. Find out your business model. Make sure that you calculate what you numbers are so youre building on something sound. Go ahead and build the site. Make sure you do the keywords, the optimization and the proof, all that landing page optimization work we talked about. Then create a white paper where applicable, so that you can start to build that list which integrates a little bit with finding out what they want. Do some off page SEO. Start to make some videos. Do some web 2.0. Start to create the systems and then outsource it. Then start to focus you attention on lead generation, thats Jim Flecks insight there. Once you create that back end system, dont be those people who sit there and think the money is all in the back end. Once you get your back end sorted, change your focus and start focusing in on lead generation. If you want some good examples, head over to Melbourne SEO, that is one of my most recent works. So that shows where Im at with my evolution.What can I do for you The final thing, what can I do for you from this point in time? We do offer some personal coaching. I do some personal coaching with Ryan. If you are interested in personal coaching, pretty much we sit down, plan out what youre wanting to achieve and come up with a step by step process and I check in with you at the pace at which you need to be worked with and Ill grow you into where it is that you want to grow to. So if personal coaching is something that youre interested in, make sure that you get in contact.www.theSEOmethod2.com6
  7. 7. From attending the seminar, also in your notebooks, if you do want to get SEO work after youve learnt all of this and youve realized hey, maybe we just want to get someone else to do it, you get a free upgrade from attending the seminar, so if you buy the Gold Pack, youll get put up to the Platinum Pack, the Silver Pack youll get put up to the Gold, so that is like a free little bump. If you go for the Platinum Pack, you get some extra, extra material. Also if youre interested in getting the DVDs, because I threw so much at you that youve probably grasped just a little bit. As long as you took one thing away today and it sounds like a few of you did, then it was definitely worthwhile. But once you get the DVDs, well get an offer together so you get them pretty much at cost, just to say thanks for attending the event and making it such a fantastic day. Also Im thinking about having a monthly coaching group as well. Possible rather than doing the personal mentoring, having something like maybe we do a slightly larger group where we go through a process and I facilitate how do we grow a business, get all of those numbers and those different steps I talked about right and then start to build the virtual assistants. So if that is something youre interested in, probably if you send an email through at the end, just to me to let as know and then well put you on the waiting list if that is something we end up doing. I just need to figure out whether or not there is going to be enough interest an...