2020 Social Workshop on Social Media For B2B Marketers

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Slides from the 2020 Social workshop on Social Media for B2B Marketers. This deck has been used for the following workshops: - NASSCOM Emerge Workshop, New Delhi, April 2010. Update history: - April 2010


  • How Can B2B Marketers Benefit From Being Social?



  • Why should B2B marketers

    even think aboutBeing Social?

  • To begin with,what is (or isnt)

    Being Social?

  • Being Social is not about

    social networks(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

  • Being Social is not about social media

    (blogs, forums, communities)

  • Being Social is not even about

    internet, mobile, digital

  • Being Socialis about

    word of mouth (being talked about)

  • Being Socialis about

    being talkworthy(read: being remarkable)

  • Being Socialis about

    relationships(building, enabling)

  • Being Socialis about

    evangelists(read: fans)

  • Being Socialis about

    converting customers, partners and employees

    into evangelists

  • Being Socialis about

    organizing and energizing evangelists

  • Being Socialis about

    identifying, igniting and scaling passion

  • Being Socialis about

    reviews, referrals, recommendations

  • So, why should B2B marketers

    even think aboutBeing Social?

  • Introductions: Share your most embarrassing

    social media experience

  • 9:30 am to 11:00 am Session 1: Introduction to (Being) Social Media

  • 11:30 am to 1:00 pmSession 2: Strategy, Tactics, Measurement

  • 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm Session 3: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

  • 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm Session 4: Tying It All Together

  • http://2020social.com/2020social_nasscom_b2b.pdf

  • Session 1: Introduction to (Being) Social Media

  • Social Media Response Matrix

    Can you add value?

    Evaluate the purpose

    Respond in kind & share

    Thank the person

    Unhappy Customer?


    Comedian Want-to-Be?


    Yes No

    Do you want to respond?

    No Response



    Take reasonable action to fix issue and let customer

    know action taken

    Are the facts


    Gently correct the facts





    Are the facts


    Does customer need/deserve more



    Explain what is being done to correct the



    Is the problem

    being fixed?


    Let post stand and monitor




    Assess the message

    Source: USAF, modified by Altimeter Group

  • Three Rules For Negative Conversations

  • The only solution for negative conversations is more positive



  • Responding to and resolving negative conversations is table



  • The prize is in inspiring your evangelists to start and spread more positive conversations.


  • Three Questions

  • Who are our evangelists and why will they talk about us?


  • How can we organize and energize them?


  • How can we (help them) spread the word?


  • None of these questionsare about social media

  • But social media is a big part of the answer

  • The Next Big Question: How To Scale Passion?

    We help organizations build and nurture communities to connect (with) evangelists and scale their passion.

    The BIG question for businesses in the 21st

    century: how to convert employees, partners and customers into evangelists?

    Step 1: Identify PassionSelect a BIG lifestyle,

    interest, or cause

    Step 2: Ignite PassionBuild a focused community

    around it

    Step 3: Scale PassionBuild scale by leveraging existing social platforms

  • Three Mantras

  • The future has already arrived. Its just not evenly

    distributed yet.


    Source: William Gibson

  • The tools are transient. The values embedded in them are



  • To understand how technology is changing organizations, begin by asking how it is

    changing people.


  • Key Takeaways From Session 1 Who are our evangelists and why will they talk about us? Or, how to identify passion?

    How can we organize and energize them? Or, how to ignite passion?

    How can we (help them) spread the word? Or, how to scale passion?

  • Session 2: Strategy, Tactics, Measurement

  • Key Takeaways From Session 1 Who are our evangelists and why will they talk about us? Or, how to identify passion?

    How can we organize and energize them? Or, how to ignite passion?

    How can we (help them) spread the word? Or, how to scale passion?

  • Who are our evangelists and why will they talk about us?


  • Who are our evangelists?


  • Six Types of Evangelists

    1. Present or past customer, or prospect

    2. End consumer

    3. Analyst or influencer

    4. Partner

    5. Co-worker or employee

    6. Enthusiast

    Present or Potential


  • Who Are Our Evangelists?Worksheet 1: Who Are Our Evangelists? Persona 1 Persona 2 Persona 3

    Who are our present and potential evangelists?

    Who do they talk to?

    Who talks to them?

    What else do they talk about?

    What are their triggers to talk?

    Why do we want them to talk about us?

  • ExerciseCommentsQuestions

  • Technology Decision Makers Forrester Social

    TechnographicsProfile of North American and European technology decision makers

    High use of social media both for personal and business purposes

    Source: http://forrester.typepad.com/groundswell/2009/02/new-research-b2.html

  • Why will they talk about us?


  • Satchi & Saatchi: Lovemarks

    (brands that you love and respect)

    Source: http://lovemarks.com

  • Publicis: Contagious Idea

    (an idea that spreads)

    Source: http://contagious-stuff.com

  • Seth Godin: Ideavirus

    (an idea that spreads)

    Source: http://www.sethgodin.com/ideavirus

  • Jyri Engestrom:Social Object

    (the idea around which a community comes together)

  • Gaurav Mishra:Ideasliver

    (a thin slice of the world that you own)

  • Six Types of Social Objects

    1. Our unique product

    2. Our personalized support

    3. Our mind-blowing TVC

    4. Their own lifestyle

    5. Their own interest

    6. Our shared cause

    Social Objects

  • Why Will Our Evangelists Talk About Us?

    Worksheet 2: Why Will Our Evangelists Talk About Us?

    Persona 1 Persona 2 Persona 3

    Our unique product

    Our personalized support

    Our mind-blowing TVC

    Their own lifestyle

    Their own interest

    Our shared cause

  • ExerciseCommentsQuestions

  • How to organize and energize evangelists?


  • Five Core Social Dynamics

    Decoding Social

    By Tool

    By Function

    By Type of Organiza-


    By Core Dynamic

    Social networkingBloggingMicrobloggingPhoto-sharingVideo-sharing


    Consumer generated contentConversationsCollaborationCommunityCollective intelligence

    Product design Sales and marketingCustomer supportPublic relationsPartner relationsEmployee relations

    We like to focus on the core dynamic.

    You can look at social technologies through many lenses.

  • Five Core Social Dynamics



    Easy Difficult

    Consumer Generated Content



    Collective Intelligence


    Ease of Understanding

    Ease of Implementing

  • Five Reasons Why Business is Social


    Generated Content

    Collaboration Collective Intelligence



  • Consumer Generated Content

    I made a how-to tutorial video

    I love my new CRM software!

    Tap into their creativity. Ask them to interpret your brand.

    Your consumers are authors, photographers and filmmakers, all rolled into one.

    I also designed a IX logo

  • Dell Go Green Dell Go Green is a

    consumer generated content contest where consumers submit ideas to redesign, reuse of recycle gadgets to make them go green.

    Source: http://dellgogreen.com

  • Conversations

    Listen to them, reach out to them, engage them in a two-way conversation.

    Your customers, partners and employees are talking about you, in public.

    Have you used this software?

    Yes! It rocks!

  • Dell Small Business on Facebook

    Dells Small Business Facebook page, structured as a resource for small businesses to use social media, has more than 37,000 fans.

    Source: http://www.facebook.com/dellsocialmedia

  • Dell Outlet on Twitter Dell uses Twitter as

    a channel to sell refurbished computers to corporate purchase managers.

    @delloutlet has 1.5 million followers and has resulted in sales of more than $6 million.

    Source: http://twitter.com/delloutlet

  • Collaboration

    Create rich profiles and reputation systems to encourage people to help each other.

    People work together in flow when they connect with each other as people.

    How do I fix this

    problem?Let me tell you how!

  • Dell Support Community User driven

    support community to increase customer satisfaction and drive down support costs.

    Source: http://en.community.dell.com

  • Community

    Build and nurture a community platform to host your customers, partners, employees, and evangelists.

    Communities come together around a shared social object: a lifestyle, cause or interest.

    Here are some tips for you

    Ive worked

    hard on my business

    I have learnt a lot

  • Dell Digital Nomad Community built

    around the idea of being a digital nomad.

    Targeted at highly mobile laptop users.

    Source: http://www.digitalnomads.com/

  • Dell Take Your Own Path Community where

    users shared inspiring stories of entrepreneurship.

    Driven by the Dell SME team.

    Now replicated internationally.

    Source: http://takeyourownpath.com

  • Collective Intelligence

    Observe their behavior, ask for their ideas, recognize and reward them for their contribution.

    Customers, employees and partners can give you new ideas and insights.

    Heres how we

    can make it better!

    It worked! Thank you!

    Heres an

    idea! !

  • Dell Ideastorm User driven

    ideation community to listen to customers ideas on product improvement and new product development.

    Source: http://ideastorm.com/

  • Dell Employee Storm Internal ideation

    platform to enable Dells worldwide community of more than 80,000 employees to post and discuss ideas on topics ranging from product innovation to company HR policies.

    Source: http://thesocialworkplace.com/featured/1558/

  • B2B Communities1. Targeted communities of practice

    2. Customer-driven support communities

    3. Ideation and research communities

    4. Partner communities

    5. Corporate and employee blogs

    6. Social media contests



  • AMEX Open Forum Provides business

    advice and insight to AMEX consumers

    Idea Hub for members to network around content based on their interests

    Business directory to help connect SMBs looking for clients or partners

    Unique visitors increased by 525% year on year from 160,000 in 2008 to nearly 1 million in 2009 Source: http://www.openforum.com

  • Visa Business Network SMB community for

    networking and business solutions

    SMBs connect with businesses that help them grow and meet targets

    Set a goal and get support from the community

    Leverage tools and get expert help

    Source: http://www.visabusinessnetwork.com

  • HSBC Business Network HSBCs community

    for business entrepreneurs

    It is a community focused on business networking

    Members engage through blogs to share their personal experiences with other entrepreneurs

    Almost 148 active member blogs

    Source: http://network.hsbc.co.uk

  • Microsoft MVP Microsofts long-

    running Microsoft Most Valued Professional program

    Recognizes the most engaged and influential members of the community

    Provide online and offline recognition and insider access to turn them into evangelists

    Source: http://www.microsoft.com/india/mvp/

  • Microsoft adCenter Community Microsoft adCenter

    Community for advertising and publishing professionals

    Engages community through community blogs, Twitter and Facebook

    Active listening program and community management to respond to member communities

    Source: https://adcenter.microsoft.com

  • Farnell- Element 14 Community for

    electronic engineers by Premier Farnell, an online retailer of electronics hardware

    Ties in community with online store by involving members for product reviews, recommendations

    Company to merge the online store into the community to better leverage the community members, who are end consumers also

    Source: www.element-14.com

  • Archer Exchange Marketplace Archer

    Community for customers to: Submit Ideas for

    product development

    Collaborate on solutions

    Share best practices

    Archer Exchange is an online marketplace for applications

    2400 members contributed 1529 ideas resulting in new mobile and continuity products

    Source: https://community.archer-tech.com/Source: https://exchange.archer-tech.com/

  • Commonground By EDR Community by

    environmental information services firm EDR for environmental compliance professionals

    Members can network for business services and list themselves as solution providers

    Resulted in retaining over 90% of EDRs customers

    Source: http://commonground.edrnet.com

  • MetricStream Compliance Community by

    MetricStream, a risk and compliance solutions provider

    Sends 2 million visitors annually to corporate site

    500000 registered members

    Profitable after six months

    Led to partnership with NASDAQ to provide training, alerts, and content for compliance

    Source: http://complianceonline.comSource: http://www.metricstream.com/

  • National Instruments National Instruments

    offers hardware and software products for engineers and scientists

    Members share development techniques, and connect with product experts working on similar applications worldwide

    Connects 28000+ engineers and scientists worldwide

    Source: http://zone.ni.com

  • Philips Healthcare Community for

    healthcare professionals to share knowledge, experiences and best practices

    Supports continuing education through learning resources

    Over 265,000 registrants are participating in online learning activities

    Source: https://www.theonlinelearningcenter.com/Source: http://netforum.medical.philips.com

  • ACT By SAGE Community Community for

    customers of ACT software by SAGE

    Consumers share product ideas with the development team

    Forums and blogs guide users through support issues and act as how-to guides

    Source: http://community.act.com

  • Salesforce.com IdeaExchange Community for

    Salesforce customers Members submit

    product ideas for Salesforce.com services and solutions

    Member participation is very high as it reaches out to more than 72,000+ customers of Salesforce

    1000+ ideas submitted since end-2009

    Source: http://sites.force.com/ideaexchange

  • Cisco Learning Network Community by Cisco

    for networking professionals who work on Ciscos technologies

    More than 200,000+ registered members

    Also provides learning resources, job openings and networking opportunities for members

    Source: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com

  • Pitney Bowes User Forums Pitney Bowes

    provides a support community for its consumers

    The forum works as a conversational channel with potential customers

    Existing consumers also submit ideas for product development and new solutions

    Source: http://forums.pb.com

  • Intel Communities Intel supports

    communities for computer design and software professionals

    Communities act as support forums and learning centers

    Members use features like blogs, forums, ideation platform tied in with offline events to engage

    Regular contests to engage members

    Source: http://community.edc.intel.com/Source: http://software.intel.com

  • Intel Software Network Community for

    developers on the Intel platforms

    Black belt program: reputation system to recognize community influencers and active members

    Source: http://software.intel.com

  • Nokia Symbian & Maemo Nokia supports

    developer communities for the Symbian and Maemo software platforms

    Community acts as learning resource for developers and enables collaboration

    Source: http://maemo.orgSource: www.symbian.org

  • NASSCOM Emerge Community for

    emerging IT companies hosted by NASSCOM.

    Source: http://communities.nasscom.in/

  • Sun Microsystems Blog

    Source: http://blogs.sun.c...