2014's must have resolutions for marketers

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Most marketers approach the New Year with a burst of resolve; a vow to unearth those wish lists and tackle those

dream projects. Youre excited to introduce innovative new campaigns and initiatives, but youre also overwhelmed

with options. The digital space is evolving so rapidly; what trends and technologies should you invest in this year?

Our big prediction for 2014: consumers will become the new content marketers. Brands have already started weaving

social elements into all of their marketing campaigns for example, youll find hashtags in most TV commercials.

Marketers are using these elements to collect photos, videos, and other content from

consumers. In 2014, companies will fully realize the benefits of user-generated content (UGC) in offering consumer

insights, humanizing their brands, and amplifying the reach of their messages.

Well see UGC play more of a central role across all marketing programs. Brands will run more frequent UGC cam-

paigns to leverage brand advocacy and grab more impressions. And to take advantage of the wider

audience, theyll build out more programs and tactics to convert their audiences through social.

Want to get in on the action? These resolutions will help you stay ahead of the curve, embrace marketing trends, and

get big results in 2014.


02 2014s Must-Have Resolutions For Marketers

http://www.slideshare.net/edtsue/building-brand-advocacy http://branderati.com/the-age-of-advocacy-and-influence-26-stats-marketers-should-know/

Everyone knows that content is king.User-generated content may just be heir to the throne. The explosion of smartphones, Vine andInstagram have made it easier than ever for consumers to snap and share photos and videos from mobile. Social media gives brandsopportunities to aggregate content from their customers. Prompting fans to show off their passions and forge a stronger bond and with the right incentives, UGC campaigns result in bigparticipation.

According to research from Forrester, every time a consumer posts a piece of content on the web, it reaches 150 people. By triggering your fans to share content, youre helping new consumers discover your brand.

User-generated content can be repurposed in a myriad of creative ways. You can add user photos to your website, user videos in your TVadvertisements even a stream of real-time user tweets in displays at your live events. Messages and endorsements that come from users make your brand seem reliable and authentic, and are a powerful revenue driver. In fact, an increase in brand advocacy of only 12% results in a 2x increase in revenue.

With the #UniqloNatGeo hashtag campaign, Uniqlo received 1,990 entries and added 23,500 fans.

Build brand authenticitywith user-generated content1

03 2014s Must-Have Resolutions For Marketers


Tie social totraditional advertising 2

In 2014, integrating social promotions into your marketing programs will be a critical success factor. So bust social out of the silo by weaving a social layer across campaigns to maximize campaign reach and turn conversations into sales.

Include hashtags in your TV ads, print ads, in-store displays, and events you sponsor and attend to drive more conversation. Get even more participation by offering coupons or prizes.

A great example comes from LOreals Matrix brand. They launched the #MakesMeHappy photo contest to revitalize the launch of their Biolage Exquisite Oil product. Fans and followers submitted photos with the hashtag#MakesMeHappy across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, for the chance to win a years supply of the product.

The campaign was advertised via print ads inGood Housekeeping. As a result of the promotion, they received 13.8 million impressions and 37,000 contest entries. They also gave out thousands of product samples, driving early customer adoption and advocacy. Digital and social are transforming TV ads too. Recent research from Nielsen found that 88% of marketers believe that integrated multi-screen campaigns will become very important in the next three years. To com-pete, marketers must extend their TV ad campaigns across multiple channels and touchpoints like real-time video ads and hashtag campaigns on social media. This year, watch for new and compelling ways to engage your con-sumers across all devices and screens.

04 2014s Must-Have Resolutions For Marketers


Connect the dotsbetween social and email 3

We cant emphasize this enough: 2014 will be about making connections across all marketing programs. Email and social are two powerful channels with a symbiotic relationship. In combi-nation, they build, target and convert brand audiences. Resolve to reap the benefits.

According to a recent report from ExactTarget, 70% of marketers find product or prize give-aways to be an effective tactic for audience acquisition. These incentives prompt fans to opt into email lists, helping you build a robust, rele-vant base of subscribers. For example, Giant Eagle ran a Facebook sweep-stakes for free tanks of gas, and included a call-to-action to sign up for their email list. By touting access to exclusive offers, they received over 45,000 email opt-ins.

This year, kick performance up a notch by creating targeted lists from your social promotions. Collect user preference data to get unique insights about the interests of your consumers, and use them to create lists for targeted content and offers. This will help optimize campaigns so that you see increases in revenue. And dont forget email campaigns drive social activity too. Use your email campaigns promote your sweepstakes and UGC campaigns. Youll drive more participation, capture more user data, and leverage your current email audience to spread the word.

05 2014s Must-Have Resolutions For Marketers



Embrace socials rolein driving commerce4

Still believe social media is just about engagement? Thats so 2013. Social media plays a part in every stage of the customer journey, from brand awareness through purchase. Gartner research shows that 74% ofconsumers now rely on social networks to guide theirpurchasing decisions. So in 2014, companies will need to get strategic about driving sales directly from social channels. One tactic to explore is mobile couponing. With the explosion of smartphones, digital and in-store are more closely related than ever. In fact, Business Insiderpredicts that 47.1 M consumers will use mobile coupons in 2014. Offering digital coupons through social channels adds a viral component. Fans and followers feel compelled to share your deals an impulse you can stoke withincentives to refer.

Unique coupon codes are another great tactic. Not only do they allow you to limit how many people redeem online or in-store, they ensure that those that redeem are campaign recipients who interacted with your brand in order to redeem. This makes it easy to track the efficacy of your campaigns.

Flash sales site PLDNR (a Karmaloop brand) usedOfferpops New Follower product to give each new follower a direct message with a promo code for 10% off. The couponing had a 10% redemption rate, achieving 1430% ROI on their Offerpop campaign spend.

06 2014s Must-Have Resolutions For Marketers

http://www.businessinsider.com/pinterest-ads-may-drive-high-value-orders-2013-9Pinterest is playing a big role in the rise of social commerce. In Q2 2013, 23% of socially driven sales came from Pinterest. In 2014, brands will invest more in building a Pinterest strategy that fuels productdiscovery. There are many ways drive more traffic from Pinterest, from cross-promotion to Pinterest contests to guest pinner programs from relevant influencers. Try a combination of these tactics to build an audience and convert followers.

Social data gets a lot of buzz. In 2014, well start to see its practical application indriving commerce. Brands will seek user input via social channels to make product and marketing decisions. By building user content and feedback into their business model, they can make a measurable impact.

No matter the tactic for driving commerce, tracking will play an important role. After all, how will you know whats working unless you measure it? Make sure all of your campaigns have distinct tracking mechanisms like conversion pixels, so you can measure end-to-end performance. Use your findings to impact future campaigns and initiatives, and maximize conversions.

Online retailer ModCloth has found success in applying user data to inform their inventory decisions. Their Be the Buyer program allows consumers to vote for the designs that ModCloth will sell on their site. Items created as a result of the Be the Buyer program sell twice as much overall as other inventory.

Embrace socials role in driving commerce

07 2014s Must-Have Resolutions For Marketers

Increase the frequencyof your social campaigns 5

A few years back, brands ran a single marketing campaign for months on end. But the rise of social has turned brands into publishers,constantly cranking out new content andcampaigns. Moreover, social gives brands thefreedom to create and launch campaigns on the fly amplifying everything from productlaunches to flash sales to Flag Day fun. To stay competitive, you need to run multiple, frequent campaigns that engage multiple segments of your audience.

A great example is online shoe retailer JustFab. In 2013, they ran more than 50 sweepstakes, coupo