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This is the report about status of Social Media in Thailand.


  • 1. Status of Social Media in Thailand 30 January 2012 MIRAI MEDIA CO., LTD.

2. Agenda1. Population (online) of Thailand2. Number of Facebook Users3. Number of Twitter Users4. Number of Google+ Users5. Number of Linkedin Users6. Trac of Social Media MIRAI MEDIA CO., LTD. 2 3. 1. Population of Thailand(Source: Google Public Date by THE WORLD BANK and etc) Thailand 69.1milion (No.19 & 0.96%in the world) OnlineBangkok Online in Bangkok18.3milion(26.5% in population)9.1milion 6.0milion (No.31 cityin the world)(66% in population) MIRAI MEDIA CO., LTD. 3 4. 2. Number of Facebook Users-1 (Source: socialbakers.com)13.69milion Facebook Users 13,686,960 Posi1on in the list No. 16 Penetra1on of popula1on 19.8% Penetra1on of online popula1on 74.8% Average CPC $0.16 Average CPM $0.07 (Last 6 months) MIRAI MEDIA CO., LTD.4 5. 2. Number of Facebook Users-2 Male/Female User Ratio in ThailandSame as population ratio MIRAI MEDIA CO., LTD. 5 6. 2. Number of Facebook Users-3 User age distribution in Thailand Total 13.69milion633.97milion 4.65milionMIRAI MEDIA CO., LTD.6 7. 3. Number of Twitter Users-1 Sorry, no useful information. but have some reference. Twitters active user were over 100 million on Sep 2011. [Rough estimation] 100 million x 1% =1 million Twitters active user in Thai is 1% of all Tweet are in Thai.about 1 million.Semiocast.comMIRAI MEDIA CO., LTD. 7 8. 3. Number of Twitter Users-2 (Source: Google Trend)Trac amount in Thailand About 150,000 Daily Unique Visitors Jan 2012 Peak of Thailand oods MIRAI MEDIA CO., LTD.8 9. 4. Number of Google+ Users Sorry, no useful information.MIRAI MEDIA CO., LTD. 9 10. 5. Number of Linkedin Users (Source: socialbakers.com)Linkedin Users 316,448 Posi1on in the list No. 41 Still not popular in Thailand,because Linkedin is for Business.Penetra1on of popula1on 0.48% It will need long time to penetrate into Thai.Penetra1on of online popula1on 1.81% Down since last year Comparison with neighbor countriesSingaporeMalaysiaVietnam Linkedin Users 717,577 Linkedin Users 739,271 No info. Posi1on in the list No. 26 Posi1on in the list No. 25 Less than Thai. Penetra1on of Penetra1on of popula1on 15.26% popula1on 2.83% Penetra1on of Penetra1on of online popula1on 19.61% online popula1on 4.37% MIRAI MEDIA CO., LTD. 10 11. 6. Trac of Social Media-1 (Source: Google Trend)Trac amountJan 2012Can see only FacebookCan not see Twitter and linkedin trac line . . .No data about Google+ MIRAI MEDIA CO., LTD.11 12. 6. Trac of Social Media-2 Access regionNo.1 is BangkokNo.2 Chachoengsao isIn east of BangkokNo.3 is Khon Kaen(the biggest city in Isan)Chiang Mai is No.5Can see a bit Twitter trac MIRAI MEDIA CO., LTD.12 13. Thank you very much for your attention MIRAI MEDIA CO., LTD. Name : Takuro Yoshida E-mail : yoshida@miraimedia.co.th Website : www.miraimedia.co.th Facebook : www.facebook.com/miraimedia Twitter : MIRAI_MEDIA_TH (Japanese) MIRAI MEDIA CO., LTD. 13


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