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SEO & WordPress: Do this, not that (for the small business owner or solopreneur) By: Jenny Munn | www.JennyMunn.com | [email protected] | @JennyMunn

2012 WordCamp Atlanta - SEO & WordPress Presentation

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SEO & WordPress: Do this, not that for the small business owner or solopreneur (do-it-yourself techniques that work). For more visit http://www.JennyMunn.com

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  • 1. SEO & WordPress:Do this, not that(for the small business owner or solopreneur)By: Jenny Munn | www.JennyMunn.com | [email protected] | @JennyMunn

2. SEO & WordPress: Do this, not that for the small business owner or solopreneur SEO: A Necessary Evil?Source: SEOmoz 3. Why SEO Is So Darn ConfusingCanonical Tags HUH?!?!rel=nofollowCanonical tags (todistinguish a canonical url)Meta Tagscan also be used on a pagelevel in the meta tags of a Geo-Targetingwebsite to create a preferredlanding page.Robots.txtXML Sitemaps tagPanda Update 4. SEO & WordPress: Do this, not that for the small business owner or solopreneur 5. SEO & WordPress: Do this, not that for the small business owner or solopreneurWho Am I? 6. SEO & WordPress: Do this, not that for the small business owner or solopreneur 7. SEO & WordPress: Do this, not that for the small business owner or solopreneurDIY SEO + WordPress = LOVE Levels the SEO playingfield Empowers us as businessowners Plugins, Plugins, Plugins 8. SEO & WordPress: Do this, not that for the small business owner or solopreneurPhases of SEOPhase 3Phase 2CreatePHASE 1 On-page Content Dont beOptimizationintimidated Pagesby SEOUnderstand Linkbuilding Keyword Anchor TextAdvancedResearchGet Google Social Media Competitive Analytics Up Strategy &ResearchStrongly Execution Create TitleconsiderCommunityTags andBloggingDescriptions building 9. SEO & WordPress: Do this, not that for the small business owner or solopreneurSession BreakdownSession 1: Session 2:1.Keyword1. Titles tags and descriptionsresearch 2. On-page optimization 3. Google Analytics2.Competitive4. Bloggingresearch 5. Off-page tactics/Linkbuilding 10. Understanding KeywordsEx. #1:Marketing MagicianWhen I sayIll make your profits appear out keyword, I of think air.REALLY mean keyphrase.Ex. #2:I want to be known forBlogification {or insert made upword here}. Can that be mykeyword? 11. Understanding KeywordsKeywords have nothing to do withyour brand, your creativity, or what YOU want to be known for. Period. The End. 12. Step 1: Keyword BrainstormStep #1: Develop a List of Keyword Prospects Yourself: 2-minute exercise Brainstorm with others: ask others what they wouldtype into Google if they were looking for yourservices Think about your customers: what words do theyuse to describe you/your business? Competition Keywords:Content maven? Freelance Copywriter? E-marketing specialist? Marketing consultant?Business Writer? 13. Phase 1: Keywords Step #2: Verify Keywords(aka go to Free Google Keywords Tool) 14. Competitive Research 15. Why CompetitiveResearch Matters -Large companies havethe benefit of an SEOteam 16. Is Location Important To Your Business? Example #1: Bankruptcy Example #2: Copywriter vs.LawyerAtlanta Copywriter I want to rank for HelpIm in Debt 17. Keyword Research Tips Put in lots of combinations of words into your research tool Look for the hidden gems(LOW Competition, HIGH Search Count) Transfer all the reasonable keyword choices to an excel spreadsheet Prioritize your list->assign keywords tospecific website pages 18. Keyword Research Mistakes Trying to rank for 100 strategic keywords(pick between 5-15) Selecting 5 keywords per page (only 2-3keywords) Not knowing your competition (keywordcompetition) Choosing a keyword that has no relevanceto your site 19. Danger - Important TipThe most important thing is to get started. A half decentkeyword is better than NOkeyword 20. Next Steps: Easy as 1,2,3#1: Write down all #2: Pick 1-2 keywords forthe website pages EACH page (depends onyou have (or thehow much copy is on thepages you are page)going to optimizefor)#3: Map out yourpages/keyword strategyYou dont optimize a WEBSITE. You optimize PAGES. Each page is itsown entity. 21. Phase 1:Title Tags &DescriptionTags 22. Phase 1:Title Tags & Description Tags 23. Phase 1: Title TagsMake TitleTags Your New BFF 24. SEO Tip #1:How to find the title tagof a website youre onSEO Tip #2: Remember SEO is NOT about you oryour brand. Put your company name last You only have 60-70 visible characters in the Title Tag 25. Meta Description Tag 26. Title Tags & Description Tags Track your titles anddescriptions in a worksheet 27. Phase 2:Understand andApply On-Page Optimization 28. SEO On Page Optimization Gone WildIf you need career counseling, look for a professional counselor. Career counselingcan help you in many ways. The first benefitof career counseling is finding a job quickly. Career counseling can also help you avoidmaking interviewing mistakes that cost you the job. When you need career counseling services, dont hesitate to call the best career counselor in Atlanta. 29. On-PageOptimization Photo courtesy of SEOmoz 30. WordPress SEO Plugins 31. On-Page Optimization Body Copy 32. On-Page Optimization: Anchor Text 33. On-Page Optimization: Anchor Text 34. On-Page Optimization: ALT-tags 35. On-Page Optimization Rule: Always writefor the reader!NO exceptions 36. How Do I Know If My SEO Is Working?Enter Google Analytics 37. Google Analytics 38. I HEART Blogging on WordPress(and SEO hearts blogging too) 39. Phase 3:Off-page Tactics(aka the dreaded Linkbuilding) Have I lost you yet? 40. Im Hungry(Lets Talk Linkbuilding)Whats more credible: No reviews? A review thats beenpaid for? 2 restaurants whoagree to give eachother good reviews? A fellow Atlantafoodie? A review from USAToday? 41. Linkbuilding 101 Search engines WANT to return credibleresults that will be helpful Google takes into account reviews links toyour website and web pages whendetermining rankings Just like reviews, not all links are createdequal To get a link, you must do (or write)something link-worthy 42. Linkbuilding Examples Example #1: Practice SafeSite Example #2:Yours Truly 43. Is SEO Right For You?Are your customers the type that wouldturn to search engines to find you? Fiction Writer? Corporate Marketing Agency? Massachusetts Bankruptcy Lawyer? Atlanta Copywriter? If there are no fish in thepond, no amount of bait inthe world is going to catchyou a fish. 44. SEO Tools for the SMB Google Analytics WordPress Google AdwordsKeyword Tool (free) Blogs 45. SEO (and getting on the firstNext Stepspage of Google) is not about bragging rights. Its aboutdriving leads and ultimatelyincreasing profits 1. Get familiar with the keywords youwant to compete for 2. Know what your competition (forthose keywords) is doing 3. Get Google Analytics up on your siteand regularly check it out 46. Phases of SEOPhase 3 Phase 2 CreatePHASE 1On-pageContent Dont be Optimizationintimidated Pagesby SEO UnderstandLinkbuilding KeywordAnchor Text AdvancedResearch Get GoogleSocial Media CompetitiveAnalytics UpStrategy &Research StronglyExecution Create Title consider CommunityTags and BloggingDescriptions building 47. Questions?Jenny Munn, Freelance SEO CopywriterWebsite: www.JennyMunn.com Blog: www.JennyMunn.com/blogEmail: [email protected] Twitter: @jennymunn LinkedIn:http://www.linkedin.com/in/jennymunn