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<ul><li> 1. SAYHELLOTOQINQO</li></ul> <p> 2. A ONE STOPPREMIUM CARD SOLUTIONTO SELL ONLINE CONTENTTHROUGH VARIOUS CHANNELSINCLUDING RETAILAND VIA VENDING MACHINES 3. WWW.QINQO.NL WWW.QINQO.COMQINQO IN A NUTSHELLAmbitious startup based in The NetherlandsHighly experienced teamQINQO = Quality IN, Quality Out, that is what we stand forPassion for entertainment and technologyMarketing driven with strong focus on value creation 4. WWW.QINQO.NLWWW.QINQO.COMTHE QINQO TEAM WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN JurrieGerardRonaldRussell Raoul MikeThe senior and dedicated QINQO team has a vast and relevant 20+years experience that we use to wow our partnersMarketing &amp; Sales Backgrounds in Entertainment, Gaming,Communication, FMCG and ITRich experience of working with global brands 5. WWW.QINQO.NLWWW.QINQO.COM QINQO CONNECTS &amp; ADDS VALUEGreat to give, get and collectConversationLoyalty CUSTOMERCommitmentBringing online content and revenue in storeRETAILERNew and repeat customersGrow revenue and trafficBRANDBOOKONLINE CONTENTSAYHELLOTOQINQOGive your online brands a physical presenceCreate offline visibility for your digital productsAdd to your revenues streams and customers base 6. WWW.QINQO.NL WWW.QINQO.COMDIGITAL &amp; RETAIL OBSERVATIONSDigital entertainment and the gift card market are boomingDrop in sales of boxed, CD/DVD and traditional book revenues for retail arenot being replaced by digital salesTwo reasons: lack of retail offerings and a neglected gift market...People shop on the high street and will keep shopping for a long timeWhat is your digital retail strategy? 7. CARD EXAMPLES 8. WWW.QINQO.NL WWW.QINQO.COM QINQO GIFT CARDS... A SELECTIONSuitable for all forms of online &amp; digital entertainment:Games, Movies, TV Series, Music, eBooks, Credits, Virtual goods, Subscriptions etc 9. WWW.QINQO.NLWWW.QINQO.COM QINQO GIFT PACKAGINGPremium gift packaging per target audience and forspecific gift occasions: Birthdays, Xmas, Mothers Day,Valentines etc. 10. RETAIL PRESENTATION OPTIONS 11. WWW.QINQO.NL WWW.QINQO.COM QINQO FLOOR &amp; WALL DISPLAYSFloor displayWall display 12. WWW.QINQO.NL WWW.QINQO.COMQINQO RETAIL PARTNERS... A SELECTION Pilot storePlantage Oranjerie 13. QINQO QIOSQ: VENDING MACHINE 14. WWW.QINQO.NL WWW.QINQO.COMQINQO QIOSQ 24/7 self service vending app-store High traffic, public places (cinemas, airports, etc...) 40+ touchscreen for high impact, browsing, interaction and presentation purposes PIN printed on card &amp; dispensed after payment QIOSQ can be branded with easy sticker wraps Lots of interaction options in development, open to tailor to *not nal design value added needs for our partners 15. WWW.QINQO.NLWWW.QINQO.COMQINQO QIOSQ Loyalty card reader for promotions and custom content Built in camera to scan audience metrics and; As augmented reality reader for sweepstakes and other forms of promotions RFID options to let people check in and post/social interaction/etc. ...Imagine the possibilities for your brand &amp; audience! 16. TEAM UP WITH QINQO! 17. WWW.QINQO.NLWWW.QINQO.COMBROADEN YOUR BRAND, ADD VALUE, BE SUCCESSFULGreat to give, get &amp; collectNew customers, grow fan base (90-9-1 principle)Multiple propositions to increase spendRich marketing data and consumer profilingJoint standout PR &amp; Marketing campaigns 18. WWW.QINQO.NLWWW.QINQO.COM How can we add valueto your business?lets discuss..! Follow us via twitter: @QINQO or visit http://partners.qinqo.comTo sell your online content via premium QINQO gift cards contact Russell.Beadle@qinqo.com Contact Gerard.van.Dam@qinqo.com to sell QINQO gift cards in your store. Contact Mike.Hendrixen@qinqo.com for marketing opportunities or press enquiries.</p>