2007 California Wildfires 2

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  • 1.2007 California Wildfires

2. Purpose

  • This slideshow is designed to teach others about the importance of the 2007 California wildfires and how it impacted many lives.

3. What is a Wildfire?

  • A wild-land fire that is not set intentionally by human for any circumstance or condition

4. Reasons for FIRE

  • Santa Ana Winds at 60 mph
  • Temperature in 90s
  • Severe drought which included less than five inches of rain throughout the year

5. State of Emergency

  • After noticing the numerous wildfires, Governor Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency
  • President Bush orders federal aid and help

6. Firefighters

  • Over 6,000 firefighters worked in tough conditions
  • Helped by United States Armed Forces and National Guard

7. Evacuation

  • After the first fire, many Californians were forced to evacuate their homes and go to evacuation centers

8. Evacuation

  • As firefighters fought the blazing fire, evacuees gathered together in large buildings and areas

9. Places Burnt

  • San Diego County
  • Ventura County
  • Los Angeles County
  • San Bernardino County

10. People Effected

  • San Diegos athletes, such as running-back Ladainian Tomlinson, and pitcher Trevor Hoffman, are forced to evacuate their homes

11. Statistics

  • Burned Area- 500,000 acres
  • Amount of People Dead- 14
  • Amount of People Injured- at least 70
  • People Forced to Evacuate- 250,000

12. Solution

  • With the help of numerous relief efforts, firefighters, and U.S. armed forces, the fires were put under control, not effecting many lives.
  • However, hundreds of houses were burnt to the ground