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She is one of Americas most successful women entrepreneurs and was instrumental in producing the first major hit Infomercial, Miracle Blade, in 1990, a runaway product that grossed millions of dollars in sales. Miracle Blade is now being marketed in its 4th version.


  • 1. Marsha Kent PACKAGING WELL TO SELLMarsha Kent advocates the use of a detailed, well-laid out plan while executing an Infomercialthrough the DRTV module, which is a medium that can show products actually in use. DRTV hasbecome such a popular medium of advertising that it now accounts for almost 25% of the totaltelevision commercials that do the rounds.Packaging your product is of crucial importance in the whole Infomercial routine. In the eyes ofthe consumer, the quality of the product gets established from the moment it arrives in thepackage. Product packaging serves many purposes. One of them is that it can become a part ofyour product, protect the product from shipping damage, and express the quality of yourcompany. Therefore, packaging considerations should include shipping efficiency, weightshipping costs and reduction of the possibilities of breakage and damage. If handled effectively,a large sum of money can be saved through proper packaging. Before you decide on your DRTVproduct, it is better to talk to the company that is going to fulfill your product, feels MarshaKent, who has been an avid chaperone of the DRTV route, and has till date, sold scores ofproducts through this format. According to Marsha, packaging the product correctly becomesvery significant in the whole layout of the DRTV route. Deciding on the right kind of cartonsand packaging will help you make informed decisions later on and even save you quite somemoney on the delivery of the product says Marsha Kent.As one of the founders of the DRTV industry, Marsha Kent is a leading pioneer in the directresponse segment of the marketing world. She is one of Americas most successful womenentrepreneurs and was instrumental in producing the first major hit Infomercial, Miracle Blade,in 1990, a runaway product that grossed millions of dollars in sales. Miracle Blade is now beingmarketed in its 4th version.Marsha Kent has garnered years of experience in product marketing, advertising and sales. Shestarted Kent Television Marketing in the late 80s, a time when the direct response televisionindustry was in its nascent stages. In 1992, Marsha forged alliances with Peter Spiegel to formKent & Spiegel Direct, Inc. Kent & Spiegel was responsible for a string of products that weremarketed through Infomercials, becoming highly successful in a short period of time. Fitnessproducts that were launched riding on the expertise of Marshas team soon saw sales grossingmillion dollar figures within weeks of their launch. The AB Coach, the Abflex Fitness System, theBun & Thigh Sculptor, Micro Buddy and Color 2 Color were all products of personal fitness thatbecame major hits. Another runaway hit was Microcrisp Food Wrap, which has grossed morethan 55$ million in sales, since its launch in 1993.Marshas television commercials are aired in countries around the world-in the Americas,Europe and even the Far East.Marsha Kent has a word of caution for those who are treading the path of DRTV and theInfomercial. The quality of your Infomercial is important. If it is not packaged in the way it

2. should be, you could be putting your product in a tight spot she says. Packaging iseverything.Resource Box:- Marsha Kent has an uncanny ability for success. She is spot on, all mostall the time! She always has the perfect antidote to failure. Companies who are trying to maketheir presence in the industry seek her out for helping them to launch their products cancontact her here or to know more about her please visit www.marshakent.com