10 Super Quick Link Building Tricks that Still Work in 2016

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You might be a novice, or an expert in building links to a page, you must be willing to learn a few link building tips that show effect quickly. After all, it is always profitable to have some good backlinks pointed towards your website.

The sad part is that most of the techniques take a way too long to show affect and reflect their benefits in the SERPs, but no worries, we got your back covered. Below are some tips you can deploy to build Organic Manual One Way Link Building in India ethically.

Dont relative links, use absolute links while writing your blog posts. This ensures that even if your page gets s craped, the links on that page would still be preserved.

Encourage guest posts on your website as well. If someone sends you a guest post, ask whether you can return the favor by writing a guest post on their blog too. Make sure that your websites are relevant, so that it doesnt look like one suspicious reciprocal link.

When you submit a guest post, send your bio in raw html with preferred links and the beneficial anchor text already coded. This would reduce the amount of work the hosting blog has to do, thereby they wont be willing to change your code.

Maintain a separate excel sheet that contains records of keywords that you want to rank for. If a guest post opportunity pops up anytime, write with the proper keywords in mind. You can then use them in the anchor text of your bio.

Before you plan to write a guest post, check out how many backlinks the host blog allows. It might occur that you embed too many, and they strip all of them out.

Passion always gets links, if you are feeling passionate about anything, write it down.

If you use a product, send them your testimonial. It might occur that they link it along with a quote.

Respond to comments on your blog made by readers. This increases the chances that readers will return and link to your content as well.

Focus on Writing sticky content. We are not talking about linkbait, both of them get links although. But the part is that sticky content tends to get return visits as well.

10, Regularly pitch other blogs for guest posting opportunities. The more you guest post, the better it is.

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