Why Dealers Are Failing Their Online Customers

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Discover Why Dealers are failing their online customers and the five essential steps to keep up with the changes in how your customers buy cars

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  • 1. Why Dealers Are Failing Their Online CustomersThe 5 Essential Steps To Keep Up With TheChanges In How Your Customers Buy Cars

2. How Consumers Make BuyingDecisions How Has TheInternet Changed The Five PillarsThe Behaviour OfMissing FromOurDealerships& CustomersHow Does This Internet Sales! Impact Dealers 3. How Consumers Make BuyingDecisionsBefore The Internet Dealerships Had Marketing Strategy Simply To GenerateThe Five PillarsIntent To EnquiriesInfluencedOutside Of Influenced By DealershipPurchase Missing FromPurchaseDealership 90%Made10%Dealerships Dealerships Would Rely Upon Sales Tactics To Enter The Conversation In The Buyers HeadInternet Sales! Understand Their Needs/Wants Present Vehicles To Build Value Explain Pricing Structure and Influence The Sale 4. How Consumers Make BuyingDecisionsToday With The InternetThe Five Pillars InfluencedIntent To Influenced By Online Sources Or The DealershipByPurchasePurchaseUp To 90%DealershipMade Missing From 10% The Buying Conversation Is Happening Online Not In TheDealershipsDealership. The Lines Between Marketing Strategy and Sales Tactics NoLonger ExistInternet Sales! We Are No Longer The Source Of Product Information Our Customers Are Contacting Us Later In Their PurchaseDecision We Need To Find New Ways Of Creating Value & Making The Sale 5. How Important Is The Internet In The Sales Process? Over 92% Of Australians The Five Pillars Use The Internet ToResearch Products and Missing FromPurchases Prior ToDealershipsEngaging With DealershipsInternet Sales!Source: Cobalt New Buying Influences 6. Using Old Sales Tactics WithInternet Enquiries Doesnt Work!89% Of Consumers Are Unhappy With HowDealerships Manage Their Online Enquiries. The Five PillarsMissing FromBiggest Complaints Are.The Three Dealerships Poor Response Times Lack Of Follow Up Internet Sales!Of Transparency LackSource: Cobalt New Buying Influences 7. Your Customers Have Evolved Dont You Think Its TimeYour Marketing And SalesThe Five PillarsToo?Evolved Missing FromDealershipsInternet Sales! 8. The 5 EssentialSteps To Keep Up With TheChanges InHow YourCustomers Buy Cars 9. What Consumers Really WantYour CustomersDesperately WantThe Five Pillars Someone To Lead Missing From Through TheThemDealershipsBuying Process andInternet Sales! It Easy For Make Them To Buy 10. The Internet Sales EvolutionStep 1- Create Company Culture That Understands New Buyer Behaviour Whats The Five Pillars Internet EnquiriesThe Attitude Towards Eliminate Beliefs That Are Limiting SalesMissing FromBe Proactive Not Reactive DealershipsUnderstanding New Buyer NeedsInternet Sales! 11. The Internet Sales Evolution Why Culture Is VitalThe Five Pillars PotentialAffects Actions Missing FromAffectsAffectsDealershipsInternet Sales! BeliefsAffects ResultsPoor Beliefs Among Your Sales Team RestrictYour Potential, Their Actions and Your Results 12. The Internet Sales Evolution Step 2- Complete Online Sales StrategyTactics Well List Our Cars On The Internet The Five Pillarsand Let The Sales Team Do The RestMissing From Where As DealershipsStrategy Looks To Maximise Enquiries &Sales Conversions By Treating The Internet as a 24 Internet Sales!Hour Sales Person 13. The Internet Sales EvolutionStep 2- Complete Online Sales StrategyConsider The FollowingThe Five PillarsOnline Reputation Your Online Personality Your Missing From Car Lead Strategies NewDealerships Used Car Lead Strategies ProvenSales Systems &Internet Sales!Scripts Performance Benchmarks Accountability Measures 14. The Internet Sales Evolution Step 3- Online Presence Where Are Your Customers SearchingHow Good Five Pillars The Do Your Listing LookHave You Got The Right Message For Your Market How Missing Your Sales Team Up For SuccessCan You Set FromDealershipsWhy Would Someone Enquire With You Why Would Someone BUY From You HowInternet Sales!Else Can You EngageWith Your Customers Online? 15. The Internet Sales EvolutionStep 4- 8 Key Ingredients To Sales Success Proactive Sales Team Pull Selling Not Push SellingThe Five Pillars Phone Scripts Proven Missing From Up Procedures Outside Appointments FollowDealerships AccountabilityInternet Sales! Performance Benchmarks 30 Critical Minutes 16. The Internet Sales EvolutionThe Five Pillars Missing FromDealershipsInternet Sales!Source: Brad Sugars Action International 17. The Internet Sales EvolutionStep 5- AccountabilitySet Benchmarks & Hold Team Accountable ForThe Five Pillars Response Times AppointmentsMissing From Outside Appointments Dealerships Closing Ratio Gross Profit Internet Sales! Finance & Aftermarket Penetration 18. The Process Of ChangeIf Youre Serious About Selling More Cars1. Commit To ImprovementThe Five Pillars2. Define Goals and Know Your True Potential Missing From 3. Implement Proven FormulaDealerships Processes Until We4. Monitor Results5. RefineInternet Sales! Potential Reach6. Maintain New Standards 19. Case Study Gary CricksMaroochydoreJuly 2012 Used Cars Converted 9% Of Internet Enquiries Into SalesResulting In7 DealsPillarsThe FiveMissing From No Clear Strategy Or Sales Processes Specific ForInternet Leads Dealerships Sales Team Werent Interested In Internet Internet Sales!Leads, Preferring To Wait For Walkin Enquiries (Reactive) 20. Case Study Gary Cricks MaroochydoreHow They Evolved1. Improved Quality Of Listings With Better Photos and Comments That Sold Dealership Benefits The Five Pillars2. Changed Auto Response Sequence To Align With Buyers and Start To Build ValueMissing From3. Developed Clear Dealership Benefits Dealerships4. Implemented Performance Benchmarks5. Implemented New Sales Scripts Internet Sales!6. Improved Internet Sales Processes7. Implemented Weekly Training8. Held Sales Team Accountable 21. Case Study Gary Cricks MaroochydoreSeptember 2012 Used Cars 1. 48% Of All Enquiries Resulting In Face To FaceAppointments The Five Pillars 2. 70% Of Appointments Resulting In Sale 3. Overall Closing Ratio Of 32%Missing From 4. Over 20 Deals (An Increase Of nearly 300%) Dealerships 5. Proactively Helping Customers With BuyingProcess Internet Sales!All Within 60 Days And Still Theres Room For More Growth 22. Where To From Here If There Was No Risk ToYou, OnlyFive Pillars You The Upside WouldMissing From Want Your Internet Sales ToGrow Dealerships 300% In By As Much AsThe Next 3 To 6 Months?Internet Sales! 23. Where To From Here Call Us Now To Arrange Your No ObligationThe Five Pillars Sale Audit Internet Missing From (Valued At $247)Dealerships Let Us Look Into Every Aspect Of Your Internet Sales and IdentifyInternet Sales! Any Areas For RapidIf TheresGrowth. 24. Call Us NowMat BoyleDirectorPhone:The Five Pillars 07 5477 0811Mobile:Missing From0431 636 706 DealershipsEmail: Mat@SMSMarketingMachine.com.au Internet Sales!Web:www.NewRulesOfSelling.com.auAll Results Are Guaranteed!