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Wedding of Phil and Rachael Horn

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Wedding of Phil and Rachael Horn - Bride Rachael with her dad Andrew for photos in the back garden before leaving for the church. For more info

Text of Wedding of Phil and Rachael Horn

  • 1. Wedding of Phil and RachaelHornFriday 22nd August 2014St Andrews CE Church, PrestonThe Villa Hotel, Wrea Green, Kirkham

2. Bride Rachael withher dad Andrew forphotos in the backgarden before leavingfor the church 3. And with the bridesmaids - Jenny, Julie, Lindsay andAshlie 4. Bride and dad in the Morris before leaving 5. Phil and Rach leave the church to a Scoutsguard of honour 6. Phil and Rach in the Morris with a glass ofchampagne 7. At WreaGreen pond 8. Arriving at The Villa 9. Guests at The Villa

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