Wash Your Car - Avoid Scratches. The Two-Bucket Wash Method.

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We'll show you how to properly wash a car to avoid scratches by introducing the Two-Bucket wash method. It's super simple, cheap, and worth it to keep your car looking great. Brought to you by CCV Car Grooming in Christchurch, New Zealand.


  • 1. 11 Waller TerraceAddingtonChristchurch, New Zealand.Avoiding Scratches While Washing Your CarThe Two-Bucket Wash Method

2. It's really easy to put scratches inyour car with the wrong washmethod. 3. And that's not good. Because scratches lookbad and kill shine. 4. And you don't wash a car to makeit look worse. 5. Introducing: The Two-BucketWash Method. 6. Oddly enough.. You'll need Two-Buckets.Just like these ones.The Shampoo Bucket is filled with car wash and water.The Rinse Bucket is just filled with water. 7. And you'll need a Wash MittLike this one. 8. Microfiber Wash Mitts work best.Most automotive accessoryretailers sell them. Don't use asponge as it can trap dirt on theouter layer and become a sandingblock. 9. Once you've assembled youritems you can begin. Start with ahigh-pressure rinse. 10. In all steps work from the topdown. The top is usually thecleanest and the bottom andsides the dirtiest. 11. Don't be lazy on the rinse. It's thebest way to remove stuff sittingon the paint without applying toomuch force. 12. Once rinsed we can startwashing. Break the vehicle intosections and wash one at a time.Forequarter Rump 13. Once you've washed a section say, the roof. Wring out your mittin the second (water filled)bucket. 14. The idea is that any dirt that thewash mitt has picked up from asection will fall into the rinsebucket. 15. So when you re-load the mitt inthe shampoo bucket to do thenext section, it should be niceand free from nasties that couldscratch your paint. 16. Keep washing section by section,wringing out the mitt in the rinsebucket after each section.Reloading the mitt with shampoobefore you start again. 17. Rinse the shampoo off the car inthe same fashion (top down) asyour initial rinse. 18. Chamois dry or Microfiber dry top down. Use either of thesedamp or else they too canscratch. 19. http://www.cargroom.co.nz/Be happy in your work.Full text article here:http://www.cargroom.co.nz/aftercare-washing.html