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1. Market researchreport The reasonI have done thismarketresearchis to findoutwhatpeople like tosee inamusicvideo,it was done usingaquestionnairesoIcan see what peoples responsesare. My firstquestionaskedaboutthe age of the person,the majorityof the people who answeredmyquestionnairewere of the ages16-24. Thisisa goodansweras the target audience ispeople aroundthose ages.Howeversome of the people who answeredmyquestionnairewere 35-44, theywouldstill enjoymymusicvideo. My secondquestionaskedaboutthe genderof the person,the majorityof the people whoansweredmyquestionnaire were female.Thisisagoodansweras the target audience is females.Howeversome of the people whoansweredmy questionnaire were male,theystill are my target audience howeverthe videoismore targetedat women My thirdquestionaskedaboutthe persons favourite musicgenre,the majorityof the people whoansweredmyquestionnaire preferredhouse music.Thisisagood answeras the genre of the music videoand the musicis house. Howeversome of the people whoansweredmyquestionnaire enjoyothergenresof music,peoplewho preferredpopandrap may enjoythe video as theyare similargenres.The people who chose rap may not enjoythe video. 2. Market researchreport My sixthquestionaskedabout the persons preferredstyle of musicvideo,the majority of the people whoansweredmy questionnaire saidnarrative whichmeansa videothattellsastory.This isa good answeras mymusic videoisinthe narrative style. My fourth questionaskedaboutthe personspreferredsocial media,the majorityof the people whoansweredmy questionnaire saidtwitter.Thisisagood answeras whenwe doour musicvideo advertwe will give alinktotwitteras that iswhere the majorityof promotionwill happen.Howeversome of the peoplewho answeredmyquestionnairesaidFacebook, Instagramand Pinterest,thisisstillgoodas the musicvideocan be postedonthese thingsandit will getaroundusingwordof mouth. My fifthquestionaskedabout what locationthe viewerswouldliketosee a musicvideoin,the majorityof the people whoansweredmyquestionnaire saidata party.This isa good answeras mywhole musicvideoisbasedona party, the other optionthatwas chosenthe mostwas ina house, andthis isalso a goodansweras it isfilmedinahouse . 3. Market researchreport My eighthquestionaskedaboutwhere people share there music,the majorityof the people whoansweredmy questionnaire saidtheytelltheirfriendsor theyshare it onsocial media.Thisisa good answeras wordof mouthisthe bestform of publicityand we are puttingalinkto social mediaonour advert. My seventh question whatthe persons favourite thingwastosee ina music video, I got a lot of randomanswersas people have differentopinions,afew people saida groupof friendsand partieswhichare goodas my musicvideoisbasedona surprise partyorganisedbya groupof friends. 4. Market researchreport My final questionaskedabout how often people listentomusic,the majorityof the people whoansweredmyquestionnaire saideverydayor often.Thisisa good answerbecause itmeansa lotof people will listenandwatchmymusicvideo. My ninthquestionaskedabout where people findoutaboutnew music,the majorityof the people whoansweredmy questionnaire saidsocial media.Thisisa goodansweras I will be sharingmymusic videoonsocial media.Howeversome of the people whoansweredmy questionnaire saidwordof mouthwhichis alsoa goodwayof advertisement. In mymarketresearchI foundthat people from the age 18-24 enjoyedseeingamusicvideothat includedaparty and a groupof friendshavingfun withthe narrative style of video.