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<ul><li> 1. 20 How do you connect? 09 Webinar: Managing Online Communities July 28, 2009 </li></ul> <p> 2. Imagination Publishing Founded in 1994, Chicago-based 55 full-time custom media and integrated marketingcommunications professionals Award-winning, account-dedicated editors and designers Turnkey services, print &amp; digital media, communityengagement, advertising sales, marketing, production &amp;channel distribution experts, translations Original, never re-purposed editorial 2 3. Imagination Publishing works with clients to develop powerful content that helps them connect with their audience at a deeper level:3 4. AGP (a division of Imagination) works with associations to develop powerful content that helps them connect with their members at a deeper level: 4 5. Print 5 6. Digital 6 7. Social Media Case Studies Social MediaStrategy Content Distribution Twitter/Facebook Best Practices Library Usage Small BusinessConsultantsCampaignCampaigns Twitter/Facebook External Listening/ External SeedingSeeding PPC Campaigns7 Community Management for Pillsbury &amp; Betty Crocker Two Blogs External Listening External Seeding External Seeding External Listening Twitter/Facebook/Flickr Brand Management 8. Associations &amp; Community #1 Reason to join: NETWORKING! 8 9. Social Media Landscape 9 Source: Gary Hayes &amp; Laurel Papworth 2006 10. Why Manage a Community No activity without activity Need to listen and respond Liability 10 User-generated content Priorities and resources 11. Be Social Practice Power Friending Be where your members are Join the conversation 11 Add value Turn the bull horn toward you 12. What &amp; Why12 13. Engagement Strategy Distribution Content 13 ROI AwarenessReach 14. Sample Engagement Strategy ContentOutreach/AcquisitionSocialMediaBlogging&amp; Events Find,Follow,Listen, Marketing Microblogging Learn,Engage ViralAwareness Guest/Featured Web2.0Features SEO&amp; SocialMediaProfilesBloggers (Ratingsand LinkBuilding Comments)14 15. Content Plan Content buckets Extensions, Exclusives and Expansions to populate digital properties Content and media types: text, rich media, audio, video Calls for user-generated content15 Frequency and timing 16. Best Practices Content: Use high quality, targeted content that is variedand interesting to add value, engage users and create aconnection between them and the brand. Frequency: Establish a good frequency of updates, (toomany = noise, too few = forgotten), with a casual yetinformative tone that engages your core audience withcontent. Integration: Leverage the traffic from multiple channels by 16connecting multiple social platforms and a hub from thewebsite to help funnel consumers throughout the network. 17. Marketing &amp; Distribution Plan Push/Pull with print, digital and event content Consistent blogs/microblogs for timeliness and immediacy User personas and user paths Seed, moderate and generate conversations 17 Content tagging and linkbacks Rewrite/edit existing content for maximum SEO 18. Sample Engagement Strategy DistributionPushDistribution Email Conferences&amp;Blogging&amp; ContentSeeding SocialMediaVirtualEvents Microblogging&amp;Syndication Marketing PullDistributionCommunity Events&amp;Blogging&amp; SEO&amp;SocialMediaVirtualEvents MicrobloggingLinkBuilding Marketing 18 ManagingtheChange TargetedprintTargetedEmailInternal PressReleasesSocialMedia mailing,invitationinvitationMarketingandMarketingtonewwebsite Communication 19. Community Best Practices Develop a Plan Frequency, Requirements, Content types, Success measures Prepare Organization Communicate, Set policies, Rapid response planning Integrate Leverage multi-channel content to drive activity, 19 align messaging Identify Key Influencers Recruit members, evangelists Grow &amp; Maintain Engage community, Extend reach Gather, Report &amp; Act Information, Trends, Feedback 20. Outcomes More activity Responsiveness SMM goals 20 Member benefit goals Member intelligence 21. Measuring Success Qualitative Measure reputation, conversations, customer relationships Benchmarks: What is our product/industry social involvement? How are we currently talked about? Versus our competitors? Measure Change: Appearing new places, in new ways? Moved from monologue to a meaningful dialogue withcustomers? Find, follow, listen, learn and engage 21 Quantitative Measure traffic, sales or SEO ranking Membership, participation and engagement Reach, response, brand awareness 22. Success Measures Awareness Metrics Log ins Visits and visitors Social network mentions, views, seeding Content share, print and bookmarksEngagement Metrics Comments/discussions Site duration Downloads/postings22 SearchesValue Metrics Business intelligence Memberships Event sign-ups 23. Sample ROI &amp; MeasurementSiteMetrics Visits/Visitors SiteDurationTrendingContentViewsContentReach Email Print/Download RSS&amp;SocialEventRegistrationsBookmarks UserEngagement 23 EmailQuestions&amp;CommentsCommunityPolls&amp;Surveys Requests &amp;Ratings Involvement BusinessIntelligenceUsergenerated SocialMediaMonitoring CommunityActivityBrandValue Content &amp;Equity 24. Management Imperatives Transformation to a bottom-up culture requiressupport from the top The best uses come from usersbut they need helpto scale Whats in the workflow is what gets used Appeal to participants egos and needs The right solution comes from the right participants Balance the top-down and self-management of risk 24 Leverage partnerships to extend reach, share contentand drive conversation 25. How do you connect?Rebecca Rolfes EVP, Association Growth Partners (a division of Imagination Publishing) 600 West Fulton Street, Suite 600 Chicago, IL 60661 (312) 887-1000 ext. 113 </p>