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Google Self Driving Vehicle By: Cesar Arreola

Self driving vehicle

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Google Self Driving Vehicle

By: Cesar Arreola

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Google makes cars now?

•They want to use technology to make people’s lives easier and better.

•Advanced computer science can make driving safe and more enjoyable.

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Types of vehicle used

Toyota Prius Lexus RS450H

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Types of vehicle used cont.

•Vehicles are still required to have a passenger in front of the driver seat in case something goes wrong.

•Tested in areas around California and Nevada.

•Total amount of miles logged in was more than 700,000 miles.

•Tested on public roads, highways, in traffic, and roads with human intervention.

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Technology used in the vehicles

•Equipment used on the vehicles is costly, upwards of around $150,000 on each vehicle

LIDARCamerasRadarsSonarGPS SatellitesSoftware

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LIDAR•LIDAR (laser illuminating detection and ranging system): used to build a 3D map that allows the car to see objects or potential hazards

•Bounces a leaser beam off of surfaces surrounding the car-Uses a very accurate velodyne 64 beam laser

-Can take up to 1.3 million readings per second

•Can determine the distance of an object

•Roof mounted

•Range up to 100 meters

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•Mounted in pairs on the exterior of the vehicle’s

•Allows the system to track an objects distance in real time

•Overlapping View

•50 degree field of view but only accurate to about a 30 degree field of view

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•Monitors the speed of other vehicles in real time.

•Uses 4 radars

•Mounted on front and rear bumpers

•Used to avoid impact

•Used for long range of view

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•Used along with the radar

•Used for narrow range of view

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GPS Satellites and Software

•Used to determine the location of the vehicle

•Wheel encoder used to determines the vehicles actual speed

•Software incorporates all data from the sensing system

•Maps are very detailed

•Everything processed in real time

Page 11: Self driving vehicle

Google Prototype Vehicle

•Prototype unveiled in May 2014 and announced December 2014

•Created from scratch by Google

•No pedals or steering wheel

•Electric Vehicle

•Can carry 2 passengers

•Start and stop buttons for passengers onboard

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Google Prototype Vehicle cont.

•Being built by Roush Industries in Livonia, Michigan



•Continental Automotive Group

•RCO Engineering


•ZF Lenksysteme


Page 13: Self driving vehicle

Google Prototype Vehicle cont. •Bosch

-Electric motor: E-Machine-LIDAR around $70,000

•Continental Automotive Group-Brakes, interior electronics and body controllers

•RCO Engineering-Seats

•FRIMO-Plastic components for interior and exterior

•ZF Lenksysteme-Steering gear


Page 14: Self driving vehicle


•If the vehicle goes into production they are going to need to constantly update the maps of the entire nation’s millions of miles of roads.

Regulations•California DMV’s number one concern with self driving vehicles is safety

•Google was issued a permit by the California DMV to be able to test their vehicles on public roads

•Currently no federal standards on self driving vehicles

Page 15: Self driving vehicle

Advantages Disadvantages

•Eliminate risk of human error

•Safer then a conventional vehicle

•Disabilities would no longer be a factor

•Reduce number of car related deaths

•Malfunction in the vehicle’s electronic system

•Price of the vehicle

•Impact on economy

•Impact on automobile manufacturers

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Page 17: Self driving vehicle

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