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If you want to know about the carpet repairing services then read these testimonials of our clients at Curlys Carpet Repair. Clients are happy with our services. Source:


  • Squeaky Floor Repair

Joan and Bryan Quinlan West Vancouver, BC says Contemplating new carpet my wife and I decided it would be logical to repair the squeaks in several high use areas in our nearly 50-year old home. We were surprised to encounter difficulties in finding a Vancouver- area contractors experienced in squeak repair. Continued Turning to the internet we discovered the website of Curlys Carpet Repair, which although primarily advertised carpet repair also mentioned squeaky floor repair. This turned out to be a fortunate find leading to a visit by Pablo to assess our situation. He proved to be a very engaging and helpful person and after further discussion we accepted his reasonable quotation to repair the problem areas. Continued Pablo worked very efficiently, taking special care to call my attention where squeaks could not be entirely eliminated, particularly for the stairs and he worked an extended day to complete the repairs and replacement of the old carpeting in one day to minimize inconvenience to our normal use of our home. So, many thanks Pablo for a job well done and we are more than pleased to provide our commendation and positive reference. Good luck and success in the future Happy Tenants! William Rink says. Hello Pablo, I just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work over the years. Especially with this last project. It was quite the rush job and you pulled through for me. The place looks great. Our new tenants are in and they are very happy so I am spreading the happiness. You can be sure that whenever I hear someone needing carpet work, I will always give out your name and number because I am confident that you will take care of them. Thanks again for the great work, Water Damage Carpet Repair Flo Rodeman says. After some water damage to one of our rooms, some padding had to be replaced and the carped re-stretched and fastened down. Curlys Flooring did a great job and left the room with no mess and looking good. All I had to do was run the vacuum and put the furniture back. I would definitely recommend Curlys Flooring for your carpet installation or re-stretching needs. Berber Carpet Repair The Cadinhas says I just wanted to say thank you for the great job you did repairing our carpet. We are very pleased that you were able to repair the stained area on our Berber carpet, and that you were able to do it in such a timely manner. Now we can have friends and family over for the holidays without worrying about the carpet! Carpet Repair for Renee from J & R Katz Design & Architecture Renee says.. Pablo repaired several spots in our carpets that were stained or damaged, and there is no evidence of repair. He did a wonderful job, took a lot of pride in his work and was very pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend him for carpet repairs. THANK YOU Visit Curlys Carpet Repair for more Information


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